A Light

 for Calabria and for the world


The Calabrian coasts are beautiful and its mountains are green:  from the Polino Mountain to the Sila, but great too is its Christian history.

Here  in Calabria Italy, as well as in nearby Sicily the great Apostles: Peter and Paul came.

Here ...in the great Thurio of that time, as well as at Sibari a very important center ... the Greek hermit Telesphorus preached austerity ... then unexpectedly he became the seventh Pope from 125 to 136 A.D. and was martyred under the emperor Hadrian.


Here there's the town of Rossano … blessed by its IV century “Purple Codex” Gospel and by its Achiropita icon of the Blessed Virgin.

Here St. Nilo lived and moved to preach from here and he found basilian monasteries to some extent everywhere.

In these lands of Saints ... there is unfortunately today "the scourge of the mafia". It shouts, it cries out: but it's a cry of man to man!


Here ... as in Egypt, it wasn't the Pharaohs who set the Hebrews free ... but the people's cry to their God: to He Who Is ... to the Lord of History!


Today Mary ... in obedience to God, goes through the whole world and, like Moses, She cries out the Return to the Promised Land: God's Land!


Calabria was chosen by Mary in Timparelle's little district, in the hamlet of Thurio ... that's tiny nowadays ... which in turn is a hamlet of Cantinella … in the area of Corigliano Calabro's flourishing town, which has about forty thousand inhabitants.


There is a sea frame in the story of Jesus ... it's the sea of Galilee. Just like the river Jordan was earlier for John. Also the places which concern Little Julia of the Cross have the savor of river and sea: the Sibari sea and the river Crati which brushes by Julia's house and opens into the sea at Sibari.


To this Valley of Sibari the Mother of Jesus and our Mother cries out with Pain and Love: "Free yourselves from the things of the world ... follow my road that leads to Jesus!"


Here she also cries it out with joy: Hurry to come after me because Jesus is among you and He speaks non-stop for more than twenty-nine years … be it every Thursday evening … or during the afternoon of the second Sunday of every month … or to "His Bride" Julia every day!





Julia Arancino was born on 28 September 1957 in Ministalla's small group of houses, in the parish of Thurio, dedicated to St.Telesphorus ... although the principal feast day is October first: St. Therese of the Child Jesus.


Her parents, Damian and Seraphina, registered her birth as the date of 29th September. Serafina lost many babies during pregnancy, so that they don't arrive in order: Cosmos still a bachelor ... Schiavonea, married to Francis and blessed with four children ... and finally Julia.


Julia was baptised by Fr. Sextus Tocci on 15 August 1958 in the Sanctuary of Schiavonea, on the shores of Corigliano Calabro


Julia's dream is to have a child. After 25 years of marriage, she does conceive but no baby has seen the light yet. This is her dream, her pain, her joy "Rejoice in seeing your Favorite Thorn and your dear ones who sing the Praises of Love to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit".


On June 7th 1969 she received her First Communion in the church of Thurio near her home. Fr. Rudolf of the Friars Minor from Veneto prepared her for it ... (the Friars had arrived at Schiavonea's Sanctuary in 1964). Julia has a happy memory of Fr. Rudolf, who died on 7 March 2000 ... just like she also has happy memories of all the other Priests with whom she came in contact!


Confirmation was administered to her by Msgr. John Grillo, the Archbishop of Rossano, on June 22nd, 1969 in the church of Thurio.

One recalls as a historical curiosity that Rossano succeeded Thurio as a diocese in the eighth century because of the dangers of the Longobardic incursions and those of the Saracens. In that way the cathedral of this beautiful "Plain" of the sea of Sibari transferred up the mountain to the Hill of Rossano.

At school Julia stopped at the fifth class of elementary school because she failed to pass and she stopped going to school to help her mother Serafina. That school of the village of Ministalla was dear to her because there, at 10 years of age, she had her first vision of St. Therese of the Child Jesus!


In one of the messages one reads that God also thought about Paschal, Julia's husband and that he had a very important role in the story of the Apparition!

