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 No. 173


Messages through the Instrument Julia




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February 8th 2015

 Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on its mysteries, and while these are offered up for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation begins: Julia: If it is you, glorify the Father; if it’s you, glorify the Father; if it’s you, glorify the Father!(*) <Our Lady remains silent for a short while> Our Lady: ...In the White Lily of the Crucifix of My Son Jesus, I Glorify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! God gave Me the Rose Crowned with Thorns on Giving My 'Here I am' at the Meeting of His Love as a Handmaid, as a Daughter, as a Bride, as a Mother, Mother of Love and Mother of Sorrows, Queen of Heaven and Queen of Earth, with Me always remaining Little, Poor and in the Last Place, without Me Showing Off or Boasting about all that God has let descend on Me! He Knocked at the Door of My Heart, I Opened it, I Opened it Wide out of Love not in order to be the privileged one but receiving everything that God had written all along: "You’ll have a Son, but He won't be yours! You’ll have to donate Him and you’ll have to give birth to the Cross and the Crucified One and you’ll have to sow Thorns! The Shepherds will make the sheep lose their way............ and You'll be the Mother of all the Sons, of the whole of Humanity, embracing the Cross.........!" Mothers, children, are you weighed down so much.........? And why do you worry.........? Why do you build mansions of sand? It's enough to look at my Son Jesus, He has a fine Mansion: the Cross! He’s high up and looks at everybody, He loves everybody......... and the Father Sent Him for this, so as to Pour, to Love and to Receive you into His Mansion where nothing or nobody will take It away from you! Men take It from you, but the Father built It and it's yours forever, for Eternity! It has every jewel, it has every decor, it has the Nails soaked with Blood, that Blood with which He baptized and made each one of you and the whole of humanity Sons! .........Such wealth.........! .........Such love......... but He’s alone...... He was thrown out......... He’s in the last place......... waiting for the whole of humanity and for your 'Here I am'! My children all of you, they are among you, namely the Two Banquets, the Useless Servants, the Brides, the Little Children, the arrayed-Hosts, the Two Johns, Karol, Pio and Dominic … are among you in Harmony, in God’s Living and Real Joy! And I'm among you bringing my Jesus again: Love Him and give birth to Him in humility and in silence......... and what your right hand does the left hand shouldn’t know it......... in you being little, poor, in the last place, in the Vineyard, in the Ark and in the Oars, my children! ..................Divine Stubborn One! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: Have you a cold, daughter? Julia: It doesn’t even feel like a cold: Here I am! Our Lady: Have you learned to tell lies? Julia: No, Mammy! But my cold is so small......... it's nothing serious......... it’s like a small broken sausage...! Here I am, you know anyway.........! Our Lady: The word that you said is lovely: "you are like a sausage broken into bits!"! Julia: Yes, I can give myself like that...! I break and give myself, but I don’t give my influenza......! I give myself and keep that flu for myself......! Have I made you angry? Our Lady: How can you? Julia: It's not that I’m so perfect...... I'm all full of mistakes! Perhaps it's better if I stay silent, otherwise I’ll make you angry: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: TAKE A LOOK, MY SOUL...............! Julia: Here I am!(*) Mother, what's that Great Big Bird that has a Flame of Fire over its head? And by rising in flight does it bring down the green dust and fire? Mother, can I not do anything? I drank everything that I found!(*) Yes, I went down again into the very long Tunnel! Together with John we extinguished the war-fires, but there are others! Can I not stop that Great Big Bird? .........It's so ugly.........! Our Lady: It’s made by men! Julia: And can I not stop It? Everything that causes harm is made by men! Look, Mother, they say that science comes from God, but the science that comes from God is Love and it doesn't have these things that cause harm...! When these things come it's not God’s science and it's not the intelligence that God gives to men! This is the Poison’s science: can I stop It?