N° 178

July 2015

Messages through the Instrument Julia



12 JULY 2015



Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation of the mysteries and while they pray for the whole church, for the Pope for the Bishops for all the Priests and for the entire world, behold the Visitation begins:  Julia:  If it's you ...  glorify the Father! If it's you ...  glorify the Father! If it's you ...  glorify the Father! ... (Our Lady remains silent for a while and then says:) ... Our Lady: Since I'm the Living Church ... (Our Lady blesses)... I glorify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit ...  the Complete Love of the Cross ...  the Father's Complete Love! And Here I am again a Mother among you ...  the Mother of the whole of humanity...  the narrow road for all the sons of the Childbirth of the Cross! By giving birth to my Son ...  united to the Father ...  I gave birth to each one of you ...  in the full joy of being a Mother that's little, poor and in the last place ...  but  carried on wings by the Father ...  in opening my arms and accepting the whole of humanity ...  placing it on my Heart ...  on the Heart of my Son Jesus ... on the Father's Heart ...  and holding you clasped on the Thorns ...  on those Thorns taken one by one from my Son's Head ... and scattered  in order to gather humanity that's deaf and blind, humanity that's closed to God's "Cry"!  Children ...  being a Mother means embracing Pain ...  and the Pain becomes Love!  And the Love triumphs ...  just like my Immaculate Heart will triumph in God's promise ...  in what He gave me ...  in letting me become a Mother and a Bride ...  one Only Tabernacle ...  the Living Church! My children...  each one of you is a Living Church!  In your households each one of you is a Living Cross ...  just like He is the Crucified One!  Be vigilant ...  be vigilant ...  children ...  you don't see what my Heart sees! And as a Mother I ask you to look at my Heart ... to look at the Heart of my Jesus ...  to look at the Father's Heart ...  so that you see the Times and so that you know what surrounds you ...  my children!  But pray ...  pray for all the Priest Sons ...  pray for the Man that wears the White Habit ...  pray ...  children! ... Divine Stubborn One? Julia: Here I am ...Mother! Our Lady: Here I am ... Daughter! Julia: Mammy ... today I didn't do anything good: take it ... purify it and give it to the Father! Our Lady:  And what's there in the Banquet ... who brought it? Julia: Here I am! Our Lady:  Take a look ... my soul ... at how much your 'Here I am' costs you! Julia: Here I am ...Mother! Here I am again for eternity! Our Lady: Now take a look......! Julia: I still can't say it ... because I must remain under obedience! Here I am ...Mother ... place it in the "Scroll" ...Mammy! Our Lady: Here I am ... Daughter ... I'm placing it in the "Scroll" ... be vigilant as always! Julia: Give me the constancy and strength! Here I am!  Our Lady: Take a look again........! Julia: Place this in the "Empty-space" too! ... I can't tell it! … Can I go to do the Father's things? Our Lady:  Up till this moment what are you doing? Julia: The Father things ... Mother ... but afterwards you remain speaking ... and then I'll finish ... and then I'll go again.....! Our Lady: No ... not on your own! Julia: Yes ... I always bring someone and then I put them on my back! It's not that I can hide it from you ... you see! It's lovely that you let me work ... but then you always send me some Useless Servant ... and some Little Child! Our Lady: My soul ... the Time is in the Time ... and they are all ready in the Vineyard, in the Ark, in the Oars ... and in all the arrayed hosts! Julia: Mother ... I give you my "nothingness" moment after moment ... just like I give it to Jesus ... and just like I give it to the Father! I speak with the children ... but history repeats itself!  Just as Jesus wasn't listened to ... and just like you aren't listened to ... and just as the Father wasn't listened to and He isn't listened to ... neither am I listened to ... but I'm not sad about that ... I know that ... I do know that! I ask for the constancy and strength again! So many baskets of fruit were brought with the joy that God gave me in all these years! I didn't hand them over empty ... but I delivered them all completely full ... and the Father knows where the rotten grain is and where the good grain is ... even when he decides the Final Question ......! Mother ... humanity is lost by now! Instead of giving the Bread ... it's taken away ... it's not broken ... it's not given whole and entire ... and the Fires light up! Our Lady:  My soul ... you know everything! Julia: Here I am! It's what the Father wanted since time immemorial by giving me the obedience of not being able to tell you everything! And Here I am  with my holy obedience to the Father and not to men ... while I walk along and carry humanity and all the sons on my back ... taking my rest on the Bed of the Cross! Our Lady: Here I am ... I too am resting on the Bed of the Cross .,.. I'm ready to let my Immaculate and Sorrowful heart shine out ... but Immaculate with the Cross ... (Our Lady blesses) … and not like men explain it ... daughter! Julia: Here I am ...Mother ... I place in your Heart everything that you gave me since time immemorial! I place in your Heart the whole family and their whispers! I place in your Heart all those that are entrusted to my prayers ... and I place in your Heart those that forget that  I've entrusted them ... and at this moment they ask me to entrust them again ... and I refer them back to you again: accept us like this … accept us this way! And I place in your Heart those who don't have the strength to see the Father's Love and Light! I place in your Heart all the Priests ... the Gems ....... the Lilies ... and the Man that wears the White Habit ... moment by moment ... Mother! And Here I am again with my day's "nothingness" ... Mammy! Our Lady:  Here I am ... I take your "nothingness" and I cover the whole of humanity ... my soul! And Here I am again with the two Banquets ... with all the Useless Servants ... with all the arrayed-Hosts ... with all the Little Children ... with all the Brides ... with the Two Johns ... Karol, Pio and Dominic ... in bringing you the only Truth of the Cross ... (Our Lady blesses) ... and the only Truth of the Bread ... asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts ... by remaining on the narrow road ... my children ... and fighting the Poison and the False Prophets… (Our Lady blesses) ... with your right hand! Be vigilant ... children ... be vigilant! Julia: Here I am ... Mammy ... I answer again for eternity and for all the sons! Now let you speak ... and I'll go to do the Father's things, bringing a few of the children with me! Our Lady: Here I am! ... Peace to your heart, John … Jesus’-God! Don Vincenzo: Mother … peace to you! … (Our Lady takes Don Vincenzo's hands in her hands and as always … “he signs” them for her with the sign of the Cross) …  Our Lady: Peace to you … Peace to you all! Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: How are you … well-or-sick? Don Vincenzo: Well! Our Lady: And how are you all … well-or-sick? … (Our Lady sends a kiss and it's reciprocated) …  Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Then … tell me something!  