Paschal Capalbo was born on 9 April 1950 at Corigliano.

Cori-gliano means: “Heart in the Plate”!

The Capalbo family transferred from Corigliano to Cantinella … another village of Corigliano … just like the villages of Julia's life they also form part of Corigliano, namely: Thurio, Ministalla and Timparelle.

Paschal, who is also called Frank by many… unlike Julia was promoted to fifth class in elementary school … but he too like Julia stopped going there in order to work … since his family, like Julia's, was very poor!

As a young man Paschal emigrates to Germany to Nuremberg and when he comes home on holidays to see his relatives, he meets the young maiden Julia on the roads of Thurio and from then on for some time until their marriage take place on 10 August 1975 and immediately afterwards they leave together for Nuremberg, … even though they return later on to Italy and they settle down definitively where they are today: on 2 Timparelle district in Thurio's village, of  Cantinella!


Our Lady's

First Apparition

 On the afternoon of July 24, 1985 ... in the Sofferetti locality of S. Demetrio Corone (CS) … some people say they saw a lady dressed in white bowing down to gather some fruit … but when they try to draw near to this woman… behold this woman disappears … and this strange event lasted for three or four afternoons.

 S Immediately they think that this woman might be Our Lady ... really because she disappeared suddenly, without leaving any trace and without speaking to anybody!

The local priest Don John Cassiani is consulted, who blessed that place ... but by now people were saying that Our lady appeared and the word was spreading every day!

Julia found out about this strange event from her husband's cousin: namely, that Our Lady was probably appearing at Sofferetti to a group of women and children … and  she got her husband to accompany her there on the afternoon of Monday, the 5th of August 1985.


Monday, August 5th 1985 at 18:00 at Sofferetti

Our Lady speaks for the first time

with Julia

leaving her also with a secret message

 In In the presence of her husband Paschal, of her mother Seraphina and of her mother-in-law and others… Julia has the First Apparition.

Julia sees a bright globe that opens up and she sees Our Lady on the throne with the Child in her arms… surrounded by light… with a crown on her head.

Julia's his first meeting with Our Lady happens like this: Julia falls to her knees and receives the First Message!

The people who are present there understand that a supernatural event is taking place and they go to call the priest who is in the vicinity. Don John arrives and makes Julia tell everything that had happened in every little detail… and Julia also speaks about

a Secret Message that Our Lady had told her not to tell anybody until the time She authorized it to be disclosed and it's still is secret  to the present day.

Since 5 August these apparitions continued on in a private and personal manner… and every time that Julia went to Sofferetti … Our Lady appeared to her and spoke to her … and this happened until 4 October 1985 because on that day Our Lady wanted to make the Apparition public … by asking Julia to kneel down beneath the Oak tree with her husband and with Don John Cassiani … because She would give the first message to be handed to the priest… who would then make provision for it to be spread.

There was an enormous influx of people… and Julia went to Sofferetti on four afternoons a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays… and on those days the messages were divulged… whereas on the other days, even though Our Lady appeared the messages remained personal ones.


Important Notice

Given the sheer size of the 7,000 pages we ask pardon for any mistakes happening which will certainly be there or for words that were lost during transcription. In heaven they don't think like us because up above, they don't give importance to the grammatical mistakes that happen … but rather to the concepts that those words express!


In fact God the Father said, in a message of

 Tuesday 30 April 1991

Son, Mario, Priest of My Heart … don't be afraid, but go forward. I'm the Father and I desire Little Julia just as she is! You asked me to help her to avoid certain mistakes in her hand-writing: "let you correct her mistakes"! I come to draw everybody to Myself … not in order to teach grammar … and My Words are clear and easy for anybody to comprehend … especially for "Those Who are Little" … because I'm interested in their "substance and content" and not the elegance and appearance of their form. I love you and I bless you with My Heart





First Public Message


Friday 4 October 1985  at 18.00

“I'm here to bring Faith and Peace! Nobody believes in Me and nobody will believe in you. Watch out because you'll suffer a great deal, but don't be frightened, because I will always be in you. Hold onto what I told you till the time when the moment comes. I'm here to save you:

I am the Queen of Peace and of Miracles”.