(*) Mammy..., beautiful Mammy..., you with your eyes..., Jesus... the Father... the Useless Servants... Our Lady: Look, my soul, you know it all along...... Julia: Here I am, by the Father's Will I do know............... can I not stop this Great Big Bird? Our Lady: No, my soul! Julia: Not even for a moment? Our Lady: Men make you see peace..., but let you pray until God opens the Sun! ............And God is Alive and He’s Real in your midst! Julia: Mammy, your Family is gathered here, it’s on my back, just like the whole of humanity is! And just like the Father wants, I bring them to work, but grant that I may answer the Complete ‘Here I am’ for each one of them and for the whole of humanity! The 'Here I am' is the Maximum Love and the Maximum Love is answered with the Nails that enter and exit from the Hands and Feet, from the Side and Shoulder ..., from all the Visible and Invisible Wounds of Jesus's Body! Our Lady: And yours? The Skinned Nut? Julia: Here I am, Crucified out of Love, with the Maximum of the Father's Heart, My Mother! Our Lady: LOOK AGAIN, MY DAUGHTER AND MY SOUL......! Julia: Here I am!(*) Our Lady: This is the Feast! Julia: Here I am! Our Lady: Keep It in your heart...... in the scroll...... in the empty space......! Julia: Here I am!(*) Here I am!(*) Here I am!(*) Our Lady: Don’t write it down immediately! Julia: Here I am! Our Lady: Lift up your head! Julia: Here I am! Our Lady: Now pray for all the Priests and for the Man that wears the White Clothes, children! Julia: Mother, I place in your Heart, in the Father's Heart, in the Heart of your Son Jesus, everything that you gave me all along till this moment, and I place in your Hearts all those that are entrusted to my prayers, even if at times they do so as a joke: accept them! Our Lady: They poked fun at Jesus, they'll also do it to you, don't be afraid! Julia: I’m not afraid of them, Mother......... but it's that they pierce Jesus again! I place scattered humanity in your Heart again, I place all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies, and those that don't have the courage to raise their eyes and see the light, and I place in your Hearts "my day’s nothingness", as always! Our Lady: "Here I am nothing" that you gave to the Father! Julia: Here I am! Our Lady: And 'Here we are' united to everyone of you at the Banquets of Love: all the arrayed-Hosts, all the Brides, all the Useless Servants, all the Little Children, the Two Johns, Karol, Pio and Dominic, ...bringing you the only Truth of the Cross... <Our Lady blesses with the Sign of the Cross> ...And the only Truth of the Bread, inviting you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts, my children! Julia: Here we are, Mother, in being Useless Servants, Torn Rags in front of God's Banquet, in rejoicing, celebrating.........! Mother of Love and Mother of Sorrows, Here we are again for Eternity! Our Lady: ...PEACE TO YOUR HEART, JOHN, JESUS-GOD! Don Vincenzo: Shalom... Mammy! Our Lady: Shalom! Don Vincenzo: Welcome! Our Lady: More flowers that blossom at the foot of the Cross! ...Are you okay? Don Vincenzo: Here I am, yes I am! ...How beautiful to have you here among us... you emanate such sweetness ... so much light... and you emit so much love! Our Lady: The sweetness and light come from the 'Here I am' of the Cross! .........And are you all well-or-sick? Everybody: Here I am! <The Heavenly Mother sends a kiss and it's reciprocated> Our Lady: In carrying the Cross you become beautiful! ...And when the Instrument tells me deep down, moment by moment: "How beautiful you are" ...I answer her: "It's the Cross that makes you beautiful... and you know it............!" Don Vincenzo: I wasn't thinking so... Our Lady: How do you mean: "I wasn't thinking so" ...if you do it moment by moment... rascal of God? Don Vincenzo: Mammy... everything flows together into Love! Our Lady: I bow before the Handmaids because they represent what God has given you! The Handmaids: Here I am! Our Lady: And to each one of you I give my kiss of the Cross! <The Heavenly Mother sends a kiss to those present> Here I am... ready to listen to you in bowing my head before the Living Cup! Don Vincenzo: Mother! Our Lady: Son! Don Vincenzo: The Father's Plan is so beautiful... how can we not accept it? ...The Love that He offers gratuitously is so beautiful! ...It's so beautiful to pray in His Heart just like in yours! ...How is it possible to refuse it when we do nothing else but seek