What's there? … I've spoken for a good while … and the Instrument has spoken with me … and now she's gone to do the Father's things! … Have you nothing to tell me? Don Vincenzo: Yes! What I'd like to say to the whole family is that we must project our heart into yours, Mammy … into Jesus' One and into the Father's! … I want each one of us to realize that we are “sons” of God … and since we are God's “sons” …  the real reason of our life is that of  behaving as “sons” … and being “the Father's Instruments”! And therefore … if each one of us would only realize this … we would live every moment being “sons” and behaving as sons by being “Instruments of Love” in whatever situation we find ourselves … whether it's in a big situation … or in a small one, whether it's in a correct situation or it's in a wrong situation but which isn't so in the Father's eyes! And if we learn to project this “Glance of Love” into our hearts …  into the hearts of the whole family … then this is our real and only program of life: “I want to behave as God's son … and for eternity  I want to be God's son … at every moment!” It's really this sonship that's beautiful: “I behave as God's son!” Our Lady: It's not: “I behave as” … I am a son! You don't behave as … you are … because you were given birth to by God … and God is Alive and Real … just like we all are! And I always repeat  the same things … and even  though I repeat them … they copy them … and the Instrument is sad hearing that what we say is then said by others! It's too easy to take the Bread without having kneaded it! The Father kneads it … the Instrument kneads it … she bakes it … churns it out from the oven … and she gives it! The others take it without kneading it … and it's not nice to take it without kneading it! But pray … my children ... pray! .... And John, the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic will speak  … when the feast takes place … and you'll hear me! But get ready with your hearts thrown-wide-open, sons! Don Vincenzo: Sons! Our Lady: Sons! Just like the Father is the Bold One … and they are the sons! But I ask you to pray for God's peace … and not for the peace of men! You see tables here and you see tables there …  agreements hither & thither, agreements here & there … but nobody makes the Sign of the Cross … and nobody calls the Father for help! Everything has collapsed already! Remain in the Vineyard, in the Ark and in the Oars! Don Vincenzo: And in the Household as well! Our Lady: Here I am! You have everything! Don Vincenzo: We have everything! Our Lady: Hurry to be joyful! Although the Instrument's heart: her “Empty-space” … is sad today … it's sad because of mankind … it's sad because of what it sees … and it's not tired of working for the Father's things! To see what you don't see doesn't bring joy … it brings pain … just like my Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart is joyful and at the same moment it's sorrowful! It's not what men said: my Heart grieved when my Son was crucified! I knew everything … I knew what the Father told the Son: “You must do my Will!” … just like He tells the Instrument … and the Instrument has opened her arms just like Jesus opened them in doing God's Will … and in receiving all the sons … and bringing them onto the narrow road! But humanity will still remain for a while on the broad road! The Times are in Time! Everyone goes hither and thither: “I must enjoy myself … then in the evening I'll go to Church and let them see that I'm suntanned! … I got the sun … and then I'll go hither and thither again” …. to give Jesus another stab  … another stab to Mary's Heart  … another stab to the Father's Heart! Don Vincenzo: Of course … because we still don't live as “sons”! We should concentrate continually on really being “sons” … and, because this doesn't happen,  it's obvious that everything gets sad and  frustrated! Our Lady: Humanity is deaf and it's blind! Humanity doesn't listen to God's “cry of jubilation”! Everyone thinks of enjoying themselves: “Can I do this?” … You are in the world … but you don't belong to the world … you belong to God! God leaves you free … but you are sons … you are His property … you were bought with the Price of Blood by sending His Son … and giving each one of you the Whole Bread! … He doesn't gives you the Bread in little bits … but He gives you the whole lot! It's broken … but it always remains whole! … What do you want to say … Thιrιse of the Child Jesus? Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: God is among us … Our Lady: … With the Childbirth Pains! Teresa: Here I am! All this has a Time … Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: It's all among us already … Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: … But at the moment in which everything will be fulfilled … God will show Himself! Our Lady: Here I am! … Have you something to tell me? Only one thing? Raphael: Do you protect everybody? Our Lady: I'm a Mother … but I'm the Mother of Love and Sorrow … the Mother of Heaven and Earth! Nowadays mothers kill … and they weep … but you don't look at the Heart of a Maiden that answered: “Here I am!” in giving birth to the Son of God! …. Don't abort the Father's fruit, mothers … but be mothers just like my Heart is … my children! Here I am! Raphael: You advise us to be vigilant … and you also protect us! Our Lady: The Father has chosen a Family in order to give it the Vineyard … and be the New Church … and to work in the Ark and Oars … and be vigilant! It was taken away from the Vinedressers … and was given to other Vinedressers! Raphael: But should we not fear anybody? Our Lady: God alone … not men! The Instrument isn't afraid of men! … Let's say it like you say: “It's 30 years!” … It's not 30 years!  It's from the Father's bosom that she was sent in order to do the Father's things … and she's already working since her mother's womb! Speak again! Raphael: Have we entered  the last darkness?  Our Lady: No! We are in darkness …but the real darkness still has to come! … You are in the Vineyard …  you are in the Ark and you have the Oars … and you have the Households … and they won't be lost … don't be afraid! Raphael: Have the requests for graces and miracles increased or not? … (Our Lady makes the 'no' sign ….) … Notwithstanding the Times? … It seems that many people run hither … they run thither: is it only for money? …(Our Lady makes the 'yes' sign ….) … This is humiliating! Our Lady: Let's pray … let's pray with our heart wide-open … children … like the Father's One is wide-open since time immemorial … just like the Son's One and that of the Holy Spirit … Don Vincenzo: … That's Mary. Our Lady: … That's mine! I'm Mary … I'm the Heavenly Mother … I'm the humble Handmaid called by the Father in answering: “Here I am!” … I could've not answered … but when God calls … his Love burns fervently so strong … as to make you see the world's things without giving them any importance! When the Father asks for something … what He requests is His … it's not yours … but it belongs to Him! He prepares a Dwelling for the sons! He prepares for the whole of humanity the Dwelling of the Green Tree …  that's planted since Time immemorial … but men don't have time … mankind goes on the broad road: “After all the Father is Love ..... and He forgives me …!” … The Father is Love and He forgives … but the Father is also a Judge … and there is that Final Question … where the Stubborn One now can't intervene …. but she knocks & knocks … and she never stops knocking! … Just like she can't say what she sees … she can't say: “Daddy ….!” … But she knocks silently asking Him to halt the “Stairs” … asking to be able to answer again! She answers 'Here I am' for everybody … but for the Question she must wait on the Father … children! Raphael: My