Visitations: every Thursday evening at 20.00 and on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 15.00   

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THURSDAY JUNE 13th 2019 


Moses leads the Prayer of the Rosary and, while itís being prayed, hereís the   VisitationJULIA: If itís You, Glorify the Father! If itís You, Glorify the Father! If itís You, Glorify the Father! JESUSIn the Truth of the Cross ... (Jesus Blesses... I Glorify the Father Most High ... Children, Brothers, Friends of My Heart! In the Truth of the Cross ... I Embrace each one of you ... the whole of Humanity, Children ... Inviting you again ... in Climbing to the Vineyard, the Ark, the Oars and the Huts ... to Open the arms Wide again... in asking the Father for the Narrow Road to walk on, My Children! Let us pray again and ask the Father for Peace! Children, other Wars will break out! Be Vigilantes ... with constant PrayerBe Light for all the NationsBe Vigilant in fighting the Poison and the False Prophets! ... (Jesus Raises the Right Hand and Blesses) ... Love one another ... in My Love, in My Quiet, in My PeaceGive yourselves the hand, Children ... and walk on the Narrow Path ... United to Maryís Heart ... My Mother, Mother of each one of you, Mother of the whole of Humanity! Let us pray again, Children ... for all the Priests ... for the Man who wears the White ClothesThe Church is confusedPray, Children ... pray ... and donít get distracted with the worldís glitterStay in the QuietStay Little ... Poor ... Little Johns ... in Godís Love ... Alive and Real among you, My Children! Be Peaceful with the Cross that God gave youSeek God in every faceSeek Maryís Heart in every Creature ... and love ... love ... and forgiveBe the Measure of the Cross! Donít seek the Measures of the world ... but be a Single Measure ... with Godís Heart, My Children! I ask you once again to pray ... for Peace, My Children! The Path that weíre taking is the Path of the Father's Love ... United to your hearts ... United to Godís Heart ... United to Maryís Heart ... United to the Sonís Heart, thatís Me! ... (Jesus Blesses... Embracing and Giving yourselves the Love that lasts ... the Love thatís Bread ... the Love that Gets Broken and lets Itself be Eaten, My Children! ... (Jesus and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! Here I am, Jesus! JesusLive the Path of My Heart, Children! Live in the Road made of Thorns! And pray again for all the Priests and the Man who wears the White Clothes! The Vineyard awaits us ... United to Maryís Heart: It will TriumphGod Planted the Tree and no one can uproot ItBe Peaceful Sons ... just as your Father is Peaceful ... and Walks before you, My Children! ... (Jesus and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusStay a Rock ... where God Sent youJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDIVINE STUBBORN ONEJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusWhat did you do on this Day? Julia: The Fatherís Things, Jesus! JesusDid you finish Them? Julia: They aren't finished yet, Jesus ... a little more time! JesusAre you still alone? Julia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusLet yourself be helped! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusDo you want to look ... even on this Day? Julia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusLook! Julia: Here I am! Jesus, I see the sunken ships ... and the men who ignite the VolcanoesThe ships are full! What can I do, Jesus? JesusSacrifice yourself, like you know how to do! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusLook again, My SoulJulia: Here I am, Jesus! I see a big man ... with a scythe in his hand ... a great big one ... but there's nothing to cut! Whatís he doing, Jesus? JesusPray, Daughter ... so that thereís nothing in the field ... to be cutJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am, Jesus! JesusSacrifice yourself, pray ... and make your Children prayJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusLook again ... and everything you see ... add it to the Scrollsí Empty-SpaceJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! Jesus, I put in Your Heart ...  