N° 174

March 2015

Messages through the Instrument Julia


 Second Sunday of the month:


Women's Day

 Moses leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on its mysteries, and while these are offered up for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation begins: Julia: If it is you, glorify the Father; if it’s you, glorify the Father; if it’s you, glorify the Father! ... (Our Lady remains silent for a short while then she blesses with the Sign of the Cross) .... Our Lady: In giving my ‘Here I am’ to the Father and in carrying the Cross … (Our Lady blesses again with the Sign of the Cross) ... and the Crucified One ... I lift up praise to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit… now and for Eternity! And in the joy of giving each one of you my Son Jesus… I call you: Sons, Sons of Love… Sons of Sorrow… just like My Heart is: "Mother of Love…… Mother of Sorrows"…… in embracing my Son and in giving Him Crucified out of Love… in asking you to be joyful Mothers of the Son who opened His Arms wide in giving His Blood… and buying each one of you with the Price of Blood… with the Price of Love: the Maximum Love given to each one of you for Eternity… not just for a moment… but for Eternity in calling you "Sons"… and in giving you Love and the Whole Bread in order to break it up and give it! A Food of Love… a Banquet of Love where each one of the Sons can take part: "Here I am… let you all come who are hungry and thirsty for my Whole Bread… Broken and Given… but which always remains Whole!" God is a Father who didn't keep anything for Himself… and He gave His Son… in order to give the Sons the Mystery of Love! The Mystery hidden for whoever doesn't want to see and doesn't want to hear … but God is Alive and He’s among you… just like your Loved Ones are… just like all the arrayed-Hosts are and all the Little Children in working in the Vineyard … in working in the Garden … in being at the Father's Banquet in doing His Will… my children! As a Mother on this day I have a Cup to drink…… the Instrument has drunk them …… and now she’s gone to work… and before you I have a Cup with the spits that they gave to my Jesus today!… (Our Lady drinks the bitter Cup) … She has drunk so many… I have drunk this one! Children… when you go out clean the roads … clean where they dirty them… by raising your right hand and remaining in the Quiet, in the Peace and in the Love that God gives you moment after moment! My children, what I’ve drunk was cutting … and what the Instrument drank from dawn till now was even more cutting! ...............Divine Stubborn One! Julia: Here I am ... Mother! What you drank is bitter and what I found in the Tunnel is bitter! Our Lady: My daughter ... how much the 'Here I am you gave' has cost you! Julia: Here I am again for Eternity ... Mammy ... what’s bitter passes when I look at your Heart, when I look at your eyes, on taking you by the hand… just like a mother takes a daughter by the hand … and you do this moment after moment ... you take us by the hand and you don't leave us! But we are foolish and we let go of your hand and we don't let ourselves be guided and we spit in the face at Jesus, at the Father and at your Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart! Mother … you are a Woman… you are the Woman that the Father has chosen to be the Only Church and the Only Tabernacle…… in order to give us Eternal Life … by giving us your Son Jesus! Your Heart is sad today … we don't know how to offer you anything … but I gathered all the hearts and I hand them over on this day when Jesus is pierced again! Accept us just as we are … accept humanity again just as it is … but I carry it on my back … just like I was told all along! Mammy… I see your dress stained with today's mistakes … I’ll come afterwards to clean it … if you allow me......! Our Lady:  Here I am ... my soul! NOW TAKE A LOOK........! Julia: Here I am! (*) Where is the Sun Mother? (*) Mother, where’s the Sun? (*)Our Lady:  TAKE A LOOK  ... MY SOUL.........! (*) Julia: Instead of the Sun there's only a drop of ice that's melting, what is it? Our Lady:  It's the work of mankind! Julia: But it’s a Scourge! What can I do? Yes ... they are in the Tunnel ... but what can I do? Our Lady:  LOOK AGAIN .....! Julia: Where are they going … where are so many children going … where are they going ... Mother? Will I come out of the Tunnel and go to get them ……… can I go to grab them? Our Lady:  LOOK AGAIN ......! (*) Julia: There's an enormous crowd that’s running aimlessly… and the children are sacrificed! Our Lady: Not only was the Garden dirtied ... but also the Sea! Julia: They are thrown to the fish … after being sacrificed! Mother … give me more days and let me go to fetch the sons that’ll give me their hand! Our Lady:  Do what the Father gave you to do! Now you are in the Tunnel ... when I call you, you’ll go to take their hand......! Julia: Here I am ... Mother ... Here I am ... Mother ... I place in your Heart all those that are entrusted to my prayers, I place all the enemies in your Heart, I place all the children, the Family in your Heart, I place all you gave me since time immemorial in your Heart, I place in your Heart all the Priests, the Gems, the Lilies and the Man that wears the White Habit ....... and I place my day’s "nothingness" in your Heart ...... accept it … Here I am! Our Lady: Sacrifice yourself like you are able to do and remain Stubborn just like the Father chose you ... my soul! Julia: Here I am ... Mother! Our Lady:  Here I am with the Two Banquets! Here I am with all the arrayed-Hosts! Here I am with all the Useless Servants! Here I am with all your Loved Ones! Here I am with all the Brides! Here I am with the two Johns ... Karol, Pio and Dominic ... in bringing the only Truth of the Cross ... (Our Lady blesses with the Sign of the Cross) ... and the only Truth of the Bread ... asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts ... my children! Julia: Here I am ... Mother ... torn rags again at the foot of the Cross ... accept us again ....... and take us by the hand ... Mother! Our Lady:  Here we are ... my soul! Our Lady:  PEACE TO YOUR HEART … JOHN- JESUS-GOD!  