last question! How does the Magnificat start? Our Lady: You were given a small piece but that's not it! … Later I'll tell you how the Magnificat starts … and how the Hail Mary starts! … It's not “Ave” … but I'm not telling you now! Raphael: And whoever robs the poor and takes away from God …? Our Lady: God sees … but He doesn't have the Times that you have you … He has his own Times! Nothing escapes the Father's eyes! … Have you nothing else? Here I am! Teresa: Can I repeat what I said on Thursday … given that we are all here today? … (Our Lady nods) …  Many can't come on Thursdays … not because they don't want to come, but they don't have the possibility of coming … and we'll take advantage of it today! On Thursday I asked what was the deep reason that everyone felt in their heart for answering: “Here I am” to the Father's call! Does anyone want to answer … does he want to say what he feels in his heart and that impels him to come either only on the 2nd Sunday or on Thursdays too … and say what he maybe can't understand except by reading? Here I am! … (None of those present intervenes to speak up) …  Our Lady: They haven't understood! Teresa: Can we help them? Our Lady: Yes! You said it so clearly! Teresa: Clare  … let you start! Our Lady: So that they'll hear you! Clare: What really impels me to come here … both on Thursdays as on the second Sunday … is that I've found the Father's Complete Love! … And the Father in His Complete Fullness … tries to make us understand through the Instrument how important the job of each one of us is … and the work that He gave us … because we were chosen one by one! … And hence in a certain sense … our simply coming here … is also that we've accepted … the job that He gave us since Time immemorial … because it's all written in the Father's Plan … and hence the Here I am given to the Father is important! Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! … (Nobody else to those present intervenes to say something) … And Here I am again the Instrument carried on the back! Do you see how the Whole and Broken Bread remains Whole? ... Is this still not understood? And Here I am just like God knocks again at the door ... and see if they'll give you a piece of bread when they come back from going hither and thither ... or will they slam the door in your face! Try it out! ... Let you all try it out! ... I see and hear what's done when they go hither and thither! ... I see and hear how my Heart and the Heart of Jesus is pierced! ... I see and hear how I'm sold and bought! ...! I see and hear my being betrayed in the laughter of the children that go bringing their savings: “For Mary's Project! … For Jesus' Project!” … God doesn't ask His children for this! … God asks for Peace! … God asks you to be a single Family! … God doesn't ask that you build …  God asks you to build your hearts … and not hotels  … and selling! … God asks you for union! … God asks you to gather the lost sheep … and not shear them! … Pray … my children! Faith grows by looking at those who are little, poor and marginalized! … Faith grows in looking at the Cross … and not in looking at signs in the Sun, in the Moon and in Stars! God is the “Living Sign” … and the Immaculate Heart that triumphs! … The whole of humanity will see the “Living Sign” that God will give you ... not just someone or other! That's why Jesus says: “Don't go hither and thither! … Where they tell you that there are miracles happening … in that place, I'm not present … don't go there!” … But humanity is deaf and it's blind! … “Where there's noise … don't go there …  I'm not present there!” … A little place … hidden to men … but lit up by God … where Jesus is neither sold or bought … but gives Himself out of Love! Pray … my children … pray! Pray for all the Priest Sons … for the Man that wears the White Habit! … But pray with the heart and don't pray only with your lips! It's your heart that's the “Mirror” where God is reflected  … and where you can see yourselves in His Image and Likeness … my children! I'm sending you to your homes … on your roads …  everywhere you go … with the “Reflection of God's Image” … with your heart wide-open to everybody … children! Be “God's Reflection” everywhere you go … now that the Times are in the Times! And other wars and other earthquakes will beat down! Let you all pray! You are in the Vineyard … you are in the Ark … you are in the Oars … and in the Households! Remain alive … lit up … and fervent … my children! Let you say goodbye with the Green Tree! … With Me united to your heart … we'll say goodbye with the Magnificat! But first say goodbye with Green Tree! … (Don Vincenzo gives the blessing) … Don Vincenzo:  May the Father's Goodness … the Son's Mercy … the Holy Spirit's Love … descend abundantly upon you all … on your hearts … on your families … on your relatives … on your enemies … and on the whole of humanity! And may Almighty God bless you … the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody:  Amen! Our Lady: Amen! Now raise up the Magnificat … this one that you have ......… when it's the Time we'll raise up the real one! ... (Now everybody recites the hymn of the Magnificat  together with Our Lady) ... My soul magnifies the Lord! ... (Our Lady now speaks in the language of Love.) ...    Julia: Mammy ... you said it!  Our Lady:  Here I am ... my soul ... but nobody understands it!  Julia: Mammy .... your face is so radiant …  but it got sad on seeing mine! You know everything ..........! … I ask only for your finger ... I know that I can take everything … I'm asking you for it as the Mother of Love ... as the Mother of Sorrows ... as the Mother of Heaven and Earth ... as Queen of hearts and of the poor! Our Lady:  Here I am ... my soul! ... (Our Lady speaks again in the language of love) ... Julia: Here I am! Our Lady:  I leave you my Heart ... let you bring what I gave you ... my children! I bless you with my Heart Torn-Asunder!  Julia: Here I am ... Mother! .... I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! The Father: I too love you, and I wait for your love! Everybody:  I love you, Daddy!  The Father: Here I am ... children of my Heart! ... (The Father imposes his hands together with those of Don Vincenzo over those present) ... I let the Burning Bush of Pentecost descend on you ... the pocket-money of Divine Mercy ... accept it with Love ... break it up and give it to your enemies ... my children!  Julia: Here we are ... Mother ... in our becoming Bread for all the peoples ... and Here we are in front of the Father's Banquet ... in front of the Garden ... where you all are in joy and in sorrow ... in the pain of seeing the sons on the broad road ...  and Here we are where all our Loved Ones are and where we raise our hand to greet them: Here we are, Loved Ones! ... (Everybody greets their Loved Ones) ... We are ready ... we are ready with the arrayed-Hosts ... in coming to work ... and ready to greet you all! Mother … (it's Seraphina, Julia's mother) ... Mother Violet … (it's Don Vincenzo's mother) ... Daddy … (it's Renato, Don Vincenzo's father) ... prepare the dresses and rings ... work away ... prepare what you should prepare! Here we are! ... (Our Lady speaks in the language of love)    





THURSDAY 30 July 2015

Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on its mysteries and while these are offered up for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation begins:  Julia:  If it's you ... glorify the Father! If it's you ... glorify the Father! If it's you ... glorify the Father! ...  (Jesus is silent for a while, then while blessing he says:) ...  Jesus: In the White Lily of Mary's Heart ... I glorify the Father Most High ... now and for eternity! And in the Sign of the Lily that’s at the foot of the Cross ... I give the Father's Gift into Mary’s hands: the Gift of each one of you ... the Gift of the whole of humanity ... that humanity that I bought with the Price of Blood! .......... In loving you with the Price of Blood, I open my arms again in calling you: children, brothers and friends of my Heart! I remained nailed and I shall remain so ... but I'm Alive and Real among you ... where the Planted Green Tree is ... where God's Plan for the whole of humanity is ... children, brothers and friends of my Heart! I love you with the Cross ... (Jesus blesses) ... and I wait for you in coming with the Cross! ... Divine Stubborn One? Julia: Here I am ... Jesus! Here I am ... Jesus! ... where are you going ... Jesus? Jesus: Where are you? Julia: I'm seated on a green chair! Jesus: But where are you … where are you? Julia: I came back and later on I’ll go again to where I was earlier ... you know this.......! Why do you walk and not stop ... Jesus? Jesus: And why do you walk and not stop? Julia: I must do the Father's business! Jesus: So must I! Julia: But should I come after you? Jesus: Come and take a look.......! Julia: Here I am! Must I put it again in the "empty-space" without saying anything? Here I am ... Jesus! Jesus: Here I am ... my soul! Julia: Afterwards can I do something after finishing the work? Will I bring some Handmaid along? Jesus: Look again ... my soul! Put it in the "empty-space" and sacrifice yourself like you are able to do! Julia: Here I am .... Jesus! But can I go later? I'll bring a some Handmaid ...  always doing the Father's business ... what He decides to let me do ... and what you decide, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am ... my soul! Julia: Jesus …! Jesus: Let's do the Father's business! Julia: Here I am ... Jesus! Here I am in placing in your Heart everything that you gave me since time immemorial! All those that are entrusted to my prayers! All the sons that don't have the strength to do it! Here I am, Jesus ... in giving all my enemies into your Heart! Here I am in gathering the whispers of the whole family! Here I am in placing in your Heart all the Priests ... the Gems and the Lilies ... and the Man that wears the White Habit! And Here I am again in giving you my day’s "nothingness" ... and the "nothingness" of the sons that I bring to work: accept us again just as we are ... in the image and likeness of your Love ... even though we don’t see each another! Here we are ... Jesus! Jesus: Here I am ... my soul! Keep the children in the Vineyard, in the Ark and in the Oars in these Times and don't forget the Household! Julia: Here I am ... Jesus! Jesus: Be vigilant and raise your right hand! The Poison is outside the gate ... and the false prophets advance: don't forget your right hand! Julia: I do it silently in my heart and I offer it to yours, Jesus! Jesus: And Here I am with the Two Banquets ... with all the arrayed-Hosts ... with all the Useless Servants ... with all your Loved Ones ... with all the Brides ... with the Two Johns ... Karol, Pio and Dominic ... bringing you the only Truth of the Cross ... (Jesus blesses) ... and the only Truth of the Bread ... asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts, my children! Julia: Jesus … you said … and when you speak .... and your Word is the whole Bread that gets broken and becomes whole & entire again! … Did you say it? What I asked you in the heart ... is it your Word … can I say it? ... "That Heaven and Earth will pass away ... but your Word won’t!" ... But men think that Heaven and Earth will be destroyed ... but it's not like that! If Heaven and Earth pass away ... the Garden too will pass away! Seeing that many say: "Anyway ... after we die ... there's no longer anything!" ... Do you want to make the sons understand that they’ve got this sort-of-speech into their head and into their heart … but I see it more their head than their heart ... since the Garden can't pass away ... because you are there in the Garden ... and all the Useless Servants are there ... and the Father is there ... and all the Brides are there ... and all the Little Children are there ... and all those that give their hand ........ Jesus: See, my soul ... as you know ... not everything that’s written is God's Word! Julia: Yes ... I've wanted to touch on this subject because when they say: "Anyway when I die there's no longer anything there … and hence neither is God there ... otherwise He’d have made something else!" ... Every so often … very often I hear these type-of-speeches … but I stay silent! … When I can speak ... I speak! You know that if I start speaking I’ll never finish ... but when I must stay silent ... I’m silent! Since they copy what we say and copy it again  … let’s let them hear that this saying isn’t your Word: "Anyway ... when we are dead ... there's no longer anything! … When the end of the world comes there won’t be anything more!" ... Will the end of evil come or the end of the world ... Jesus? Jesus: Are you questioning Me? Julia: No, Jesus ... I'm making you tell those that say: "The end of the world is coming .........." What’s coming ... Jesus? Jesus: The end of the Poison! ... And Love and Mary's Immaculate Heart will triumph with the Sun ... but not the Sun that you look at ......! Julia: Jesus ... but what we saw the other evening ... was that you that knocked … and what did you turn? … Right there where you are very big … it wasn't the Sun... you were the Sun! Jesus: What are you getting at? Julia: In no other place ...  I’d already arrived for a while! Then ... when we saw you twice ... what did you want to tell us? Jesus: You made a mistake by not going outside! Julia: Why didn’t you tell me, Jesus, in my heart’s ear? Jesus: When you see it again ... go out! Julia: Here I am ... Jesus ... Here I am ... Here I am! Jesus: PEACE TO YOUR HEART JOHN … JESUS-GOD! Don Vincenzo: Peace! Here I am! Jesus: How are you … well-or-sick? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: And how are all of you … all well-or-sick?  Jesus: Here I am! … Are you hot?  Don Vincenzo: Yes … but inside here one is well! Jesus: And outside? Don Vincenzo: Less so! Jesus: Humanity would need a good breath or respite of coolness! But since  humanity is deaf and blind … there’s some heat! What do you think? That the Time is in Time and that the heat depends on men … and not on God? Don Vincenzo: The first! What we must put in first place is really this presence of God … even when  it seems … for example, like it is now when they all blame the Sun … but it’s not<to blame> ….!  Jesus: It's not the Sun but it's men! But the Times are in Time! … But are you all well-or-sick? Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Tell Me something! Don Vincenzo: It's evident from the heat of these July days that it's an exceptional period … the like of this heat never happened before and it won't stop!  