my Dayís nothingness! I put in Your Heart, Jesus ... all that you have given me up to this moment! Jesus, I put in Your Heart ... the Family, their hearts and their whispers! Jesus, I put in Your Heart ... all those who entrust themselves to my prayers and those who can't do it! I put in Your Heart, Jesus ... all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies and the Man who wears the White Clothes! Accept us as we areSonsJesusHere I Am, My Soul! Here I Am, My SoulJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am, Joyful to Work in Your Garden! Here I am for Eternity, Jesus! JesusHere I Am, My Soul! Here I Am at the Wedding Banquet! Here I Am in the Fatherís Garden! Here I Am with all the Arrayed-Hosts! Here I Am with all the Useless Servants! Here I Am with all the Little Ones! Here I Am with the Two Johns ... Karol Pio and Dominic ... in Bringing the Only Truth of the Cross ... the Only Truth of the Bread ... Inviting you again to hold It Up and live It in the Fullness of your hearts, My Children! Julia: Here we are, Jesus! ... (Jesus and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! Jesus Peace to your hearts, Children! ... (Jesus gives a kiss to those present... Everyone: Here I am! JesusHow are ye? Everyone: Well! JesusWell? Some: Sick! JesusSick? Some: Sick-well! JesusSick-well? So ... are you all well? Everyone: Here I am! JesusThťrŤse, come! THERESA: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I Am! ... (Jesus gives a kiss to those present... Are you well-sick or sick-well? Theresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I Am! And speak! Theresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I Am! Where were you? Theresa: Here I am, Jesus ... where the Instrument took me! JesusAre you sure the Instrument took you? Theresa: For a little while, yes! JesusAnd then did she leave you at home? Theresa: Here I am! JesusAnd tell Me! Theresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I Am! Speak! Theresa: Welcome! JesusWelcome back! Speak! Theresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus, we always wait for this Meeting ... this Special Meeting! Every moment we can talk to you! JesusHere I Am! Theresa: And You every moment repay us with Your Love! JesusHere I Am! Theresa: But even more we wait for this moment ... to be able to talk to You ... let's say ... in personJesusHere I Am! Theresa: To listen directly to Your Voice! Itís not that in other moments in which we put ourselves in Communion or in prayer ... we don't do it ... on the contrary ... but itís different ... itís a peculiarity of this Place ... in which You use the Instrument as a microphone ... but itís You Speaking ... itís not she saying: ďI saw ... I heard ... I read ...!Ē ... like it happens in other parts! We have Your Living and Real Presence! And this must not become a habit for us ... but moment after moment ... we must reflect on how Great what we have is ... how much you are giving us ... how much God is giving us in this Place! It's not a joke ... it's not a game ... it's a Great Grace ... it's the Whole-Entire TruthJesusIt Is God! It Is God ... Alive and Real among you ...  but He speaks through the InstrumentHe Called her and Sent her as a Rock ... to say all the Fatherís Things ... and the Father Speaks with her voice ... Talks with her face ... and comes to bring each one of you the Drops ... the Talents of Love! But you mustn't waste them ... you must spend them moment after moment ... through the Cross! Through difficult moments ... don't get lost ... you have the Compass of the Cross ... you have the Direction of the Thorns! Donít fall into the ditch ... donít stay in the ditch ... cling to the Tree: itís always present in every Place where you are! My Children, be SheepGraze ... and bring wherever you go ... the Presence and Love of the CrossDon't scatter, Children! You have a Place to go to! And God is in the hearts of each one of you ... like I am ... like My Mother is! You mustn't worry about everything that happens during the day ... do you feel heavy ... do you feel sad: itís because youíve moved away from My Heart ... itís because youíve moved away from the Cross! How you seek the things of the world to make you joyful ... and you know how to seek them! Seek the Coolness of the Cross, My Children: thatís where the Father is ... and thatís where the Son is, thatís Me ... and thatís where My Mother Mary is ... My Mother and Mother of each one of you! What's still there, Doctor ThťrŤse of the Child Jesus? Say something else! Theresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus, we must seek You every moment ... and recognize and remember that in the Cross thereís EverythingJesusHere I Am!   Theresa: Here I am! That to give us Eternal Life ... itís not the worldís things ... but itís God ... and itís the Cross! Each one of us has his Place Written in Golden Letters ... but as weíve always been told ... that Place needs us to Turn It On ... we need to keep our Place Alive as Sons of God! We canít stay and watch   ... but we must be protagonists of this History of Salvation ... of this History of LoveJesusGod Planted in this Place the Green Tree of the Cross ... and it doesnít dry out ... and no one can take It away! What's still there, ThťrŤse of the Child Jesus? Theresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Will We Give Ourselves? Theresa: Here I am! JesusI Give Myself and You Give Yourself! Theresa: Here I am! JesusAnd the Instrument again remains Crucified out of Love ... for all the Priests