Don Vincenzo:  Mammy! Our Lady: Other flowers that blossom at the foot of the Cross! Don Vincenzo: How beautiful to be here with you … how much sweetness you emit! Our Lady: It's lovely not to be thrown out… like humanity does it moment by moment! You wait for me and you let me speak… and this is a Joy for the Father’s Heart! You don't throw me out… you haven't done it yet … and the Father rejoices when you let me speak in bringing the Whole Bread in order to break and give it to each one of you … children! … (the heavenly Mother sends a kiss and it's reciprocated) … Are you well-or-ill? Don Vincenzo:  Here I am! Our Lady: And are you too well-or-sick? Everybody:  Here I am! … (the heavenly Mother sends another kiss and it's reciprocated) Our Lady: Here I am! Tell me something … Living Cup-God …what burns there in your heart? Don Vincenzo: So much love but also much sadness because humanity "doesn't understand" Jesus … and "it doesn't understand" you, Mother! Our Lady: I too see the Father’s sadness … but I see His Love which has neither limits or measures! Don Vincenzo:  And then beyond the sadness so much joy also burns ardently there because you are our Mother! Our Lady: And you are my children! Don Vincenzo: Yes! Our Lady: Bought with the Price of Blood … but out of Love .....and not for these! … (The heavenly Mother makes the sign used to indicate money) … Humanity buys and sells my Jesus with these … (The heavenly Mother again makes the sign used to indicate money) whereas Jesus buys His Sons out of Love telling them: "Come… there's a place for everybody! The Father has prepared a Great Big Garden where there's a place for you all to remain in the Quiet, Peace and Love! Don Vincenzo: The trouble is, Mother, that everyone is blind and everyone is stupid! Our Lady: It's not a trouble, it's that nobody wants to see… nobody wants to hear… and nobody wants to remain as torn rags at the foot of the Cross! But there's a Little Stubborn One … she always brings me torn rags: "Behold… I found  a small rag and I place it at the foot of the Cross!"… … With she being a “Skinned Nut” … there’s not even a small hole left but there are only little pieces.....! And so she makes little rags of each one of you:...... and she’s trying to even make a few skinned nuts! Don Vincenzo: She’s a “Skinned Nut” … and she always plunges into Love! Our Lady:  Yes … she’s now in the Tunnel … she went into the Tunnel out of Love to grab hold of what she saw!  Don Vincenzo: Mammy …why does humanity not understand Jesus? … How is it possible? Our Lady: You don't say: “why” but there is a Broad Road and the Poison is there and nobody wants to enter the Narrow One… and Jesus doesn't even have the last place! He found a stable… now He doesn't even find that … but He loves you and His Love is without limits and without measures … just like mine also is… My Here I am given to the Father … son! Don Vincenzo:  How beautiful it is to be with you… you’ve gathered us as the Stubborn One’s Family … tightly, close to one another! Our Lady: The Family of the Vineyard … the Ark’s Family … the Family of the Oars … and the Father's Garden for each one of you … and the Banquets.....! Don Vincenzo:   We must clean the Garden for all the sins that we commit! Our Lady: You must clean it! Don Vincenzo: We must get organized with the arrayed-Hosts! Our Lady:  When she comes out… the Instrument will carry you! The arrayed-Hosts are ready and the Father has placed each one of you and the whole of humanity on her back … but there's much work to do………! But don't forget: My Immaculate Heart will triumph and the Sun will open fully! Don Vincenzo: How beautiful to hear you say these words! Our Lady: It will open in your hands, Living Cup … it’s already open … but men don't see it! When it shall open fully, the whole of humanity will see God's Plan … not hither and thither … and the whole of humanity will see the Sun of My Immaculate Heart! The Promise isn't withdrawn like men do......! Don Vincenzo: Will we all see the Father? Our Lady: The Father is among you … and "it’s the Sun" that you'll see! Don Vincenzo: Where is the Good Father sitting now? Our Lady:  Around here! Don Vincenzo:   Here … here with me? Our Lady: Yes … yes He's sitting on you … and has put on your clothes … and He’s seated where you are sitting! Don Vincenzo:  And daddy … daddy? Our Lady: Not your father … it’s not Renato, he’s working at sewing clothes … but the Omnipotent Father is here .....! Don Vincenzo: Is the Father bigger than me or not? … Is He taller than me? Our Lady: No ......... if He fits in your clothes!  Don Vincenzo: Then are we roughly the same height? Our Lady: If your clothes fit Him… they are neither short or long on Him: they are the same size! Don Vincenzo:  How beautiful to be here.....! Our Lady:  And yes … it's beautiful...! Tell me something else!  Don Vincenzo:  Yes … speaking to you … speaking with you … speaking immersed in your Love… it's a Feast because everything shines when you are there! Our Lady:  I'm always there … that's why you must shine! I'm Alive … just like the Father is Alive… just like the Son is Alive… and just like your Loved Ones are Alive in your midst! You mustn't be sad … but joyful! When the Cross leans on you a little … it's out of Love … not to give you pain and it’s to give you joy! I gave birth to it … and I gave birth to it in joy and I didn't give birth to it in weeping and sadness! I gave birth to the Son of God out of Love … in order to give each one of you Eternal Life, the Father's Garden! And you mustn't be anxious about the things of the world but you must pray: "Our Father, Hail Mary"! … You have a heavenly Daddy … you have a heavenly Mother … you must pray for everything that happens! Many mothers kill their children … many fathers kill their children! The Poison surrounds you more and more … but you have your right hand! … (the heavenly Mother raises her right hand in the Trinitarian Sign)The Father has called you to fight the Poison … and you mustn't fear men if they laugh at you, but you must fear the Father ... it is He that gave you your right hand! Children don't listen to the noise but listen to the heart-beat of your Jesus (She indicates the heart)who repeats to you: “You are my Son! You are my Son! You are my Son! You are my Son!”: this is what the heart-beat is like! Outside it’s not thereoutside it’s the Poison’s heart-beat sayingDon't listen! Do not listen! Don't listen! … Take a look: all this is yours! Enjoy yourselves! When you die you won't find anything!” …............ Jesus says: You are my Son! You are my Son! You are my Son!And the whole Gardenthe whole Inheritanceis yours!” Don Vincenzo:  What a joy and what a grace..... because the whole truth is in us! Our Lady:  Be vigilant: the Poison advances and the false prophets advance… Raise your right hand … (The heavenly Mother raises her right hand in the Trinitarian Sign) …  and the voice and heart-beat of Jesus who says: You are my Son! You are my Son! You are my Son! Don Vincenzo: Aaaah! Our Lady: Aaaah! Don Vincenzo: Do we feel lighter after this prayer? Our Lady:  If you listen to it......! It's not a prayer: it’s moment by moment that Jesus tells you these things … it's enough to listen to Him and detach yourselves from the things of the world and listen to Jesus who dwells in your hearts saying: You are my Son! … And when the heart isn’t open … He whispers it even before the heart’s door: “You are my Son! You are my Son! You are my Son” … while waiting for that little door to open in order to come in and celebrate at the Wedding Banquet! Tell me something! Don Vincenzo:  These two Banquets …?  