Message of Tuesday, 8 October

“Everybody calls Me, nobody follows Me! I am the Way and Salvation. Whoever follows me lives in Me. Remember to honor Me and I'll be in you”.


Message of Sunday 13 October

“My Heart is sad on listening to your words. Open your heart, you'll hear my Words: peace, faith and love”.


Message of Tuesday, 15 October

“You all ask for miracles! You ask for a miracle for the body but you don't ask for the soul's salvation”.


Message of Friday 17 October

“John, you must lead the flock to the sheepfold that they've abandoned.”


Message of Saturday 19 October

“Blessed are those that believe without seeing and without touching. Blessed are those that listen without speaking!”


Message of Sunday 20 October

“Sunday was left to you as a day of rest and prayer: return again to being united in prayer”.


Message of Thursday 24 October

“I come down to earth to ask for prayers for the world's salvation. Pray, let you all pray: there is such need of prayer. In my kingdom time goes slowly: each thing in its own time!”


Message of Sunday 27 October

“You have a soul, but you've forgotten about it. You've forgotten many things: fasting and prayer. Pray because there's such need”.


Message of Thursday 31 October

“My spirit is among whoever suffers. Have faith Me. Whoever suffers in my Hope, lives in Salvation. Tell everybody that I'm here: I'm everybody's Mother!”


Message of Friday the first of November

“My Son's Kingdom is big. My Son's Glory is the world's Salvation. I've chosen you Julia, as my messenger of peace. You'll bring peace into the world. To whoever will listen to my words of yours, my Son promises Salvation. Announce to the whole world what you see and what you hear. Listen to me all of you! I'm the Mother of Jesus: I ask for prayers for the world's salvation”.


Message of Sunday 3 November 1985

“Nobody believes me: few of you listen to my words”.


Message of Thursday 7 November

“Remember to honor your father and mother: you shall honor my Son”.


Message of Saturday 16 November

“It's me that's appearing, your Heavenly Mother. My Son sent me to unite you and lead you. My Light illuminates your hearts: whoever follows me will live forever”.


Message of Sunday 17 November

“I ask you for prayer and sacrifice. Many of you will listen to my words and you'll kneel and ask pardon for your sins”.


Message of Tuesday 19 November

“I love you all, you are all my children. I kiss you all: my Love is great and the same for everybody”.


Message of Saturday 23 November

“I asked you for prayers, pray! Don't cancel what my Son has left you. You will all cry out my Son's name. He'll open his arms over you”.


Message of Sunday 24 November

“I'm your Heavenly Mother, you are my children. I ask you to love: do not hate. Just as my Son has left you peace, go back home in his Peace”.


Message of Tuesday 26 November

“I want Love, Brotherhood. I asked you for prayers: pray”.


Message of Saturday 30 November

“I want your hearts to be united towards my Son”.


Message of Sunday, December first

“My Immaculate Heart is wounded and humiliated by your injustice: I ask you for the conversion of hearts for the world's salvation, and I ask you to recite: Glory to God.

Sing and pray to my Immaculate Heart”.


Message of 2 December

“I asked you to recite this prayer: "O Jesus, you who gave us Life, give us the peace of the Kingdom of Heaven. Glory to your Name”.


Message of Tuesday 3 December

“Pray, make sacrifices for sinners.”


Message of Wednesday 4 December

“I give you a great message: peace, peace, peace, peace, brotherhood. The Son of God is among you: love him and follow in every place”.


Message of Thursday 5 December

“I want you all to be united to me: I want the peace of your hearts: I want Faith in my Son”.


Message of Friday 6 December

“I ask you to recite this prayer: "O God, you have created us in your likeness, grant that we may be able to live and love what you offer us”.

Message of Saturday 7 December

“My Heart is pierced by thorns and by bitterness because of the blasphemies and wickedness: I ask you to console it with prayers”.