Love... when we do nothing else but desire Love... and instead of that we despise it......... and we turn our backs on the Heavenly Father and on Jesus.........! Our Lady: You've never despised it: you are the Living Cup! ...It’s whoever remains on the broad road that doesn’t accept it... he throws it away... he despises it... he tramples on it... he spits at it... he puts it in the last place... not even that... there’s no place even at the last place! Don Vincenzo: And yet they too are God's sons.........! Our Lady: The Father waits with arms wide open for the open heart of his sons.........! Don Vincenzo: What a Good Daddy we have............! How much patience He has......! Our Lady: Don't forget: outside there's the Poison and outside too the false prophets are there! You have your right hand... lift it up... and whoever has the power to lower it... let ye lower it! Don Vincenzo: Mammy! Our Lady: Here I am, son... we are speaking in the Family... we are in the Family... but I warn you: other war-fires are ready... let you pray! ...Other earthquakes are ready... those prepared by men... let you pray! ...And again many mothers will weep for their sons... pray... let you pray are in the Vineyard, you who are in the Ark and in the Oars! I don’t come to frighten you... I come to tell you: "I'm the Mother of Love and the Mother of Sorrows... let’s pray!" ...When you pray with your heart I place myself with you near your praying, my children! ...Here I am, son! Don Vincenzo: Here I am, Mother... you place yourself near us when we pray... but the trouble is that we always rush and we don’t reserve ourselves space for an intense and profound prayer! Our Lady: God doesn’t rush... and neither should you rush! Why do you rush? God gave you and gives you everything! Where are you going if you go in front of His steps? You must follow His steps... don’t go in front... because it’s He that takes you along! The steps that you see are His! The Father has never left you! Those that go on the broad road have left the Father and they don’t walk on God’s footprints... but what remains is always the Father's shadow: His small foot! Don Vincenzo: How beautiful to always have the Father that never leaves us.........! Our Lady: He’s a Heavenly Daddy that never left and will never leave you! If the Heavenly Daddy goes away... everything falls! Don Vincenzo: Yes...... but it's we that do so many times by going away and turning our backs on Him! Our Lady: He doesn’t go away... He remains... He's not even in the last place... but He remains! Don Vincenzo: How much patience the Father has... Our Lady: No... God is Love......... Don Vincenzo: ...And He emanates Love... whereas we don't reciprocate it at all, because we don't think of the other… we think of the world’s things which don't give us any joy at all… and they don't give us light at all … and yet we stubbornly persist in mistakes......! Our Lady: But you see that... God, Stubborn in Love, waits for his sonsHe waits for their hearts to openHe waits for each one of you! He has prepared a Vineyard …an Ark … and the Oars! He prepared the Garden where nothing is lacking… but the Garden is dirty and it must be cleaned again and all the arrayed-Hosts are working!… But men continue to dirty it by thinking of dividing up a little piece here and a little piece there: "the water is mine… the black gold is mine!" …They don't think that the Father’s Finger would be sufficientand there would no longer be anything in existence!… Everything belongs to the Father… and nothing to men! …The Father built the Garden and everything is everybody’s!… "That one is mine… and that’s mine… but that fellow wants to rob it from me… and therefore I’ll wage war!" Don Vincenzo: What foolishness! Our Lady: Then they cry out at God: "They are dead… you were wicked!"… Where is the Father's wickedness if it's men who go wrong? Pray, pray for the Great Ones who say that they have every power! It's so simple to give your hand and say: "The Father gave us this water… it's for each one of us!… The Father gave us this land… it's for each one of us! The Father gave us this black water… it's for each one of us!" ... Just like Jesus isn’t sold or bought............... what's in the Father's Garden isn't sold or bought......... but it's given out of Love…… and this is what God made for all the sons!