Jesus: And is this something exceptional? You haven't seen any heat yet … This is simply some warm wind! Be vigilant! Remain in the Vineyard … remain in the Ark … remain in the Oars … and don't forget the Households! Don Vincenzo: Yes! Jesus: Exceptional, you say! Humanity has seen nothing yet … nor the sea … nor the sun! Let's wait … I'm not saying what you are waiting for … Let's wait ……! Paul, have you a cough? Paul: No … I'm a little bit hoarse! Jesus: His throat is burning … let’s give him some water?? Paul: I already went out to drink! Jesus: And if I send you one? Paul: I’ll drink it willingly! Jesus: And then all that perspiring …! Paul: But at five in the morning one doesn't perspire! Jesus: Is it cold at five? Paul: At five I'm okay! Jesus: At five … but after five …! Give Me the water … (Jesus breathes out three times on the water in the beaker, prepared by the Assistant Parish Priest) … and you may bring it to him! Paul: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Are you hot? Don Vincenzo: I've a dry throat! Jesus: Do you want the Water? Don Vincenzo: Yes! Jesus: Here … take it … the Gushing Water  … but the Gushing Water never dries up! Don Vincenzo: Sure enough!  Jesus: Therefore … let’s give ourselves! … I’ll give Myself and you’ll give yourself … and will we talk afterwards? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: And the instrument remains Crucified out of Love for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! …  (Raphael gives Jesus the beaker with the wine … Jesus lifts it up … drinks it … and then He gives Don Vincenzo a drink) … This is my Blood! Don Vincenzo: Amen! Jesus: This is my Blood! This is my Blood! Don Vincenzo: Amen! … (Raphael gives Jesus a piece of Bread … Jesus breaks it in half and gives Don Vincenzo the other half. Then Jesus, before eating it, lifts up the Bread and says:) … Jesus: This is my Flesh! Don Vincenzo: Amen! Jesus: Amen! This is my Flesh! And this is always Me … always united to the Cross … always Alive and Real among you in the breaking Myself and remaining whole … and in eating of the “New” with each one of you! This is my Word! … Now let’s give ourselves! I’ll give Myself and you’ll give yourself! … Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: … And the Instrument remains Crucified again out of Love! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! … (Jesus asks those present to approach to receive the Blood and the Flesh. Don Vincenzo says: This is my Blood! Joseph says: This is my Flesh! And everybody responds: Amen! Jesus remains seated in recollection and self-offering and then also with His right hand raised in the Trinitarian Sign and with His left hand lowered.) ... We’ve given ourselves! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: The Easter is complete … it’s Risen … it’s Alive and it's Real! … Shall we take part in the Living Easter and the Risen one? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Then let's take part! Here I am! What do you want? He wants that one.....! Here I am! Here I am! And I must take what he takes … Then I’ll take it afterwards! Here I am! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! … (As usual Raphael, Catherine, Mary Rosaria and Joseph get ready to distribute the dishes of food that are there at the Banquet.) … Jesus: Then are you all well? … (Jesus sends a kiss and it's reciprocated) …  Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Here we are! And what are you telling Me? Don Vincenzo: God's action is more and more fascinating! It's always more marvelous … and anything at all makes us recall Him … reminds us of the Father! Jesus: Here I am! Don Vincenzo: Anything at all is a reception of Love … in the Father's image and likeness! Jesus: Here I am! Are you all well-or-sick? Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Hey … Living Cup-God … “Did not our hearts burn within us as we talked on the road?” … And should you not ask your children to burn ardently with Love? … Well then …  will you tell Me something else? Don Vincenzo: Jesus … the 5th of August …..! Jesus: The 5th of August is the Stubborn One’s Visitation … the ‘Here I am’ given in her mother’s womb …  the ‘Here I am’ she gave at 9 years of age … the ‘Here I am’ she gave on the 5th of August! Speak! Don Vincenzo: I would like to give my heart totally to God … but I realize that it doesn’t correspond and it doesn’t agree!  Jesus: All the veils are open! The whole entire Truth is almost complete! … You are the Living Cup-God! It's beautiful to give oneself! And so each one of you gives himself because he's a Cross … and, by diving into the Cross, he gives himself to the Father! … Or am I wrong? Don Vincenzo: No! Jesus: Hey! … (… Some little fish fall off the plate) … then what’s that … oh, oh … the fish jumped … are they alive? Here I am! Don Vincenzo: Are they alive?  Jesus: They jumped! Before the Father … before the Son … everything is alive! Don Vincenzo: How beautiful … everything is life! Jesus: Yes! But what more did you want to tell Me? Don Vincenzo: This immersing myself in the Father's Heart … this immersing myself in Our Lady’s Heart … this immersing myself in the Heart … in your Heart, Jesus … it’s a Gushing Water! It's your Whole Gushing Water … Gushing with Blood … Gushing with the Water of Love! Then everything becomes marvelous … and there are no more rules … but it all refers back to the Father! Jesus: The Gushing Water is the Father … and it's not of the well like they've written … but the well is there! And whoever is thirsty will have his thirst quenched … but not with water … but with the Complete and Utter Truth … with the Word! Don Vincenzo: And the Word was made flesh! Jesus: Here I am with your “nothingness”! Here I am!  Catherine and Mary Rosaria: Here I am … Jesus!  Jesus: Assistant Parish Priest? Here I am … prepare Me a very scanty plate, a sparing one! Speak … it's lovely to hear you! Don Vincenzo: “… The heart was burning ardently …!” … These are the beautiful and deep prayers … that conquer the heart and therefore the heart inflamed with Love burns fervently … and being inflamed with Love it shines out without fear … without barriers … free to love! Jesus: The Father sent Me to set you free from slavery … and to redeem the sons with the Price of Blood … But humanity wants to remain a Prisoner of the things of the world … and not of the Father’s things … of the Inheritance … of the Vineyard … of the Ark … of the Oars … and of the Households! Don Vincenzo: It is foolish and blind! … Jesus … how big these sweets are! Jesus: Do you want a piece? Don Vincenzo: A half each! And there are biscuits too! Two at a time! Jesus: Two at a time! Do I also have to eat the same number? Don Vincenzo: If you want to!  Jesus: If you want to … I want it too! Are these the ones that your grandmother made? Don Vincenzo: No … it reminds me of when there was a funeral in Montesilvano, my home-town. … I was a clerical student and I went with the Priest to this funeral … and afterwards there was also a reception! Jesus: And the almond biscuits were there too! Don Vincenzo: And I ate them! And I said in a loud voice: “How on earth is everybody crying if Jesus has risen and has conquered death?” … And they all looked at me in complete amazement! Jesus: But did you bring the dead man Home … into the Garden? Don Vincenzo: Eh! How beautiful … Jesus … not being afraid of death anymore … and to live as people launched towards eternity!  Jesus: But death was cancelled! What more do you want to say … Living Cup-God? Don Vincenzo: That together with John … Jesus: … What are both of you up to?  