and the Man who wears the White Clothes and the whole of Humanity? Theresa: Here I am! JesusHere I Am! Let us Give Ourselves! ... (ThťrŤse hands Jesus the Wine and a Piece of Bread, which Jesus Breaks into 3 Morsels:... Hereís the Father! Hereís the Son! Hereís the Holy Spirit Mary! ... (Jesus Wets a Morsel in the Wine and gives It to ThťrŤse:... Hereís the Father! ... (Jesus Wets a Morsel in the Wine and gives It to Paschal:... Hereís the Son! ... (Jesus Eats the Bread and Lifts Up the Wine... Hereís the Holy Spirit Love ... that Burns for the whole of Humanity! ... (Jesus gives the Wine to ThťrŤse... Drink for Peace! ... (Jesus gives Paschal the Wine... Drink for Peace! ... (Jesus Drinks... I Drink... so that men recognize Godís Love ... that itís Alive and Real, My Children! Letís Give Ourselves! Theresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusI remain again in the Garden of Olives to pray for all the Priests ... for the Man who wears the White Clothes ... so that the Light may come into the whole of Humanity! Theresa: Here I am, Jesus! ... (Paschal, slowly hands ThťrŤse a Sliver of Bread for each one of those present that approaches. ThťrŤse Wets It in the Wine of the Chalice and gives It, saying: The Body and the Blood of Christ and everyone answers: Amen.) ... JesusWeíre Given! Easter is Alive, itís Full and itís Risen ... in the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Love! The Wedding Banquet is Celebratory! Rejoice, Children: Great is the Joy in Godís Heart ... in seeing your hearts united to the Love that you have receivedBe Vigilant, Children ... donít allow the Poison to drag you along ... donít allow the False Prophets to drag you into Darkness but stay in the Light of the Chalice of Love ... of the Chalice of Peace ... of the Chalice of My Fatherís Heart! Celebrate, Children ... and believe in God the Almighty Father ... Alive and Real among youGraze, Children ... graze! Increase and multiply in Godís Love ... which is in your midst! ... Drink My Blood! Theresa: Here I am! JesusDrink My Blood! Paschal: Here I am! JesusI Drink the Here I Am ... that I gave to My Father ... to welcome each one of you ... for the whole of Humanity, My Children! ... (Jesus drinks and then gives a kiss to those present... The Feast is Great at the Wedding BanquetThe Feast is Greatin the hearts of each one of you thereís Me ... your Jesus, your Friend and Brother! Rejoice, Children! Rejoice and remain in My Love ... so I remain in each one of you, Children! What's still there, ThťrŤse of the Child Jesus? Theresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I Am! I Love youEveryone: We too, Jesus! ... (Jesus gives a kiss to those present... JesusI Love youEveryone: We too! JesusHas your voice come back? Everyone: Here I am! JesusHow beautiful it is to hear you! Hey, there's the Cot ... the Ark is there! Speak! Theresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I Am! Theresa: You asked us last Sunday ... or rather, you asked Paschal to make them ... and then everyone for ... the cradle and the boatJesusHere I Am! Theresa: And theyíll accompany usJesusHere I Am! Theresa: Here I am! As we move forward in walking ... weíll understand the deep meaningJesusHere I Am! Theresa: Here I am ... and so weíll keep them here with us ... so that by looking at them ... our hearts can slowly understand the meaning of what Heaven prepares ... of what Heaven does! Here I am! JesusHere I Am! Have you nothing more to say? Theresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I Am! Theresa: And therefore, our hearts must Burn ... in enjoying what day by day ... God gives us through His Son ... through Mary, who is the Spirit of God! And then they must Burn in Waiting for what the Father has prepared for each one of us ... for all His Children! And therefore we mustnít stop! JesusI never stopped! Theresa: Here I am! But go ahead ... and be Steadfast in Faith ... Steadfast in Love ... Steadfast in what weíve always believedJesusYou must not fear men ... but have the Holy Fear of the FatherTheresa: Here I am! JesusIt is He who holds the Scales in his handsTheresa: We worry about others ... when weíre not sure of what weíre doing! But when we're sure of being in the Truth ... we donít have to worry about what they say! JesusThe Stubborn One has never stopped! Theresa: Here I am! Each of us must go straight ... joined to the other ... on his road ... on Godís RoadJesusThe Stubborn One has remained Steadfast in the Fatherís Love ... in the Here I Am that she gave ... she never moved ... she stayed on the   Rock ... there where the Father Sent her ... for the whole of Humanity ... for each one of you! A Little Stubborn One: The Little Stubborn One of Jesusís Cross! Do you know her? Everyone: Here I am! JesusI do! Let us go forward on Godís Path! Everyone: Here I am! JesusHere I