Our Lady:  This one is for you who are still in the Garden … and that one that’s further on … (She indicates a little further up the table)is for those that gave their hand … but they are always in the Garden! Don Vincenzo: Hence they’ve already  arrived … they are the Useless Servants! Our Lady: Yes! … And  you are the Useless Servants that must open the Sun … and fight again … and see the Sun opened! … If I pinch you will I hurt you? Don Vincenzo: A little bit! Our Lady: Then that means that you haven’t yet passed to the other Banquet! Don Vincenzo: And therefore? Our Lady: You are from here! Don Vincenzo:  Am I still below? Is the other Banquet above? Our Lady: No … they are the same size… the Father doesn't make a level below and a level above … the Father made a Garden, which has all the same measurement … He doesn't make any distinctions for his sons! To make a level above means to reject ....… but the Father doesn’t reject! But there are those that don't want to give their hand … and it's the sons that don't want to recognize the Father … and the Good Father waits, saying: “Let ye come! Don Vincenzo: Hence are there sons that refuse Eternity and who aren’t interested in Eternal Happiness? Our Lady: There is the world! Don Vincenzo: Do they still continue to suffer the world’s influence? Our Lady: Here I am! … But be vigilant! You have the Vineyard, the Ark and the Oars … and the Garden … and we are all among you … also the “Son that saves”! Don Vincenzo: Do you mean Jesus? Our Lady: Jesus saved and He’s saving ….......and there is the “Son that saves”! Don Vincenzo: And who is he? Our Lady: I can't tell you … but you know Him being the Living Cup! Aaah! Don Vincenzo: Aaah! Mammy … It's always a Feast being with you! Our Lady:  I’m with each one of you moment by moment! Don Vincenzo: Your speech is so sweet … so serene … and it also reassures us ...... and it soothes us! Our Lady: It’s a Mother’s speech who answeredHere I am!” to the Father's call in order to give you the Son! He wasn't given to me … He was given to each one of you! Don Vincenzo: Mammy … my daddy Renato worked as a carpenter for his whole life! Our Lady: Not for his whole life.......! Don Vincenzo: Not for his whole life but for a great many years he worked as a carpenter: had he a connection with your Joseph? Joseph too was a carpenter! Our Lady: Yes … but everyone has his job … and now your daddy no longer does carpentry! Don Vincenzo:  Does he do tailoring? Our Lady:  Yes … with the Bride and with the Little Flower! If it happens that a carpenter is needed… he'll also go to do something but each one has his job! Don Vincenzo: And is my mother Violet also there and mother Seraphina too? Our Lady: Yes… they have many garments to sew…… and there are many Brides who gave their hand and they must put on the white dress and the wedding ring in order to then be accompanied by the Girls & brought before the Father! Don Vincenzo: And the Good Father embraces them! Our Lady: The Good Father embraces them and makes them sit at the Banquet… and then He accompanies them to the Oven… and then He gives them work to do!  Don Vincenzo: Does He call them: “children”? Our Lady: You are all children! Don Vincenzo: Aaah …  what an air of Paradise! Our Lady: If you breathe it you'll replenish yourselves moment by moment.....! What do you want to say? … (On the table there's a basket full of mimosa branches and the assistant parish priest gives one to the heavenly Mother)Is this for me … the whole lot? I bless them and later on you’ll give them to all the daughters and to all the sons… since God is a Daddy and a Mother! Here I am… this one is mine… and I give it to you! Don Vincenzo: What an honor… Our Lady makes me a present of a mimosa! … (Don Vincenzo blesses all those present, lifting up the small mimosa branch given to him by the heavenly Mother) … It’s a blessed mimosa! … (The heavenly Mother breathes on the mimosa)Our Lady:  Do you want to give it to all the children… or do you want to give it when I let them go home? Raphael: Here I am … when the prayer finishes! Our Lady: When I make them return home … in blessing every little step… in blessing hearts… in blessing enemies… in cleaning! A Small Flower that cleans humanity! Do this… do it with a gesture of Love! And love whoever pierces your hearts… just like the Father does … just like the Son does … just like my Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart does … that’s Full of Holy Spirit!… What more do you want to tell me, Living Cup? Don Vincenzo:  But are you the Holy Spirit? Our Lady: Here I am! … The Father filled me with Holy Spirit in order to give you His Son! Don Vincenzo:  In order to give You Your Jesus… He filled you with Holy Spirit… He filled you up… you are God’s completely … you are Full of Holy Spirit… hence Full of the Spirit of Love” … Yes, you are Full of Love!  Our Lady: Just like the Father is! Don Vincenzo: What a Grace! Our Lady: I'm the Last Grace! Don Vincenzo: Alas! Our Lady: Why do you say: “alas!?  Don Vincenzo:  Why, will there not be any more then? Our Lady: There’ll be the Sun! Don Vincenzo: Aaah … in my hands? Our Lady:  Aaah … Living Cup … Living Cup! …  The “Two Johns”! Don Vincenzo: Do we resemble one another in everything  … also because the Father has placed the same name on us! Our Lady: The “Two Johns”: one has completed half the Furrow … the other must close it … but since both of you must close it …you resemble one another in everything! Don Vincenzo: Therefore we must agree to finish the work! Our Lady: Yes … such that you always stop speaking …! Do you want to ask anything… Thérése of the Child Jesus?… After that I must let the children return home and they must go to do cleaning! If I can answer you… I’ll answer you… but don't be afraid! Teresa: Here I am! … The work of each one of us … not only of us handmaids … but everyone’s … did it begin from the moment in which we were thought of in the Father's bosom? Our Lady: Here I am! Raphael:  When Jesus went up to the Father …? Our Lady: Jesus went up only for a moment! Raphael: … The Mother of Jesus is no longer spoken about: what's happened?