… We are all sons… and I too am God's Daughter… a humble Handmaid… a Daughter… a Mother… and a Bride! And the whole of humanity is a Daughter… a Mother… and a Bride of God! Don Vincenzo: You, Mother, have always put God in first place and you live with this wisdom and luminosity… whereas we give first place to the money-god, to presumption, to pride, and we aren’t able to understand life! And yet each morning when the Father wakes us up He tells us: "Be a son today!" Our Lady: Yes, when the Father wakes us up in the morning He tells us. "Be a son today!" Don Vincenzo: "Behave like a son!" Our Lady: "And behave like sons!" Don Vincenzo: But we don't do it............ because the world attracts us! ...Mother... increase our faith! Our Lady: Here’s faith! <The Heavenly Mother opens her arms just like the crucifixion> And when the Instrument says: "I go to get strength on the Wood of the Cross" ...that’s the way you grow in faith......! ...Don't curse the Cross, saying: "Eh... it’s heavy today!" ...And when the Instrument is told: "there's a son that's about to die" ...she says: "he’s not dying… he’s being born if he gives his hand!"... & they say: "he was young... the poor thing!" ...And here it's even more obvious that Jesus isn’t put even in the last place.........! ..."I'll be with you always! I've prepared a place for you and I’ll always remain with you!" ...If the Father had prepared it only for the first son... and told the others "increase and multiply" ... He'd no longer be a Heavenly Daddy!… The Garden was prepared for everybody! ..."Eh... but how big is this Garden?" ...It's big just like God's Love is which has neither limits or measures! ...Do you not want to say anything? Raphael: There are always more requests for justice! Our Lady: God winsHe's a WinnerHe has won from time immemorial!… But you say: "but we don't see Him!"… You shall see Himthe whole of humanity shall see the Sun!… The Father walkswhereas men rush! God waits for what He has written downHe doesn't leap over it like men do!… Let's wait for the Father's Timesand nobody can change what God has written! …Men rush along… men enkindle fires of war… men plan to save the world… but it’s not men that save the world… it's Godand the sons… and the Family!… Pray but remaining little, poor and in the last place!… Don’t doubt when you see that a small piece of bread is left… God makes it grow and gives you the bread moment after moment!… Now it’s mankind that’s dirtying the Garden… it's not the Father! But pray… don't stop praying for the sons who dirty the Garden… just like the Father does and He waits with wide open arms before the Banquet of Love!… Humanity doesn’t call God… humanity blasphemes Him… and there are only a very few that call God! …And I’m the Last Grace! …Someone or other asks for a  miracle but imposing it on God: "You have to do this for me!" And in some places the miracles are paid for… but God isn’t sold or bought! …Whatever they do at all: it is God who decides… not men! When the “Call” arrives nothing will be brought with you............! If you give your hand……! God has prepared the Garden!… Now I say only one word to you: Love everybody… it's Love that defeats Evil! …Love whoever stabs you… and whoever pierces your hearts… love them and place them in the Father’s Heart! …Start with this and remain united… and don't split up, children… this is the time to remain “a Family"! ...Here I am! ...Have you nothing more to say to me? Don Vincenzo: Two fundamental words should be put in first place: "the Cross"... and... "forever"! When I speak of "the Cross", I speak about the greatest Love! When I speak about "forever", I speak of an Eternity that awaits us! Therefore if we would only meditate on these two words and would make them become something concrete in our life… we'll always be joyful in any situation whatsoever… without being afraid of death because it's already conquered and thinking about an Eternity that awaits us…… without end…… and forever! Our Lady: You are already in Eternityyou are in the Vineyard, in the Ark and in the Oarsand you have the Living Cup among you! Don Vincenzo: What a marvelous Plan of Love the Father has made! Our Lady: What a Plan of Love! Don Vincenzo: And you, Mother, immediately grasped this Plan of Love intuitively: to Love and Forgive! …What a Grace… What a Blessing! Our Lady: I’m the Grace... the Last Grace! Don Vincenzo: The Last Grace! Our Lady: The Father has said so all along!