Don Vincenzo: … We are trying to finish the Furrow! John has worked more! Jesus: We are there! No … when John comes he’ll steal it … now let's see what I’ll eat! What do you want? He wants the watermelon … there it is! And what’ll I eat? Hey … that one is from Telesphorus’ garden … I want to taste it! … (= it’s the watermelon) … What’s up, doctor … do you want to talk for a while? Speak! Teresa: Here I am! Since the time I was a little girl I saw what surrounded me and I wasn't able to understand it … and I didn't like it! I saw that people worked to earn money … but for me the situation didn't add up! I saw that people got married … that a man and a woman were bound with a love that I didn't like … and I wasn't able to understand it … there was something out of tune for me … and even this when I was a girl! And going forward in years … while growing up and maturing … this thing increased … such that I wasn’t even able to speak with others! Yes … I had friends … but there was never that complete understanding … that being totally in tune with them … and there was always something that was missing!  Jesus: Did you discover what it was? Teresa: I'm only getting around to explaining it very slowly! Only when I listened to my uncle Mario did my heart calm down a little … even though I wasn't able to understand him fully … I mean uncle Mario … whom I was afraid of nevertheless … but I was afraid with a fear that wasn't a fear of men … because since I was a child I was never afraid of anything! When I was little I wasn't able to react like I can now … and perhaps I started crying … or I ran off … or I hid myself … but I was never afraid … not even of death … but I never feared the Great Ones … but I was never afraid of man as a man! Slowly but surely when I was growing up … and independently of the Visitation … and perhaps many here don't know this and think that I always came here … but when I was little I came because my parents came! However I knew about this thing because Julia and Paschal often came to our house … they came to Lauria … but I was calm & peaceful! Jesus: And you felt all the calmness .....! Teresa: I continued doing what I had to do: I went to school and then I went to university …! At a certain point Don Vincenzo came … and I came here one evening … and from the very first word I felt that ardent-burning in my heart … Jesus: “Did not our hearts burn within us as He talked to us?” Teresa: … that opened everything … and it no longer extinguished! And that's what should prompt & move everybody! … And that's what I would like everybody to experience in order to avoid any jealousy and envy! … And above all I would like the whole of humanity to have this … and firstly ourselves in the Family … and that this would be put in first place when there's some difficulty or problem … or any misunderstanding! … When we aren’t on the same common thread it makes us lose sight of this ardent-burning of the heart! … We are no longer in tune … and we can do anything … but it has no sense of God! … I don’t know if what I wanted to say was understood! Jesus: I have  … and I think that the others too have understood … this one is colored violet! Have you finished? You aren’t finished! When we are in the Family you say everything … you talk! What you feel that you may say … you say it! Teresa: Here I am! This deep ardent-burning in one’s heart … when one speaks with others … especially too with others of the family … even when what one says (in the eyes of the person with whom one is speaking) may seem … just like it always happens with the Instrument … it may seem like a “shout” … and at times I too raise my voice … Jesus: … Hey … be careful of “shouting” with the Instrument! … Up to a certain point the Instrument makes you “cry out” … but after “she cries out”! Teresa: … Yes, but I wasn’t speaking of raising my voice to the Instrument … but among ourselves! If there’s that ardent-burning in one’s chest … one also understands that this quarrelling isn’t real quarrelling … but it’s letting all that love that one has inside come out! Jesus: The Stubborn One says: “Throw it all outside … don’t keep it inside … otherwise later on it’ll make a bang!” … “Now don’t tell the Stubborn One this … she knows it anyway! And now I won’t show the Stubborn One this … she knows it anyway!” … And it all remains within you! The Stubborn One is under obedience! She sees … she hears … but she must stay silent! She’s full of God … she’s full of the Fire that burns-ardently … she’s full of Nails … she’s a “Skinned Nut” … but she has asked the Father: “Give me many many Nails … so that I can help! … Let me do all the work! … Let me answer for everybody! … Let me answer even the Final Question!” … There was a little “surge” … and since that little “surge” the Stubborn One now knocks moment by moment! … But she brings the Brides! … She wait for the Brides up till the last moment … and she doesn't abandon anybody! She also bring you Handmaids to work … and also the Sisters and Priests! When you are tired then she carries you on her back again! She's making you work a little … but you mustn't get distracted with the things of the world! If you get distracted simply for a moment … then the Stubborn One must drop you … but not drop you forever … but in that moment when you were distracted! Be vigilant! Here I am! What more is there … just one? Raphael: Here I am for the other evening!  Jesus: Here I am!  Raphael: Is the heart burning-ardently like seeing how the sun pulsates?  Jesus: That one that you saw? That was Me that was knocking! The heart must burn-ardently with Love … not the Love between a husband and a wife … but the Father's Universal Love! A Bride’s ardor is tepid … God’s ardor is Complete! Do you remember the Words that the Instrument said when I greeted you? … You listened to her voice … how was it? Raphael: Imposing!  Jesus: Like a daughter to the Father! … Look, son … Love: that real one … is opening one's hands and saying: “Here I am” to the Nails! … To love as far as this point! … But you say: “But I’ve so much pain … so many worries … so many problems!” … Nail yourself to the Cross! … When everything is nailed to the Cross … the Father has already given His children the Inheritance! At times it's spent badly … but the Instrument brings the other Pocket-Money! If you give everything to the Nails it's spent well! … And you mustn’t doubt! The Nails go in and they come out … but you remain always crucified! I’m always tied … nailed to the Cross … but I'm Alive and Real in your midst! You’ve seen Me walking … you see Me eating  … you see Me drinking … you see Me joking! … “Eh … now Jesus with all that's happening ….! And then He died! … Does He now start eating and joking?” … I’m Alive and Real … And I've told you: “I'll come to eat What’s New!” … And it's a good while now that we are you eating “What’s New”! This is what must make your hearts burn-ardently with Love! The Instrument too as a little one thought the very same things as Teresa. And even though she saw all the things that Thιrθse let her see … she rebelled against the Father: “You can't let a baby be born and then let it die! … You must find some system … it shouldn't die!” … “It’s all finished!” … People pull out their hair … they weep! … And for the Stubborn One that passage didn't square or add up well: namely a Good Daddy who then makes his children become dust! … “You have to fix this … otherwise you aren't God!” … This is what she told Him: “Either you either fix this … or I don't love you!” … When it was explained to her how the situation was: “Now yes … now I love you … we are on the same wave!” … When she saw a bride she said to her: “Well … who did they marry! … The celebration was beautiful … the whole lot was beautiful … but to whom did they give their Here I am?” … If it's not given to the Heavenly Father there can't be a Marriage! The ‘Here I am’ must be given to God … and the Marriage is full of God! … The ‘Here I am’ for eternity! Not that one that’s then dissolved where the “ruota” goes round”! … “Let no man separate what God joins together!” … And if God has joined a bottle and a sweet … a bird and a duck … a parrot … how can man divide it? Can he divide with money what God has joined together? Everybody: No! Jesus: Did I ask for money when they thought of putting the Nails into Me? I did it out of love … and that’s what Love is like! I united them … so that they don't separate anymore! … (He eats the sweets used at weddings to make an example of the marriage) … Did you eat the cheese? … (He addresses Marie Helen) … Does it taste good? Is it united? … That way it’s not divided! … Hey … have you something else to tell Me … then John will come!  