Message of Sunday 8 December

“My Heart as Immaculate Mother encloses in itself a great love for her children. I clasp you to my heart and I ask you to love just as I love you. Lift up hymns to my Immaculate Heart. Recite: "Mother of the Creator, Light of our eyes, Salvation of our souls, Refuge of sinners, Consoler of your hearts, console our hearts”.


Message of Thursday 12 December

“I ask you to recite every day 10 Our Fathers to the Heavenly Father. Watch and pray in every moment”.


Message of Saturday 14 December

“I ask you to live my messages, listen to me! Your Heavenly Mother asks you for this!”


Message  of   Sunday 15 December

“I ask you to recite this prayer: "Sing hymns of praise to the God of the Living. Oh God, give us the melody of your words: You who illuminate us with your Light, lead us, oh Good Shepherd!”


Message  of   Tuesday 17  December

“I ask you to convert your hearts: don't add more injustice to my Bleeding Heart. My children, I ask you for peace, for prayer: don't wound my Immaculate Heart”.


Message  of   Thursday 19 December

“I bless you all. Raise your eyes to heaven and recite: "I believe in God, the Father Almighty…..”.


Message  of   Saturday 21 December

“I ask you to recite: Glory to God, and pray to my Immaculate Heart”.


Message  of   Sunday 22 December

“I ask you to recite this prayer: "Jesus, you who gave us Life, give us the Peace of the Kingdom of Heaven. Glory to your Name”.


Message  of   Tuesday 24 December

“I give you a great message: Peace, Peace, Peace: Brotherhood! The Son of God is among you: love Him and follow Him in every place.”


Message  of   Sunday 29 December

“My Immaculate Heart will triumph. To all who shall listen to my words, I promise Salvation!”


Message  of   Tuesday 31 December

“In truth, in truth I tell you: whoever listens to my words is in Me, and I'll be in him. Remain in Me and the Spirit of Peace will be in you”.






Message  of   Thursday 2 January

“I ask you to recite this prayer: "You who are the Lamb of Peace, give us Peace, take away evil, and make us only one Flock and only one Shepherd”.


Message  of   Saturday 4 January

“I tell you: The One who is among you is the Spirit. Listen to him, listen to him: follow his words. I tell you: the God of Heaven is great and great are his works!”


Message  of   Sunday 5 January

“I'm the mother of Jesus, I come to ask everybody not to offend the Lord, who is so much offended: that men change their life and become better! If all this happens, I promise the Miracle”.


Message  of   Tuesday 7 January

“I asked you to recite this prayer at the end of every rosary: "Miraculous Mother, in Thee I take refuge, save us from sin and take evil away from us”.


Message  of   Thursday 9 January

“I ask you to pray: pray, pray a great deal and make sacrifices for sinners, many souls go to hell because there are few who sacrifice themselves for them”.


Message  of   Saturday 11 January 1986

“I ask you to recite the Rosary because only with the Rosary can the Lord's help come on earth”.


Message  of   Sunday 12 January

“I come to ask you for devotion to my Immaculate Heart for the world's salvation and for conversion. If the world will not be converted, there will be much sorrow!”


Message  of   Tuesday 14 January

“I ask you to make sacrifices for sinners by joining in the this prayer: "Oh Jesus, it's for love of you, it's for sinners, in reparation for the offences to Mary's Immaculate Heart”.


Message  of   Thursday 16 January

“My children, sin offends Jesus and wounds my Motherly Heart: I'll come back again to ask for conversion to the Immaculate Heart in order to save the world”.


Message  of   Saturday 18 January

“I ask you to recite this prayer: "Jesus, through the intercession of Mary's immaculate heart, I ask for Conversion for poor sinners”.


Message  of   Sunday 19 January

“I am Our Lady of Peace and Miracles. I desire that a church in my honor be built in this place”.