… It's as if she never existed! Our Lady:  Not even formerly did they speak of me… just like they still don’t speak about women! They wrote that we should hide for fear that they’d kill us like they killed Jesus… but all this isn't true! It's the sons that ran away… (the heavenly Mother “points” her right hand for a long time and then lowers it)and the sons that went away weren’t present at everything that Jesus had to suffer out of Love … and when I stayed there at Jesus’ every little step they no longer spoke (of me) because I was no longer any use to them … I was no longer useful to them because they'd planned what they must do … just like now in the selling and buying! And when Jesus is sold and bought it’s only in order to make money … not out of Love: they don't love Jesus and that's why they no longer spoke:So what do we need this woman for?” … Was that clear? Raphael: Here I am! Our Lady: Be vigilant: the traitors … because there is no Judas … are also among you … and whoever turns against John: "Either something awful happens to him or he dies!” … These are his Words! Don Vincenzo: And likewise whoever turns against Gabriel (the former devil) now that he's converted? Our Lady: Nobody turns against Gabriel any longer … he's at the Father's Banquet… the Poison is outside… and when the sons are at the Father's Banquet nobody can touch them! Don Vincenzo:  Outside there’s only the traitors left! Our Lady: Only the traitors and the Poison! Don Vincenzo: And the false prophets! Our Lady: The false prophets ...... those who pretend to listen but they don't listen! The Instrument knows them one by one ...… but she’s under obedience and she can't talk! She takes their hearts and gives them to My Heart and consigns them to the Father's Heart! …What’s still there? Raphael: The fact is that at that time women weren't even considered … but the Father has got women to do everything...!  Our Lady: Even today they aren't considered!… But at the foot of the Cross there were only women! Those ones that waited were there … but later on they had to celebrate and they went away… but all the women remained! Raphael: And they were also the most faithful! Our Lady: Here I am! … And when they said … the “crowd” … it was the men there… but they didn’t mention the women … because women weren't even considered… but it was the women that stayed behind Jesus… not the men! Raphael:  There was Veronica … and was she in love with Jesus? Our Lady: Here I am … they were all in love with Jesus … but with that Love that’s not earthly… with that Love that comes from the Father's Heart … with that Love that burns ardently in the Instrument's heart… and men confuse it with earthly Love! Her heart burns ardently for her Jesus from her mother's womb … and for her children… for the Family… but the Family doesn't listen! … Pray: “Our Father, Hail Mary! Our Father, Hail Mary!” … children! … Learn to listen to the Father's voice! … Here I am! Raphael: What would a heavenly Mother say to a man? Our Lady: In these Times? … Do you see what’s happening? If a mother gives her son everything  … the son kills the mother … and the mother kills the son! You must firstly give God! God is always the First Fruit! If you learn to give God to your children and not the things of the world … you are mothers! If you give them the world's things … you aren't mothers! The Bread, namely God's - you must teach and feed it to your children at this time!… Have you understood!… Have you all understood? Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: But when you go outside … what do you do? … “Eh … my son must be taller than the neighbor’s son!” … Fools! There's no stature before God! He comes to serve … and gives Himself … and He lets Himself be eaten out of Love! This is what you should do: give yourselves out of Love!… Am I wrong? Everybody: No! Our Lady: Living Cup-God … when the next Feast takes place you’ll have to say some things! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! … And let you all get ready … my children! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Now … when you get the blessed branch… you’ll bring it and you’ll clean everywhere you go … but with humility … without being exalted … in remaining little and poor: the little Johns who are always more little, poor and in the last place … my children! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Say goodbye with the Green Tree … I’ll take leave of you with the Magnificat! ... (Don Vincenzo now seals and blesses) ... Don Vincenzo: May the Father's Goodness, the Son's Mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love ... descend abundantly upon you all, on your hearts, on your families, on your relatives, on your friends, on your enemies, on all those that are united to this holy prayer and on the whole of humanity! And may Almighty God bless you, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! Everybody:  Amen! (*)Our Lady:  Now start with the Magnificat! … (*) Don Vincenzo: Let’s start with the hymn of the Magnificat! ... (now everybody recites the hymn of the Magnificat together with the heavenly Mother) ... Our Lady: My soul magnifies the Lord! … My soul magnifies the Lord! ... From your Bosom I was given birth to! ... From your Bosom you made me Mother of your Only Son ... that Son that I gave to humanity ... and that I give again as the Humble Handmaid! As a Humble Handmaid I give what you gave me ... God-Bridegroom ... My All! Julia: Mother ...your dress got cleaned! Our Lady:  You cleaned it! Julia: I remained in the Tunnel to catch hold of the sons that gave me their hand! I extinguished a few fires … and what you see! Our Lady:  And my dress got cleaned ... my soul! Julia: Mammy ... I know that the Father tells me that I can take all the days … give them to me again ... and wait for the sons again because they didn’t see, they don't see, they don't hear and they’ve lost their way ........let's wait for them again! Our Lady:  Here I am ... my soul! Julia: Here I am ... Mother ... we’ve so much work to do ... I'll bring all the sons joined to the arrayed-Hosts! (*) I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! The Father: I too love you ... and I wait for your love! Everybody:  I LOVE YOU ... DADDY!  The Father: Here I am ... children of My Heart! ... (The Father imposes his hands together with those of Don Vincenzo over those present) ...  I let the Burning Bush of Pentecost descend on you ... the pocket-money of Divine Mercy ... accept it with Love, break it up and give it to your enemies ... my children! Julia: Daddy ... the Flock gets lost more and more ... tell me what should I do: the whole of humanity has got lost, what should I do?  The Father: Since time immemorial you were given the job and you know the hour and the day! Julia: Can we not shorten the Times? The Father: Are you not asking for a little too much? Julia: You can be asked for everything because you are a Good Father ... and the sons must all return home! .... Yes,........but they are sons even when they are wrong … and their place can't remain empty … Daddy ... let me answer for everyone of them at the Final Question .....…  because they won’t answer it.......! The Father: Everything in its Time! Julia: Here I am ... Daddy! ... (Julia smacks a kiss) ... I love you ... and Here I am again for Eternity! ... Daddy ... I offer you the whole plant ... go to gather it! … (Julia smacks a kiss) ... Since our Loved Ones are all among us  ... we’ll greet them! ... (everybody greets their Loved Ones) ... Rejoice at the Father's Banquet ... but get ready ….......... we must go to work ... Here we are! (*)