Raphael: Even in this Visitation it's as if the Heavenly Father, the Heavenly Mother & you Jesus … it's as if you have to ask for permission to speak! Jesus: God never asked anybody for anything! Yes … He leaves you free … but when He wants to speak He doesn’t ask anybody for orders! He asks you like He asked the Instrument: “Do you want to help Me?” … And the Instrument answered yes! The whole of humanity answers no: “I’ve something else to do!” … forgetting that God has the Vineyard, the Ark, the Oars and the Households in His hand! … “I built that one … that one is mine … that’s mine … that’s my one!” … The “l” doesn’t come from God! Nothing is yours … it all belongs to the Father … everything belongs to God … even your breath: that he gives you moment by moment! … When you go asleep … and when you wake up He gives you the breath! … “But during the night I breathe … I wake up!” … There’s a Mystery in that waking up …  in that getting up … and in sleeping again! Raphael: There’s so much sadness going around … even though it doesn’t seem so!  Jesus: Of course … men are never contented with anything! … They’ve forgotten where joy is found … and that's why they are sad!  And the Instrument goes … I can't say where she is now … but she goes! She knocks: “Jesus … Daddy … can I go to do this …  can I go to do that?” … You don't see the Instrument’s eyes when she turns to the Father … and when she addresses Mary saying: “Let you ask Him for it … and I’ll ask Him too … if I can go to do this … or do that other thing!” … and she takes along so much Pocket-Money … and she breaks Bread! … The other one ...........… then John has to come! Raphael: Is there any situation where the Stubborn One can't save … where she must stop? Jesus: The Father has granted her everything! He hasn’t answered her yet … that’s the only one! She had arrived to within a step … then there was that wave … but slowly and surely she knocks … and she wants all the sons home … just like the Father wants them! I’m now going to eat and drink with the Brides that have arrived! John will come to greet you and talk for a while … then I’ll come back again! Little John:  WITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! … Hey John … how are you? … And how are you all … well-or-sick? … (John sends a kiss and it's reciprocated) … Everybody: Here I am! Little John: John … the coffee … taste it … will we see how this coffee is? I don't know who made it! … How is it … does it taste good? It’s good! But the Stubborn One didn’t make it! Whoever wants it let him go and get some! Who made it … was it Teresa? Here she is! It’s good, it tastes good! … Eh, Nick? Nicholas: Here I am! Little John: How are we? Nicholas: Here I am … well! Little John: Marμe … what more did you do?  Marie: Here I am!  Little John: Here I am meaning ‘yes’ or Here I am meaning ‘no’? Marie: Here I am meaning ‘yes’!  Little John: I’ll eat … then I’ll speak! But are you all well-or-sick? … (John sends a kiss and it's reciprocated) …  Everybody: Here I am! Little John: And what'll I eat … the dessert later … not fish … and I want a cheese sandwich! … Jesus ate the fish … I ate some with the Brides when I they entered! We had it fresh where the stream of the vegetable garden is, in the Garden! Have you nothing to tell Me … John?  Don Vincenzo: This food, all God’s food! Little John: No, it's not all God’s food … it’s all God!  Don Vincenzo: This watermelon asks to be eaten! Little John: What have you, Thιrιse of the Child Jesus … should you tell Me something? You don’t have to tell Me anything! Are you sure? But you mustn’t sew … you must unstitch! But I hear you … why do you not want to talk? … you’ve become sad … tell Me why? Teresa: It’s always the same reason: I don't want to speak because I don't see the Family!  Little John: I ask you Handmaids … one by one: do we want to knead the Family together?   Handmaids: Here I am!  Little John: Your Here I am must be like a “Cry of Jubilation Handmaids: Here I am! Little John: I don't like it! Handmaids: Here I am! Little John: Nor this one! … Answer Me: do we want to knead the Family together? Handmaids: Here I am! Little John: Have you no more voice?  Handmaids: Here I am! Little John: Let you all answer as one dough-mixture! Handmaids: Here I am!  Little John: Uh … you can begin to grind the wheat … and, after milling it, then we’ll knead-the-dough! Speak again! … I know that your heart is pierced! But think of the Father's Heart …  of the Heart of Jesus  … of Mary's Heart … of the Instrument’s heart … how they are pierced! And they are … for each one of you! Don't stop! I never stopped before little obstacles! Did you ever see the Stubborn One stop before an obstacle? Handmaids: No! Little John: Do you remember how many years it is? Let's go forward! Don Vincenzo: We must go forward! Little John: Of course,  we must go forward … the Furrow is still quite long! … Of course, we must bring all the sons home! … We must extinguish the war-fires! … We must go! … (Raphael serves him some grapes) … Why didn’t you bring the plant as well ...... because I had to steal them from the plant! Raphael: If the owner was aware of it! Little John: But I didn’t make him aware of it! I went into the Vineyard and said it was mine! Don't worry … I only took four: the Cross! … And therefore we can't stop! … We must go into all the places where the Instrument enters! … We must do the Father's business! … We must go out with the arrayed-Hosts … and clean the Garden! … What do you think? Living Cup-God this is a discourse … it’s speaking in the Family … it's not: “How are you? … Were you good? … Pray!” … I always recommend you to do that! Pray for all the Priest Sons! Pray for the Man that wears the White Coat! And bear yourselves like you are made: in the image and likeness of the Cross … in God's image and likeness! And don’t violate yourselves … don’t dirty yourselves with the things of the world … but remain pure-white just like the Cross is pure-white … that’s loved and soaked with Blood! … And now are you not speaking anymore? … Tell Me something! Don Vincenzo: Everything is soaked with Blood … everything is precious … very precious! Little John: Everything is precious … but man dirties it … and the Stubborn One and Mary, my Fiancιe … must go out with the arrayed-Hosts, with the Little Children to clean what was dirtied by men! Do you want to tell Me something? Here I am! Leonardo: Is there a difference between a Miracle and a Mystery? Little John: A Mystery? What Mystery … what they show on the "little-box"? <=TV> Leonardo: Many times in the Visitations it always speaks of Mystery: "This is a Mystery!” … and then many times it speaks of Miracles … and that confuses me! … Can the Miracle be a Mystery … and vice versa? Little John: Wait a while … when you present yourself … I apologize, doctor