… My children, don't forget that God knows and sees your hearts… your thoughts… and there's no place where you can hide that God doesn't see! Do the Father's Willdon't place one foot on the broad road and the other on the narrow road……… you don't do the Father's Will that way! Remain on the narrow road and, by praying in humility, you can carry your enemies… those who pierce your hearts… and the sons that still pierce the Father’s Heart! By piercing you… they pierce my Heart… the Father’s Heart… the Heart of my Son Jesus! You are made in God's Image and Likeness… and you’ll remain so in the Garden… my children! As a Mother I've given you all the Bread that they gave me today……… Break it up……… Eat it... and Give it to everybody to eat! Don Vincenzo: Each one in his own table! Our Lady: And now that you’ll return to your homes I don't just give you the Breadbut I also give you the Crossyou are a Cross……… and I give you a bit of my Son Jesus' Cross! Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Carry it......... and when you carry it if you feel its weight......... be joyful! If you are joyful, that bit of Cross that I’ll lean on each one of you will stop a bit of Poison, my children! <On saying these words the Heavenly Mother imposes her hands over those present> Now they'll go back to their homes... but in going they'll meet with the Poisonand when you meet it raise your right hand! And the Instrument will come with each one of you! …Although now she's in the Tunnel… she’ll come out and she’ll come with you! And the handmaids too will work in stopping the Poison and cleaning the Garden! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Say goodbye with the Green Tree... I’ll take leave of you with the Magnificat in waiting for your voice! <Don Vincenzo now seals and blesses> Don Vincenzo: May the Father's Goodness, the Son's Mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love, descend abundantly upon you all, on your hearts, on your families, on your relatives, on your friends, on your enemies, on all those that are united to this holy prayer and on the whole of humanity! And may Almighty God bless you, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! Everyone together with Our Lady: Amen!(*) Our Lady: Now begin the Magnificat with your voice of God...(*) <Now everybody recites the hymn of the Magnificat and then that of the Glory Be to the Father with Don Vincenzo> My soul magnifies the Lord, the Handmaid that prostrated before "the Rock"..., the Handmaid that stayed waiting for the Son of God, and full of Love I filled the Jug and it's up to the brim, and when you’ll give me your Here I am, Father, I'll pour the Jug of your Love over the whole of humanity and my soul will magnify with all that you gave me.........! Julia: Mother, how sweet you are in saying these words......... and you have that Jug since always and you are waiting to pour it out.........! Our Lady: You too have the Jug to pour out.........! Julia: Here I am! It was given to me by Therese, but we must wait for all the sons…! You are waiting......... and I can't pour it out...! Our Lady: You’ll have to pour it out first and after that I’ll pour it out! Julia: If it's your will: Here I am, Mother, behold your Family, here’s the Family in the Vineyard, in the Ark and in the Oars and Here I am again Crucified out of Love for Eternity! Our Lady: Here I am for Eternity united and leaning on the heart of each one of you, children! Pray for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: Receive my kiss... <Our Lady smacks a few kisses> And bring it everywhere you go, my children! Julia: Here we are, Mother!(*) I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! The Father: I too love you, and I wait for your Love: Everybody: I LOVE YOU, DADDY! The Father: Here I am, little children of my Heart! <The Father imposes his hands together with those of Don Vincenzo over those present> I let the Burning Bush of Pentecost descend on you! The Pocket-money of Divine Mercy, accept it with Love, break it up and give it to your enemies, my children! Julia: Daddy, Daddy God, I need some more days…, I need some more Pocket money...!(*) The Father: Take them......... , because what's mine is yours! Julia: Everything, the whole lot? The Father: Everything..., the whole lot...! Now, come out of the Tunnel! Julia: I’ll do it immediately: I’ll bring what I grabbed now...! No..., I won't stop longer to grab anyone else, then afterwards I’ll go again... Good Daddy! The Father: You call me "Good Daddy" but the whole of humanity spits in my face! Julia: I'll come straightaway to clean it, wait for me! Daddy, our Loved Ones are at the Banquet and all the Brides were brought by the Girls and by the Little Children and they are all joyful, but there are those who still didn't want to give their handDaddy, let me grab the hand of whoever didn't want to give it to me! Outside there’s darkness, Daddy, let me grab the hands......... there are so many that refuse..................! Now we’ll greet those that are right there celebrating in your Heart! <Everybody greets> Here we are Brides, Little Children, Loved Ones......... Here we are, let you too help me to grab the hand of whoever remained outside in the cold! <Julia smacks a kiss>