Message  of   Tuesday 21 January

“Jesus wants to make use of you, Julia, to make me known and loved. To those who'll embrace devotion to my Immaculate Heart,  I promise Eternal Salvation! I ask you to recite: Glory to God. Sing and pray to my Immaculate Heart!”.


Message  of   Thursday 23 January

“I ask you for my Immaculate Heart, the Communion of Reparation. If my requests are heeded, the world will be converted and there shall be peace!”


Message  of   Saturday 25 January

“I ask you to recite this prayer: "My God, I believe, I hope: I ask you for forgiveness for those who don't believe and don't love you!”


Message  of   Sunday 26 January 1986

“I tell you that the Lord, in order to save sinners, wants to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart in the world”.


Message  of   Tuesday 28 January

“My children, contemplate my Heart surrounded by the Thorns of the ungrateful, that pierce it every moment: let you at least console it with prayer!”


Message  of   Thursday 30 January

“I promised the necessary graces to those who on the Saturdays of every month will go to confession and recite the rosary with the intention of offering reparation. In your midst there is the Angel of Peace. The Peace I want, Peace! Listen to me, let you listen to me: I ask for Peace”.



1986 - 1989








Friday's Message of 20th July 1990:

(Holy Spirit): "I am the Holy Spirit,  do not be afraid, my children. To you, Little Julia,, I give another cup to drink (there's a pause to give Julia time to drink). Peace and blessing to this house.  It is I, the Paraclete Spirit, I've come with the Father and with the Son. I'm the Consoler Spirit, the Spirit of Love, the Spirit that annihilates evil and consoles hearts. My son Paschal, the Fire of my Love was given to you. Lay your hand on your brothers, place your hand on the sick and bless in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. I am the Spirit that inflames hearts. I'm the Spirit that descends on the creatures chosen by the Father. My children, I come down on you in order to send you into the world to bless and burn away every evil with my Love. My son Mario, I give you another task. Son, listen to what I tell you: on the 15th of August I want you to bring Little Julia and son Paschal to Medjugorje, I'll be there waiting for you to guide you with the Fire of my Love: my children, do this in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May the Blessing descend on you and guide you”.

(Our Lady): “My daughter, Little Julia of the Cross, it is I, your Mother and your Jesus. I'm the Maiden Mother, the Mother of flowers, the Mother of the Angels and Saints, I am Queen by the Father's Will. My children, do everything  that you were ordered because the Father wants this. I and my Jesus, the Angels and Saints, we are with you to guide you and lead you. My children,  don't be afraid! Don't be afraid, dear children! You will find obstacles, but St. Michael will be at your side to help you. Dear children, now I give you my Holy Blessing in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. My son, Paschal, I bow before your "hand": work, my son, work in God the Father's name. God has chosen you for this: don't be afraid, my son, don't be afraid, I love you and I clasp you to my Motherly and Maiden Heart. Be a precious flower for your brothers and for the world and let you, Little Julia, be a Cross, be a Cross for your brethren”.

(Dominic Lentini):  “It is I, Venerable Dominic Lentini. I'm the Servant of the Cross. Brothers, children, it's out of love for the Cross and for my Jesus that I'm before you to guide you. Brothers, brothers of my heart and of my sorrow, I suffer on seeing  your Jesus and mine being denied. My daughter, Julia of Christ's Cross, offer yourself as a victim for my brother priests that make my Jesus suffer, that no longer want to follow the Way of the Cross and they seem like scattered sons, without any goal. How my poor heart suffers! How it suffers. And yet I've done so much for my brothers. Son Mario, unite your brothers, lead them on the Way of the Cross, bring them before the Altar of Mercy that's there in the shade of the Great Oak. There, my Jesus waits for you. There ... there is the Living Cross. Celebrate Masses in reparation for the offences to the Holy Cross. My sister, I know how great your suffering is, but be strong. Look at many souls get lost! Drink the cups for these brothers and for these sons and bless and baptize for the whole world, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Son Paschal, be patient and merciful with the brothers that hate you. bring the Forgiveness and Word of my Jesus. Now I bless you, my children, with the Cross of my Jesus, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Bring the Peace of Christ everywhere you go and multiply in the name of the Most Holy Trinity”:





Monday message on 13th August 1990

it's Jesus speaking:

1) “My children, take my Body because it's the Body of Eternal Life. Take my Blood and let you all drink of it, because the Blood of Salvation and Forgiveness. Son Mario, lead Little Julia into the places where I bring you. Be tranquil and serene, dear children, because I, your Jesus, my Mother, with Venerable Dominic Lentini, St. Michael, we are near you. My children, I give you my Blessing, may it descend on you and let you give it to the children and brothers, that you meet. Children, be strong, be certain in your hearts that it's the Holy Spirit that guides you and leads you. Go in peace, dear children, go in peace.

 Monday message on 13th August 1990

at Lancing (in the Province of Chieti)

in the church of the Eucharistic Miracle:

2) (Jesus): “I'm your Jesus. My daughter, Living Cross, suffer again for the world and for men. My daughter, drink the cups of bitterness again, drink! (Julia): My Lord and my God, tell me again what I must do. Tell me, Lord Jesus, because it's you who manifests yourself within me. Give me again the strength to go forward, make me always understand what your Will is. (Jesus):  My daughter, I suffer in giving you the cups and nails. Suffer, my daughter! My Heart is torn asunder and bleeds for the whole world, for my Priest sons and for my children. Now I address you, son Paschal and you, son Mario: be aware that Little Julia belongs to the Father, and she was sent on earth as an "angel of peace and love". Through her my holy Body passes and through you, son Mario, ...Little Julia was given to ye as a mother and sister. Through her the New Life passes, which is my Heart's Love and Peace. Therefore, my sons, be aware that Little Julia must fulfil the Father's mission and I suffer within her, I suffer in her weak and bleeding heart just like mine. I'm here present with my Blood. Dear sons, don't be incredulous but believing. Believe in my Presence, believe in my Word, because soon you'll see the fruits of the Tree of Truth, of Light, of my Love's Peace. My daughter, Little Julia, I ask you once again if you want to go forward with your mission. (Julia): Yes, my Lord, I want to do your Will, but only yours. (Jesus): My daughter, my daughter Julia, I send over you and upon you the Light and Love of my Spirit. Bring my Word, my Peace, everywhere you go and be strong, my daughter, be strong. My daughter, console my Heart, console it and wipe my Face that's full of blood and mud on account of the world's injustices. And let you, son, Paschal and you son Mario, not be doubtful, but be certain that what happens is the Holy Spirit's work and the Father's. Now I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Bring my Peace, my Word everywhere you go and increase in my name”


Monday's Message of August 13th in front of the Urn

of the Eucharistic Miracle at Lancing:

3) (Jesus): “Children, it is I, your Jesus, the Jesus of Life, the Jesus of Love, the Jesus of Peace. My priest sons, don't find it hard to listen to my Words, don't use me for your own interests, sons, but give with love just like I gave myself on the wood of the Cross for you all. My sons,  be Living Crucified Ones. Offer yourselves for the world, for the children that are faraway from my Heart, be a Living Bread just like I'm the Bread for you all. Sons, I'm here,, I'm always ready to love and forgive every fault of yours, your every sin, but  be true sons of the Cross and of my Love.  I come among you as the Living Tree, as the Tree of New Life and New Love. Cling to my roots. Unite yourselves to my Immaculate Heart and form one only heart, one only love. I'm the Father, I'm the Son, I'm the Holy Spirit and Love and I come down on you with the Holy Cross in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Bring my Peace  and my Love everywhere you go and increase in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. And to you, Little Julia, I give other bitter chalices for the sake of the brothers and for the world, ...accept them!