Am, Children! Donít get lost among the noises of the world ... but let us pray for those who persecute us! They've always done it! Let us wait for Maryís Heart ... that Will Triumph ... it will Triumph ... it will TriumphAnd when all knees will bend and not all will get up ... let us pray again, Children ... let us pray! What's still there? Theresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I Am! I Say Goodbye to you ... in the Broken Bread and in the Burning Love! Children, be Vigilant: itís the Father who gives you Eternal Life ... not menLove and forgive, My Children! ... (Jesus gives a kiss to those present... The Two Johns come! LITTLE JOHNWITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! ... (John blesses and gives a kiss to those present... Peace to your hearts! Theresa: Welcome, John! Little JohnPeace to each of you! Everyone: Here I am! Little JohnHow are you, Children ... all well? Everyone: Here I am! Little JohnWell-sick?  Everyone: Here I am! Little JohnAnd you ... how are you? Theresa: Here I am! Little JohnTell Me what you did on this Day! Theresa: Here I am, John! Little John: Here I Am! Theresa: I did the Father's Things! Little John: Here I Am! And what are the Fatherís things that you did? Theresa: You know them, John! Little John: But the others ... donít! Theresa: Eh, eh ... Here I am! Little John: Here I Am! Did you Pasture? Did you Reap? Theresa: Here I am! Little John: Did you Gather? Theresa: Here I am! Little John: And what did you Reap and what did you Gather ... eh, eh! Theresa: It's a Professional Secret, John! Little John: No, now you are ThťrŤse of the Child Jesus!  With God we talk! Theresa: Here I am! Little John: If I was Hearing your Confession you shouldn't talk ... at least I shouldn't talk! ... Stop! Maria: Here I am! Theresa: Here I am, John! Little John: Here I Am! Theresa: Here I am ... in waiting for You ... in having You near us moment after moment! Little John: Here I Am! Theresa: In remembering what youíve always told us ... and that itís alive and real ... it doesnít change ... itís always current! Little John: Here I Am! Theresa: And many things are alive and real more than ever! And so each of us has a Great Treasure ... that in addition to having Jesus Speaking moment after moment ... thereís You and John ... who besides having been among us ... and therefore, with Your Presence ... which continues to be Alive and Real ... you have filled everyone's heart ... youíve led each of us onto the Straight Road ... or at least youíve tried to! Little John: No, weíve always led you onto the Road of the Cross! Theresa: Yes, we were the ones who ...! Little John: It was ye who turned back!  I, as a Priest ... led all the Sons onto the Road of the Cross! Woe Ö! Theresa: Here I am, John! Little John: To those who have misunderstood! The Priest always remains a Priest ... and leads to Jesus! The Priest of the old school ... is made of the Cross ... and he canít but give the Cross to his Sons ... and show the Road where to find It! Do you worry about persecutions? Some: No! Little John: I was born persecuted ... by everyone! I was born persecuted ... I grew up and I was persecuted again ... and when I became a Priest ... I was even more ... but I always stopped on the Cross! ... Why aren't you writing now? Maria: I heard you telling me to stop! Little JohnFor what I was saying! Maria: Here I am! Little John: You shouldn't write what suits you ... and what doesn't suit you ... you don't write it down! Maria: Here I am, now Iíll write! Little John: You're always the same! She's always the same! When she should have taken a picture ... she didn't have the camera! When she shouldn't have done it ... she had it all! And now she didn't want to write that I was persecuted all along! And if Jesus was persecuted ... those who walk on Jesusís Road ... if they arenít persecuted ... itís not the Right Road! Children, Rejoice ... when they speak ill of you: they did it first with Jesus! Rejoice and celebrate ... but stay on the Cross ... donít come down! The Poison is there ... if you come down! Pray for your enemies! I used to walk around and I cleaned the street with the Rosary ... but I also cleaned the hearts of those who had pierced Mine ... and pierced the Heart of Jesus! Along with the Rosary ... I drank My tears and gave them to the Father! ... But I Love youEveryone: We too! Little JohnI Love you, My Children! Everyone: We too! Little JohnStay Little Johns ... Little, Poor and in the Last Place ... and in First Place ... for each one of you, for the whole of Humanity ... thereís the Cross! But don't forget to pray for all the Priests and the Man wearing the White Clothes! You are reminded of this refrain at every Visitation ... at every moment that youíll hear the Instrument! Let us pray, Children ... let us pray! What's still there, ThťrŤse of the