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THURSDAY 26th February 2015


Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on its mysteries, and while these are offered up for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation begins:  Julia: If it's you ... glorify the Father! If it's you ... glorify the Father! if it's you ... glorify the Father!  (Jesus remains silent for a while, then He says:) Jesus: ...... In the Sun of Mary’s Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart I glorify the Father Most High ... now and for eternity! And in the joy of having been Crucified (Jesus blesses with the Sign of the Cross)I sign you with the Tremendous Cross! Children of my Heart ... rejoice and praise the Father! Rejoice and walk with your head high! All this I received and I receive moment by moment! My children, all along I've prepared a Garden, a Vineyard, an Ark and the Oars! Since forever I gave you the Inheritance ... but I'm spat upon, blasphemed and denied! But I'm Alive and Real in your midst! I know the hearts, just like by the Father's Will the Instrument knows them, but it was said all along that the Instrument can't point the finger......! Be vigilant ... the Poison is outside and the False Prophets advance! ....... Divine Stubborn One! Julia: Here I am ... Jesus! Jesus: Did you forget your First Message? Julia: No, Jesus ... I didn't forget it! Jesuslisten to the "Empty- space ".......! The wounds also give you pain but they also give you joy ...... and the very same too for me: they give me pain and they give joy .... and I place them in your Heart again ... and Here I am again for eternity ....... Jesus! Jesus: Of this I’ve no doubt ... your "Here I am" is Here I am ... and the Rock is Rock! Julia: Here I am ... Jesus! Jesus: Take a look ... my soul! ... Julia: Here I am!  Jesuswar-fires again! ....Little children again! Missiles and volcanoes again......! Yes ... I drank everything that I found … Yes, I also went into the Tunnel! Jesus ... can I not do anything about all that I'm seeing? Jesus: Sacrifice yourself ... like you are able to do! Julia: Here I am ... Jesus ...but if I can do something else ......… don't let all that I see descend.....! Jesus: These Times must descend ... my soul ... and you know it!  Julia: Here I am ... Jesus ...but since there are many little children ... can I not do anything? Jesus…! Jesus: Remain under obedience ... all this must happen! Julia: Here I am, remaining under obedience! Jesus ... can I go to get them and can I descend into the Tunnel? My eyes see you and I read the hearts ........... but in remaining under obedience I can’t speak .....…! Jesus: Don't be afraid ... my soul ... do the Father's things ... and not those of men! Julia: Here I am, doing the Father's Will and not man’s! Jesus: Now look again! Julia: Here I am! Jesus: But add what you see to the scroll of the "Empty-space"! Julia: Here I am ... Jesus ... (Julia nods her head) Here I am! Jesus … therefore I’m going to fetch the Brides ... and then I’m going into the Tunnel ... but I place in your Heart the whole Family ..., I place in your Heart their hearts’ whispers ..., I place in your Heart all those that are entrusted to my prayers ..., I place in your Heart all those that don't have the strength to approach your Heart ..., I place in your Heart all the spits and all the blasphemies ...! Gather the sons that still don't know you ......., Jesus I place in your Heart all the Gems, the Priests, the Lilies and the Man that wears the White Habit, ...... I place in your Heart my day’s "nothingness": receive it again if you want to .......and if I’m still useful to you! Jesus: Here I am ... my soul ..... the Father sent you! Julia: Here I am ... Jesus! Jesus: Here I am with the Two Banquets! Here I am with all the Brides! Here I am with all your Loved Ones! Here I am with the Little Children! Here I am with the arrayed-Hosts! Here I am: as the Living Bread! Here I am with the Two Johns ... Karol, Pio and Dominic ... in bringing you the only Truth of the Cross... (Jesus blesses with the Sign of the Cross) ....... And the only Truth of the Bread ... inviting you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts ... my children! Julia: Here we are, Jesus ... Useless Servants ... Torn Rags at the foot of the Cross in doing your Will! Jesus: Amen ... my soul! Julia: Here I am ... Jesus!