1) Tuesday's Message, on 14th August 1990, in the baptistery of Medjugorje:

(Our Lady): “My daughter, Little Julia of the Cross, drink, drink another cup of bitterness in reparation for the offences and blows to my Immaculate Heart. I am the Mother of Peace and of Poverty. My daughter, alleviate my Heart with the holy rosary, my holy beads. Dear children, I desire your hearts. I want you to be saved, united to the Heart of my Jesus. I want you to be sons of peace, apostles of light of the holy Cross. My children, I bring my son Venerable Dominic Lentini into this house of mine and with his holy Cross I bless you, dear children, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. I come to bring the Living Cross among you all. My children, I bring the Tree of Life and of Peace, which is my Jesus. I bring my Little Julia of the Cross that's love, peace & light for you all. And I bring my disciples among you, sons of peace and truth. Dear children, children of my sorrow, embrace the Cross because in It alone you'll find Salvation, Love and Forgiveness. May the blessing of my Son Jesus descend upon you in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Carry this Holy Blessing everywhere you go and increase in the Name of my Son Crucified for you all.”


2) Wednesday's message on 15th August 1990 at Medjugorje:

(Our Lady): “Peace to you, I'm the Immaculate Virgin, the One Assumed by the Father's Will. Dear children, I come to bring you my Holy Blessing. I come to bring you Peace and Love. Dear children, be peaceful sons, be sons of peace, love and forgiveness. My children, today the choir of Angels and Saints are lavished on you, bringing you the Holy Spirit's Fire and Love. My children, I'm the Mother and Queen of the world and of the universe and my desire is to have you in my Heart and with me ... be children of Peace, be sons of Light. Let you come, come to my Motherly and Maiden Heart. Lost sheep, come to me. Come to my Jesus. Come to my Heart. Come to my love. Sons of my Jesus, sons of the Cross, be a Cross, be a Cross for your brothers ... for the world. My sons, I'm the Mother and Queen of the Poor. I'm the Mother of all those that cling to my Heart. My children, I thank you and I bless you. Be strong in faith, be strong in your walk towards my Jesus. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Bring my Peace everywhere you go and multiply in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Jesus' brief message before receiving the holy Eucharist at Medjugorje:

“My children, my sons, children of my sorrow, take my Heart. Take it! I give it to you. It's yours because I'm the Father of Love and Mercy


3) Wednesday's message on August 15th 1990 at Medjugorje on the hill where the first apparition took place on June 24th 1981:

(Julia): “Mother, if it is you, let's glorify God together… Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be world without end, Amen. Excuse me, Mother! Now I accept your nails!”

(Our Lady): “It is I, the Immaculate Virgin. My daughter, I must offer you bitter cups for the world and for the children, especially for the priest sons and for the bishops that don't want to take off the coat that they've put on. They've put on the coat of power and they've cast off the coat that Jesus my Son had given them: the Coat of Truth, Love and Forgiveness. Dear sons, I'm the Mother of Forgiveness and Mercy, I'm the Mother of Love, and today I want to give you my Heart. I want to clasp you to myself [editors note: I see Julia opening her arms with a smile, in the sign of embracing]. I want to clasp you to my Heart as a Mother, as a Queen and as a Maiden and I want to bless you with the rains of Tears of Love and Forgiveness. I am Mother and Queen and I want you with me in Paradise together with my Angels and my Saints! Dear sons, be peaceful sons, be sons of Love, but above all, my sons, be sons of the Cross because my Son Jesus is there in It alone, only in the Cross ...& there's Salvation and Forgiveness in It alone, only in the Cross. Now I bless you, dear children, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”.


Wednesday's message on August 15 at Medjugorje during the Stations of the Cross:

(Jesus): “It is I, your Jesus. Little Julia, I must give you another cup of bitterness for the world and for the injustices. I beg you, my daughter, accept this cup. Peace and blessings on you all. Dear children, today I wanted to bring among you my Living Cross, which is Little Julia of the Cross. Be aware, son Paschal and son Mario that at this moment my Little Julia is suffering along the Way of the Cross my pains, which "I went though at that time" for the whole world. I'm shedding my Blood on these rocks and upon the world in order to purify and save you. Dear children, be sons of forgiveness, be sons of love. My children, unite yourselves to my pierced and bleeding Heart. Embrace the Cross, dear children, but hurry, make haste to consecrate yourselves to my Heart and to the Heart of my Beloved Mother. I want to send you blessings of Holy Spirit so that they may protect you and guide you on my road which is the Road of Love and Peace. I want you to be holy children, I want you to be pure children, I want you to be Apostles of my Peace and Love. Now I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Bring my Peace and increase in the name of the Most Holy Trinity”.