last THURSDAY of the Month

26 MARCH 2015

Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on its mysteries, and while these are offered up for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the Priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation begins: Julia: If it's you, glorify the Father! … If it's you, glorify the Father! … If it's you, glorify the Father! … <Jesus remains silent for a short while and then blesses> Jesus: In the Living Easter of the Cross I glorify the Father most high … now and for eternity! And in the Living Easter in your midst I raise up the cry of My Love:  "Father … forgive them, because they know what they do!" And bowing my head before the Father's throne … which is Alive and Real among you … I open my arms saying: "Here I am Father … Here I am in doing your Will … Here I am in doing what you've written all along … and what you gave birth to all along in your Heart!" And Here I am to you … sons, brothers and friends of the Cross! We are near the Easter of the Cross … the Easter of betrayal … the Easter of being abandoned by everybody … rejected … but Here I am Alive and Real among you in the complete Easter … in complete Love … in giving myself entirely to each one of you and to the whole of humanity! And to live Easter is to live in peace, in joy, in friendship, in brotherhood, in communion, in charity, but in silent charity, the one that's not puffed up, the one that gives itself … because the right hand mustn't know what the left does! Live in My Love … live in being a Cross … give yourselves in being a Cross: I give myself that way! … You are my imitators, made in the image and likeness of God's Plan: the Plan of Love … the Plan founded on the foundations of the Cross! Don't celebrate the world's Easter … but celebrate the Easter of the Cross … and remain in the Garden to pray in these times, my children! .............................. Divine Stubborn One! Julia: Here I am … Jesus … Here I am to the Here I am given … Here I am to the Father's things … Here I am to the nails … Here I am again for eternity to everything that the Father wants … Jesus! Jesus: Where did you go, my soul? Julia: To work in the Vineyard, in the Ark, in the Oars and in everything that the Father gave me … … … and I descended again into the Tunnel and I drank everything that I found! Jesus, you find joy and console yourself when a son returns home … … and I find joy when I enter the Tunnel to catch hold of the Brides and bring them the Father's Banquet! I drink the seals, the scourges ….....and everything that John manages to prepare … but I don't see the Easter of men’s hearts! … And Here I am, before you: the Living Easter! Jesus: Take a look … my soul … do you see how much the "Here I am" you gave has cost you? Julia: Here I am again for eternity: it's the day's work that the Father has prepared! Jesus: Look again .............! Julia: Where are those towers? They are about to fall … Jesus … can we not stop them? And can you not hold them for a short while? Now I'm going into the Tunnel … I came out and now I'm entering it again … are you holding them for me for a little while? Can we not stop them and let them remain standing? Jesus: It's not me that lets them fall … it's men! Julia: And if you place your hand? … Or if you'll let me place mine there for a short while? Jesus … let's wait a little while … they are sons and they know what they do … but they are sons! Jesus: You have only time to descend and come up … is it sufficient for you? Julia: Here I am … Jesus! In the Easter that's about to come, I place in your Heart all those that are entrusted to my prayers … everything you gave me all along … the family … the enemies, all the Priests, the Gems, the Lilies, the Man that wears the White Habit  and I place the whispers that I gathered … and I place my day's "nothingness": take it … Jesus! Jesus: Now take a look … and add what you see to the scroll! Julia: Here I am … Here I am … Jesus! Jesus: Here I am among you Alive and Real … With the Father's Two Living and Real Banquets! Here I am among you with all the arrayed-Hosts! ...Here I am among you with all the Brides … with all the Useless Servants … with all the Little Children … with all your Loved Ones … Here I am with the Two Johns … Karol … Pio … and Dominic … In bringing the only truth of the Cross ... (Jesus blesses) ...and the only truth of the Bread … asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your Hearts … My children! … Be vigilant: the Poison is outside and the False Prophets advance! Raise your right hand (Jesus raises his right hand in the Trinitarian sign) and fight just like Mary's arrayed-Hosts are fighting and those of the Living Cup & those of the Instrument and those of the Little Children! … Pray, pray, pray for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit … children! ........ … Stubborn One? Julia: Here I am … Jesus … I've already descended, but don't be afraid … it's the Father's work! Jesus: Don't go to the last step! Julia: Here I am Jesus … I'm giving only a finger … I won't go down to the last step … Here I am! Jesus: Peace to your Heart, JohnJesus-God! Don Vincenzo: Shalom! Jesus: Shalom! Other flowers that blossom at the foot of the Cross! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: How are you? Don Vincenzo: Well! Jesus: Well … and how are you all … well or sick? Everybody: Well! Jesus: Are they well? Who are they fooling? … (we all laugh) … can God be fooled?  Everybody: No! Jesus: Are you all well or sick? Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: And how are you? Don Vincenzo: I'm quite well! Jesus: And how am I … at this time and every time.........? Did you ever ask yourselves how Jesus is in all these times? I'm Alive … I'm Real!  Don Vincenzo: The last time (=19/03) you even walked......! Jesus: I always walk … what's there … tell me something else … then after that lets give ourselves! Don Vincenzo: We must always put you in first place, … but so many times we don't understand that to put you crucified in first place is the most beautiful thing there is … because you are the only Way, the only Truth and the only Life and your Cross is the only key that opens every door! Jesus: But humanity has opened the doors of the world … it's not interested in God's One … and shuts it! Now there are celebrations of the world happening … then they’ll carry me dead through the streets … whereas I’m Alive and Real … and therefore do they sell me and buy me … or don’t they? What do you do: do you sell me and buy me … or do you accept me? Everybody: We accept you! Don Vincenzo: We want you with us always! Jesus: Are you sure? Everybody: Here I am! Don Vincenzo: It's that later on we don't persevere … because otherwise to be with you is everything … and to be with the Father is everything! Jesus: To be with the Father is everything … but you must also remain under the Father's obedience … and under the Instrument's obedience! ......... If you don't remain under the Instrument's obedience you don't remain under Mine or under the Father's! Don Vincenzo: Let's hope we don't commit this mistake anymore! Jesus: Do you know now what we are saying? Let's give ourselves! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: I give myself and you give yourself and the Instrument remains Crucified out of Love for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! … Now let's give ourselves! Here is the whole Bread! … (Raphael gives Jesus the glass with the wine … Jesus lifts it up … He drinks it … and then Don Vincenzo drinks) This is my Blood!  Don Vincenzo: Amen! Jesus : This is my Blood! … This is my Blood! Don Vincenzo: Amen! … (Raphael gives Jesus a piece of bread … Jesus breaks it in half and gives the other half to Don Vincenzo. Then before eating it, Jesus raises the Bread and says:) Jesus: This is my Flesh! … This is my Flesh! Amen! Don Vincenzo: Amen! Jesus: This is me: the Son of God Alive and Real among you in eating of the "new" at the Wedding Banquet! … I give myself and you give yourself and the Instrument remains Crucified again out of Love! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Let's give ourselves! … (Jesus invites those present to approach to receive the Blood and the Flesh. Don Vincenzo says: This is my Blood! Joseph says: This is my Flesh! And everybody answers: Amen! Jesus remains seated in recollection and self-offering) … We gave ourselves! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Easter is complete … it's Alive … and it's Risen … and the Father is Alive and Real among you! Don Vincenzo: And gives Himself! …Jesus: … out of Love! Don Vincenzo: … What a Love … … to the point of letting Himself be eaten by each one of us! … Jesus: … And become a Servant! … Will we take part? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: The Instrument remained Crucified out of Love … but she went into the Tunnel … she went to work … and to do the Father's business! Don Vincenzo: Is the Tunnel very long? Jesus: Very long! Don Vincenzo: How can we help her? Jesus: By loving one another … just like she loves you! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! I came to serve! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! Will we take part at the Father's Banquet, at the Wedding Banquet? (As usual Raphael, Catherine and Mary Rosaria make haste to distribute the food dishes that are on the table, while Joseph prepares a plate for Cosmos.) ... Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: And how are you … are you all well or sick? … (Jesus sends a kiss and it's reciprocated) ... Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! … Have you nothing to say to me? Don Vincenzo: This Wedding Banquet is really the sign of Love between the Father and his sons … of the Good Daddy who searches for his children … but many times the sons turn their backs on their Daddy! Jesus: Not many times … always! Don Vincenzo: Let's hope that this Easter makes us grow in faith! Jesus: You are in the Vineyard, in the Ark and in the Oars … but be vigilant: don't go outside! The Instrument carries you … but at this time she has other work! … Who will speak this evening? Therese of the Child Jesus? Teresa: What does it mean: to mark the footsteps with Blood? Jesus: To leave the imprint's of My Love … to bless … to exorcise … … that way I leave my Blood! When John used ask the Instrument: "Was it left there?" … At times she, with tears in her eyes, said: "It didn't descend!" … and although he knew why it didn't descend … he asked her: "How on earth is that?" … and the Stubborn One answered him: "They didn't accept it!" … What have you to tell me … Living Cup-God? Don Vincenzo: Jesus … how beautiful it is to love you … we should be joyful every moment of the day … whereas instead of that we let yourselves be dragged along by the world's frivolous and passing things! Jesus: Humanity lets itself be dragged along … … … the children outside … … …! … If you go on the Broad Road you let yourselves be dragged along! You must be vigilant: outside there’s the Poison and the False Prophets that come forward are there too! You always forget about having your right hand! … (Jesus raises his right hand in the Trinitarian sign) I'd like to ask you something, Living Cup: why is the coming Thursday called holy? Don Vincenzo: Because it's the remembrance of the Last Supper! Jesus: And are the other days not holy? Don Vincenzo: Of course they are! Jesus: And that day … it’s not that I only did it on that day … I didn't only break the Bread on that day … I broke it from the first moment that the Father sent me! Don Vincenzo: It's that on that Thursday …! Jesus: On that Thursday they all went away … because they didn't believe me! ….............. Let ye come with the "nothingness!" Catherine and Mary Rosaria: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Here I am! …Assistant parish-Priest? r Raphael: A sparse plate! Jesus: A scanty one, prepare a sparse one! If they didn't believe and they went away … why is it holy? … (Jesus takes up a paper serviette) … If this is a white one and it’s stained, it's no use to anybody, because it's dirty and it's left aside alone and it's then thrown away … …: why then is it called holy? Don Vincenzo: Yes … every day is … maybe …! Jesus: Before the Father you know well … there are no ifs … or buts … or maybes … or even a because! Don Vincenzo: The most important triduum of the year begins! Jesus: Of what? Don Vincenzo: Of the Last Supper … of Gethsemane! Jesus: But as you see, it's not the Last Supper! … (Jesus points at the Banquet) … I've said: "This is Me …(Jesus lifts up a piece of Bread) … and I’ll always be there … moment after moment! I go to the Father … I return … and I remain Alive among you!" Don Vincenzo: Yes! Jesus: Why a remembrance of the Last Supper? In memory of what … if I'm Alive and you are Alive out of Love and because of your Here I am given to the Father! And the Father gives Himself: the Banquet is Alive and Real … and also the Banquet where the Brides are is Alive and Real! … Holy Thursday! Is not everything holy that belongs to the Father? Don Vincenzo: Certainly … of course it is, and there's no difference between the first and one afterwards … because everything comes back into the Father's Love! Jesus: Of course! … I’ll eat this … what do you want? … Are you all well or sick? Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Are you eating me? Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! … I ask you to prepare for the Useless Servant's Day … and for Holy Thursday as they call it! So then after Holy Thursday's day … it would be Good Friday … and we’ll do some talking together … are you all willing to? Don Vincenzo: Of course! Jesus: Me, you and Joseph? Don Vincenzo: Certainly … like we did last year! Jesus: Yes, like we did last year! … Will we talk things over about matters that are closer, more immediate? Don Vincenzo: Yes! Jesus: We have more to add to those things that were said! Don Vincenzo: It's a Grace to be with you … to speak with you! Jesus: Mary is the Last Grace! We’ll talk in the Family on the Useless Servant's Day … and then we'll talk even before that on Good Friday, as they call it! Men say that they killed me and then they called that day Good Friday … does it not seem a little contradictory to you? Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Thursday … Good Friday … Resurrection … Celebration! … Did the Father have to cancel what He'd created? He didn't cancel it! And if the Father didn't cancel … how can men cancel … with what power: is it with that of the Poison or with that of Love? What does the Father use, is it Love or Poison? Everybody: Love! Jesus: The Father is Love … He's a Banquet … He's Alive and Real! Don Vincenzo: It always comes back to the logic of: "loving one another" … starting with the Father … with us plunging inside the Father’s Heart … and that love in us always grows more if it’s done with our heart, as heart to heart: everything that God did … that He does … and that He'll do …! Jesus: … The Father has made everything from time immemorial … and it's not that He has to renew something men do! Men change … God is ancient … but He's a Father and He's made everything since always … it's all right & just … it's all prepared for the Times which have already descended by now! Whereas men, on the contrary, change … they change their clothes which are always more luxurious … they change their words! … (Outside we can hear that it's raining very heavily and Jesus calls the water and it softens its sound immediately) … Water! … Of course … there's Modernism present! Don Vincenzo: Modernism! Jesus: Of course … since God is old and now people are modern … everything must change! … And therefore God too has to change … the God from time immemorial must be taken away … and another God put in! Of course … or am I wrong? Everybody: No! Don Vincenzo: God is Love! Jesus: God is Love … He's One! Don Vincenzo: He's One Alone and has created everything and everybody out of Love! Jesus: He's One Alone … and nobody can change it! … All right! … I'll go to receive the Brides! The Stubborn One has remained at the last step with her finger in order to take hold of the others! Don Vincenzo: Has she come out from the Tunnel? Jesus: No … she seizes the Brides … she makes them climb out and carries them to the Banquet … And now I'll go to accept them … and I’ll send you John! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! … Then I'll come to say goodbye to you! … Water! … (Jesus calls the water again … He raises his arms and the rain-water gradually diminishes) …I’m sending you John! Little John: With the Cross and with the Bread!(John greets firstly with the Cross, then he smacks a kiss towards those present who reciprocate it) … Hey, how are you, John? Don Vincenzo: Well! Little John: And how are you … are you all well or sick? Everybody: Here I am! Don Vincenzo: And how are you? Little John: Now, with the coffee, I’m better … do you want a drop? Don Vincenzo: Yes! Little John: I’ll drink it … let's see if the Stubborn One made it! Whoever wants some let him take it! Don Vincenzo: Yes … the Stubborn One made it because I was present there! Little John: And were you present? Did they rob it on me? Don Vincenzo: No! Little John: How can you say no … they robbed it before your eyes! … It's good! … In that case, Nicholas, Marie … How are you? Nicholas and Marie: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! … Then … what’ll you tell me, John? I've many things to tell you … but I’m keeping them for the Useless Servant's Day … now I’m telling you some little thing! Earlier I brought the Brides … those that came out from the Tunnel … and there are still some there! … John … what'll I eat? … Do you want some? Of course … it needs a piece of bread … here it is! Don Vincenzo: John … do you want another bit of bread? Little John: No … now I want a sweet! I ate Bread with the Brides … when it  had just come out of the oven but at the other Banquet … and now I came to eat some of this one … and now I’ll eat a sweet … yes this one … Here I am, do you want some or are you continuing to eat those? I'm eating this! Don Vincenzo: You found time to write books … how did you do it? Little John: I worked in the Vineyard! Don Vincenzo: There's one book that's even quite voluminous … and hence it required your time: when did you find the time? Little John: Through working in the Vineyard! Don Vincenzo: You were also a teacher … what did you teach … religion or literature? Little John: Literature! Don Vincenzo: But you were really decided for going to China … you had Plans for China … how would you have done it? Did you stay there … probably a few months? Little John: Men disorganized the Plans that I carried in my heart … but nonetheless I went there! … I went to leave footprints of Blood … just a little like the Instrument did: as a young woman she left here but not with the aim of coming home! … (When she got married she went to Germany) … Her father made her return … he waited for her in this place! Don Vincenzo: Julia was at the service of her father here! Little John: Yes … Julia served her father in this place … just like I also served … just like you also served! … Men made use of Don Mario … but afterwards they stabbed him in the back … indeed they stabbed me even earlier! Don Vincenzo: Why did they stab you? Little John: Because they did the very same that they did to Jesus … or didn’t they? Don Vincenzo: They left you on your own! Little John: When I was useful to them, they sought me then when I’d given them everything that was useful, they said to me: "Farewell and thanks!" … not even that! … Or am I wrong … Nicholas? Nicholas: No, no you aren’t! Little John: Marie … am I wrong? Marie: They always took advantage of you! Little John: And what should I do now? Marie: Eh! Don Vincenzo: You must continue to love! Little John: Of course I will! … (John makes the question-mark sign with his finger)   Don Vincenzo: Is there a Final Question? Is the Stubborn One asking the Father about it? Little John: The Stubborn One is reaching the point of being upset … by asking that she be let answer for everybody! Don Vincenzo: That way there won't be failures … and everybody will pass & be promoted … perhaps? Little John: The Stubborn One wants everybody to be promoted!  