Child Jesus? Theresa: Here I am, John! Little John: Here I Am! Are you worried that I scolded the duckTheresa: No! Little John: She has always done this to Me! Theresa: Here I am! We know ... it's normal ... it's part of being a duck... therefore ...! Little John: Yes, it's part of being a duck! ... I Love You, Children! Everyone: We too! Little John: Let us still walk on the Narrow Road and let us Love ... like the Father Loves all the Children ... with the Same Measure! ... (John blesses and gives a kiss to those present) ... John comes! THE LIVING CHALICE: WITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! Peace to your hearts! Everyone: Here I am! The Living Chalice: With the Whiteness of the Cross ... and the Bread of Heaven! ... (The Living Chalice Blesses and gives a kiss to those present) ... Theresa: Peace to Your Heart, John! The Living ChalicePeace to your heart, meatballTheresa: Here I am! Living ChaliceHere I Am! ... (The Living Chalice gives a kiss to those present... You are all meatballs of My Heart ... before the Cross of Jesus, My Children! But do we realize ... but do we realize ... where we are? But do we realize ... how Great Godís Mystery is ... through the Cross? But are ye awake? Do we want to realize this500 Kilometers ...  and I found the Cross ... I found Jesus ... I found Heaven ... a Little Bit of Paradise ... where God Speaks ... where God Breaks the Bread to each one of youAnd why? Because God saw ... He looked ... He left a door: it's that one! And you? Are you there? Did you enter through that Door? Everyone: Here I am! Living ChaliceAnd what do you think youíll do? Everyone: The Fatherís Things! Living ChaliceThe Fatherís Things through the Door ...   through that Love that God gives to each one of you! And you are Godís TreasureThe Sons! And what can you be? The Sons! And when youíre being the Son ... thereís also the Father ... and what does the Father expect? That each of you ... give your answer: ďDad, I am Your Son ... and today I left all the things at home ... and I came to Your Home ... to tell you once again: I am Your Son ... I am Your Son ... and as a Son ... I put myself in Your Hands again! I am safe in Your Hands ... outside thereís the Poison ... the False Prophets are there!Ē ... Become Bearers of PeaceBring Jesus! But donít forget to pray for Peace ... and donít forget to pray for all the Priests and the Man wearing the White Clothes! Eeeh! Welcome! How are you? Theresa: Here I am, John! Living ChaliceBut is it you? It's always you! Theresa: Here I am, yes! Living ChaliceAnd ye ... it's always ye! What's up? Theresa: Here I am, John! Living ChaliceHave you nothing to say to Me? Theresa: Here I am yes! Here we are in watching ... in feeling in our heart ... Your Presence! The emptiness of not having You near us physically ... is felt moment by moment ... but at the same time ... when that moment passes ... itís immediately filled by Your Presence ... by all that you always were, you are and youíll always be Godís Presence ... and then our Joy grows! The Ardor of our heart grows ... our heartís Burning ... in thinking over everything youíve always told us ... and at the same time itís a push to keep us going ... to fight for what we believe in ... to love God ... just like You did! Here I am! Living ChaliceHere I Am! Love God in every Time ... moment after moment, Children! Grow, Children of My Heart ... Grow! How are you? Paschal: Here I am! The Living ChaliceCongratulations! Paschal: Here I am! Do you like it? The Living Chalice: Here I Am! Soon I'll tell you to do another Job! Paschal: Here I am! The Living ChaliceHere I Am! Are you well? Paschal: So and so! The Living ChaliceSo and so? Walk with the Cross ... don't stop! Paschal: Here I am! The Living ChaliceHere I Am! Paschal: You always go forward ... I come behind! The Living ChaliceHere I Am! Paschal: Goodbye! The Living ChaliceGoodbye! I'll see you! Here I Am! Paschal: Here I am! The Living ChaliceMy Children, I kiss you one by one: collect My Kiss ... on this Day! Everyone: Here I am! ... (The Living Chalice gives a kiss to those present... The Living ChaliceAnd donít throw ItWhen you feel the Heat of My Kiss ... donít be frightened, My Children! ... (The Living Chalice gives a kiss to those present and gives the Blessing... I Bless you with My Heartís Burning, Children! Be peacefulBe peacefulJulia: Where are you, John? And what are you doing in the boat? Is it my Job? Can you not do it? THE TWO JOHNSThere's another one to do! Julia: Here I am, John! Here I am! Here I am! The Arrayed-Hosts don't come out ... they don't come out at all ... must they stay United? Here I am! We can Greet the Loved Ones! Here we are, Loved Ones! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! See you later! ... (Conversation in the Language of Love) ... Here I am! Here I am! See you later!