(Our Lady):  (At the XIII Station of the Cross: the Taking Down from the Cross) “My children, my children it is I the Sorrowful Virgin. I lay my Jesus down here, in front of you. I don't weep for him, but I weep for the children that get lost, the sons that don't come to my Heart, the children that don't want to accept my Jesus' Cross. Dear children, my Jesus gave Himself on the wood of the Cross for all of you and for you He'll come again to suffer and love. Dear children, take hold of,  take hold of my Jesus. Take hold of Him, take Him in your arms. Bring Him, carry Him into the world, bring Him to the sons, to the brothers that don't know Him. Dear children, be living temples of my Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart. Bring my blessing and my peace everywhere you go”.


Message from the Holy Spirit on Krizevac: Medjugorje's high mountain:

(Holy Spirit): I am the Holy Spirit the Paraclete. My bride, my daughter, I must give you another cup in reparation for the offences, drink it, let you drink it! It is I, the Paraclete Spirit. May the Fire of Love, the Fire of Mercy, the Fire of Forgiveness, descend on you. Children of my Light, sons of my Love, be Light, be a Light for the world.


Monday's Message of December 24th 1990:

(Our Lady): "My daughter, drink the cups again in reparation. May peace and blessing descend on this Altar and upon each one of you. It is I, the Maiden Mother. Dear children, I invite you to peace and communion. Dear children, with my Yes I gave you the world's Fullness, namely my Son Jesus, God who became a Baby in order to come to dwell in each one of you, God who grows in your hearts to dwell in each one of you. But dear children, my children, few of you give me your hearts, few of you give me your Yes so that I can let my Son Jesus come in. Look around you, dear children, the world is going to perdition, the world is being destroyed because it doesn't want to accept a Child! God becomes a Baby and He comes to dwell in your hearts, in your homes, but He doesn't find a place. There's no place for my Son Jesus: for the Baby Jesus of Peace, Light and Truth! My children, become young children, become children like this Baby: my Jesus, whom I give to all of you. Be renewed, be renewed in Love. Grow, my children, blossom like this Baby that I deposit in your hearts, in your homes. My children, I invite you to peace. It's Jesus that I bring, it's Jesus that I bring into your hearts. Be peaceful, my children. My priests, take my Jesus, take hold of my Baby and let him be born. Grow, my sons! Grow together with my Son Jesus. Be renewed, my sons! Be renewed with new life. And let you, the world's Great Ones, be united. Be united in peace. My sons, break the chains of Satan and bind yourselves to Baby Jesus, who is your Salvation, your Peace, your Love & your Eternal Life. It's only in Him that there is Salvation, Love and Life. Leave your powers, leave all the greatness which come from the eternal liar and which lead you to death, my sons! Grow, sons! Grow with Baby Jesus and bring Him into the world and walk with Him on the road of salvation and love. God is love and He comes to inflame your hearts. Dear children, I invite you once again to peace and conversion. The times are hard, there are burdensome, but I'm here, your Maiden Mother and my Child. I'm here to give you my hand and help you on the path of eternal salvation. Dear children, I give you my Holy Blessing with my embrace as a Mother and Maiden. Be mothers, mothers of my Jesus, of my Love, and of my Beloved. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Go in Peace, bring my Peace, my Light, my Love and multiply with Baby Jesus in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Peace, peace, peace! I've come as the Queen of Peace and I want Peace.




(Dominic Lentini, was born in Lauria(PZ) on 20/11/1770. He returned to the Father's House at 58 years of age on 25/02/1828 and he was beatified in St.Peter's Square by the Polish Pope on 12/10/1997.)