Teresa … when you present yourself before a doctor they tell you: "It’s Mystery!" … When you present yourself before a Priest, he says: "Stop… we must study it!" … when you feel within you the Fire that burns-ardently: "… Did not your heart burn within you…?" … That is God that gave you the Breath again … and men call it a Miracle! … Have I explained myself well? … Doctor? Teresa: Here I am! Little John: Have you understood? Leonardo: More or less! Little John: You haven’t understood! We’ve had it! Leonardo: God's Love … Little John: …  Here I am! Leonardo: … The Love that He feels for us, is it a Mystery or a Miracle? It’s a Mystery … that is to say … that Love that surpasses every limit! Little John: It's not a Mystery … it's an immeasurable Love! And God isn’t a Mystery … He’s Alive and Real! Leonardo: Of course! … But there’s the "madness of the Cross …" … many times they also use the "madness of the Cross!" Little John: Yes … the Useless Servants do … those real ones … the Useless Servants are in Love! When they use the word "madness" … they are saying that a Useless Servant became mad … but after he became mad and they kill him … then they say: "Now let’s make him a saint … so that we’ll make money! … Eh he became mad with Love … and he goes naked, he scourges himself … he does this and he does that … and then: and he became mad owing to the Cross!” … And after he became mad … they see that the fruits start growing! … Just like they said about Dominic: he’s gone mad owing to the Cross …  because he goes around the whole town!" Of course … after he finished Mass … he walked through the whole town in order to bring them all behind him! … "Don Dominic has gone mad! … Now he goes with the Cross … and then see if it’ll rain afterwards!" … And then when they saw that it rained: "Eh, Don Dominic … thanks for having made our garden grow!" … And after they’d gathered the harvest they forgot about Don Dominic for a while! Or am I wrong … Nick? And when they saw that there was no water again: "Let’s go to the mad-man … to make it rain again! And then … after that … we’ll leave him be!” … It was afterwards when I’d worked with the Stubborn One … that they made him “blessed”! The Stubborn One worked and I also worked … and the Miracle  happened through the Instrument knocking at Mary’s Heart! And I told her: "Pray to Dominic …, to Lentini!" … "But who is this Lentini? I pray to God and I pray to Mary … and if you then want me to … I’ll place this Lentini into it as well … if you introduce me to him …"  … "And how can I introduce you to him? I can only let you see his photo … but he’s in Heaven! Ask the Father if He’ll let you see him!" … Whereas on the contrary the Stubborn One had him there at her right hand side  … he was kneeling there during the Visitations! …. Then she turned aside and looked at him: "Are you the Lentini … that John from Lauria speaks about?"  … "Yes … it's me!" … Have you understood now … have I explained myself? More or less! I cover myself with a veil … I give myself away … and with another veil I cover myself! Have you nothing more … are you frightened … do you not want to ask me anything else? Leonardo: I’ve many things that I want to! Little John: "You want to!" … then come some day … we’ll get down to work and we’ll talk it over …  with a liter of wine … some bread … something to eat … and we’ll speak! What do you say? Have you finished? Teresa must speak … Here I am … speak! Teresa: It’s 30 years! Little John: How beautiful that 'Here I am' of the Nails was … and how the Instrument’s heart burned-ardently at that moment! But nevertheless she gave it and it's the “Empty-space” that’s there … but the “Empty-space” too burns ardently moment by moment! … "You will persevere right to the end!" These were my words to her: "I've many visionaries … but they'll all fall and you’ll persevere right to the end!" … And she added: "It is a Love … it's a Love …" Teresa:that’s boundless or immeasurable!" Little John: that’s boundless or immeasurable!" … And how’s it like in the song? … (=the song is ‘Victims of Love’, composed by Don Vincenzo) … Teresa:If one’s love doesn’t exaggerate … it’s only a bit of affection! " Little John: "If one’s love doesn’t exaggerate … it’s only a bit of affection …!" … The Love must exaggerate in order to be a marriage … otherwise it’s only a bit of affection! Now I'm going … there’s a cake waiting for me … the Brides have arrived all beautifully dressed and with their wedding ring! Therefore … I leave you my heart wide open and I kiss you! …  (John smacks a kiss) … Jesus is coming to greet you … I’m going to receive them and dive into the cake of the Brides! … (Jesus returns while blessing) … Jesus: WITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE WHOLE BREAD BROKEN AND ALWAYS WHOLE! I'm Jesus … Living Cup-God!  Don Vincenzo: Jesus … thanks for all that you've done! Jesus: God is boundless and immeasurable Love! … Now pray for the Instrument … she’s very far away! Don Vincenzo: In some other Tunnel? Jesus: I can only say but it's very far away! Let you all pray … she must do the Father's things! Children … I love you all! Let you Handmaids … get ready … when the Instrument goes outside and brings you with the arrayed-Hosts … but someone is outside with her very far away! And let you Sisters … get ready as well … let you say goodbye with the Green Tree … I leave you my Heart wide open! … (Jesus says goodbye giving a few kisses while Don Vincenzo blesses) … Don Vincenzo:  May the Father's Goodness … the Son's Mercy … the Holy Spirit's Love … descend abundantly upon you all, on your hearts, on your families, on your relatives, on your friends, on your enemies, on the whole of humanity … that was saved with the Blood of Christ! And may Almighty God bless you, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!  Everybody:  Amen! Jesus: Amen! Julia: John … what are you doing? There are still some there … now they'll come! … Here I am … John! No, I'm not tired … yes, when I finish … I’ll stop for a while… I’ll take the Brides’ cake and then we’ll go out with the arrayed-Hosts! Mary is outside and the Little Children and all the others are outside and I must go back in to make my arrayed-Host come out! John … Here I am and leave everything there that you’ve prepared … since I’ll come & I’ll drink everything and then … as always I’ll do the Father's things! … (Julia smacks a kiss)  … I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! The Father: I too love you … and I wait for your love!  Everybody:  I LOVE YOU, DADDY!  The Father:  Here I am … children of my Heart! … (The Father imposes his hands together with those of Don Vincenzo over those present) … I let the Burning Bush of Pentecost descend on you again, the Pocket-Money of Divine Mercy … accept it with Love, break it up and give it to your enemies … my children! Julia: Daddy … so much love … you give such love … how much of a “Daddy” you are! There’s no Daddy like you! The earthly daddies ruin their children … the grandparents too ruin the children … whereas you give Love … by making us remain little, poor and in the last place … in giving us your Treasure … your Garden … 'Your All'! Daddy … I knock again and I take everything that I need again! Here I am … Daddy! Since they are all at the Banquet … can we greet our Loved Ones? Yes … afterwards I must go out … I'm still faraway! Now let’s greet all our Loved Ones! Here we are! … (Everybody greets their Loved Ones) … Here I am, Mother … we'll see each another later! Here I am … Here I am again for eternity!