Don Vincenzo: I think that that is the Stubborn One's Plan … then everything depends on the Father! Little John: Yes, … it depends on the Father! Don Vincenzo: However it's a difficult Plan … because the Father is also a Judge … and He's not only a Father! Little John: And she too will have to act as a judge! … And what are we still talking about? Don Vincenzo: About the truth! Little John: I never liked lies … and I don't like them … nor does the Instrument! Let's speak about truth … and I don’t like a lie … I never liked it! … The truth is light and the lie isn’t light … and a lie was never pleasing to me! … Is the truth light? Don Vincenzo: Of course it is! Little John: Is a lie darkness? Don Vincenzo: Of course it is! Little John: When speaking about truth the lie also comes out! … Speak! Don Vincenzo: Everything comes back to the truth … therefore there's no space for a lie if the complete truth is there! Little John: If it's there! Don Vincenzo: Yes … if there's complete truth one enters a discourse of truth and the truth shines out … the truth is love … the truth is everything when Jesus says: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" …! When the Father says: "I am the Truth" … they are already framing the whole Plan of a shining truth to the point that there's no possibility of error … because there's no space for a lie! It's enough to look at Creation: everything becomes beautiful … everything becomes true … it all becomes real … it all becomes marvellous! Little John: It doesn't become … it already is … but the Garden was dirtied … and what was it dirtied with? With lies! Don Vincenzo: And with our sins unfortunately … but thanks to Jesus we can make reparation … when He embraces the Cross with the nails! … And speaking about the nails … does the Stubborn One say that the one of the feet is the most painful one? Little John: No … The Stubborn One said that she kisses the feet … because she likes to kiss feet … not that it's the most painful nail! Don Vincenzo: Ah, yes! Little John: Is it not painful … isn't it painful? … (he points at the palms of his hands) … and are those ones not the same? … (he points at his feet) … They are put it like this! … (into each opened hand) … whereas those others are put in like this! … (into crossed-over feet) … they enter them and come out moment after moment! … "A Flayed Nut" that everybody would like to see … but I hid them like the first time! But there is someone that sees them! Don Vincenzo: Is the Stubborn One still in the long Tunnel? Little John: Yes … and when she comes back you won't know if it's the Stubborn One there or who it is! Since she's at the Father's right hand she remains at the Father's right hand and for a short while she comes among you! … When she goes to work again you don't know who's left there! You see the Stubborn One … but you don't know who is there! It can be me … it can be Jesus … it can be Mary: my fiancée … it can be some other Useless Servant! Don Vincenzo: It can be Dominic Lentini! Little John: It can be Karol … it can be Pio … and when you see that she cries out more it's Pio! … Eh … I’ll eat this one! … then what do you want … which one … that one? Don Vincenzo: That small one! ... Little John: Now I must go … then on the Useless Servant's Day we'll speak again! Therefore I leave you my heart thrown wide open and Jesus will come! … (John smacks a kiss towards those present who reciprocate it) Jesus: With the Cross and with the Bread! …  What's there … Is the Father Good? Don Vincenzo: Special! Jesus: He's special … only special is He not everything?  Don Vincenzo: He's above everything! Jesus: Above everything! Be vigilant … children … remain in the Vineyard, in the Ark and in the Oars … and pray again without tiring for all the Priest Sons, for the Man that wears the White Cassock: don't forget it! And when you break the Bread … pray even more … children … family of the Cross! Now let you say goodbye with the Green Tree … I leave you my Heart wide open: let you come … children! … (now Don Vincenzo seals and blesses) Don Vincenzo: May the Father's Goodness, the Son's Mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love, descend abundantly upon you all, on your hearts, on your families, on your relatives, on your friends, on your enemies, on all those that are united to this holy prayer all over the world and on the whole of humanity! And may Almighty God bless you: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody: Amen! Julia: Amen! … John … what are you doing? Yes … I'm still at the last step … holding out just my finger … they are still there … but I will not descend, don't worry … in another little while … I’ll grab hold of all the sons that are left and after that I’ll go up … I let them go up first and after that I go up as always! I know that the last step then falls … but don't be afraid … it hasn’t come off yet! Yes, I saw it … I also saw the cake … everything they are preparing for the Useless Servant's Day! What must we do? … … Here I am! … Here I am! … Keep those jugs motionless for me … let's call it like that! … Jesus said that He’d hold onto those things for me that are about to fall! … I'll seize the last of the sons to bring him home! Little John: You see that the step is moving … make haste! Julia: Here I am … John … I gave my finger … now we are going up … don't worry! … John, hold me by the hand as always! … We'll see each another later! … I love you … Daddy! …I love you … Daddy! … I love you … Daddy! … I love you … Daddy! … I love you … Daddy!! The Father: I too love you … and I wait for your love!  Everybody: I love you … Daddy! The Father: Here I am … children of my Heart! … (The Father imposes His hands over those present together with those of Don Vincenzo) … l let the burning Bush of Pentecost descend on you again, the Pocket-money of Divine Mercy … Accept it with love, break it up and give it to your enemies … my children! Julia: Daddy … Daddy-God … I know that you are mysterious and hide yourself behind mysteries! … Do you not want to let Yourself be seen in your Light yet? The Father: I'm among you … and you see me … you hear me … you don't hear me … you answer me … and you don't answer me … but I'm Alive and Real among you! Julia: And here we are … are you giving me more Pocket-money? It's all in your hands … and will we stop those things? The Father: Did I not tell you when you came back? Julia: I didn't come back yet … if I remain later on at your right hand let's hold onto them without letting them fall! The Father: You have to descend for a while! Julia: I'm still not finished … I'm finishing handing over all the Brides … I’ll remain near you for a while … so that we don't let those things descend! … Let your Will be done … not mine! … Daddy … since you are all at the Banquets … all the Brides are there … can we say hello to them? … Here we are, Loved Ones … it's time to work … it's time to sew many dresses! … Mother! … Let's work! … (Julia sends a kiss) … we'll see each other later!