(*) Jesus: PEACE TO YOUR HEART … JOHN, JESUS-GOD! Don Vincenzo: Shalom! Jesus: Shalom! More flowers that blossom at the foot of the Cross! …How are you? Don Vincenzo: Well! Jesus: And are you all well-or-sick? Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Therefore … if you are all well-or-sick what must you tell me? …Tell me you something! Don Vincenzo: Jesus … your Word that you release from your Heart all along is the Fullness, and hence we must always put it in first place! Jesus: You have a Vineyard … you have an Ark … you have the Oars … you have the Garden … and you have the whole Inheritance! Don Vincenzo: And what each one of us must do is clean the Vineyard more and more! Jesus: Yes … it’s dirtied … but the Instrument carries you when you feel a little bit more tired … and the Instrument makes you work … and she makes you clean the Garden! The Stubborn One went to get the Brides … and now she’s entering the very long Tunnel to get the others … just like she does moment by moment! Don Vincenzo: Of course the Stubborn One is full of love......! Jesus: Just like the Father is … just like I am … and just like My Mother is … but humanity has always spat in our face … it has always rejected us… it has placed us in the last place, not even that, into a place that’s not there… because there is a last place … but we are in a place that’s not even there .....… eeeh! Don Vincenzo: When one enters that Tunnel .............…! Jesus: There’s work to do and there is the complete love of the Cross! Don Vincenzo: And what does this work of the Tunnel consist of? … Are there  many works there? Jesus: Yes: to extinguish the war-fires … to extinguish the volcanoes … to extinguish the missiles … to grab hold of the sons and carry them …some to their families …and others to the Father's Banquet if they give their hand .....… but it's not a game.....! Don Vincenzo: Of course, because the missiles are involved … the volcanoes are involved … Jesus: And the war-fires! Don Vincenzo: And hence it’s all one continuous danger......! Jesus: When there’s Love the danger isn’t seen … but when there’s no Love everything is a danger! But if you are in the Love of the Cross and you love one another … the danger isn’t seen …but the Love is seen! Love one anotherremain a Familymy children! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus:  Should you tell me something else or shall we give ourselves? Don Vincenzo: Yes … give ourselves is really what each one of us must do … to open ourselves to the other person … to serve the other! Jesus: Yes … I give myself and you give yourself! Don Vincenzo: It’s the most beautiful thing: an exchange of mutual love: let's do it! Jesus: Therefore I give myself and you give yourself and the Instrument remains Crucified out of Love for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Then we’ll speak once again! Don Vincenzo: Of course! (Raphael gives Jesus the beaker with the wine, Jesus lifts it up, drinks some and then gives it to Don Vincenzo to drink)  Jesus: This is my Blood! Don Vincenzo: Amen! Jesus: This is my Blood! This is my Blood! Don Vincenzo: Amen! (Raphael gives Jesus a piece of Bread, Jesus breaks it in half and gives the other half to Don Vincenzo. Then Jesus, before eating it lifts up the Bread and says:) Jesus: This is my Flesh! Don Vincenzo: Amen! Jesus: This is my Flesh! … This is Me Alive and Real! … Am I a traitor? Everybody: No! Jesus: Or am I your Jesus? Everybody: You are our Jesus! Jesus: And I eat of the “New” with everyone of you like I promised! … Now we can give ourselves: I give myself and you give yourself! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: And the Instrument remains Crucified again out of Love for the whole of humanity and for all the Priest Sons! (Jesus invites those present to approach to receive the Blood and the Flesh. Don Vincenzo says: This is my Blood! Joseph says: This is my Flesh! And everybody responds: Amen! Jesus remains seated in recollection and self-offering pointing his hands for a long time with his right hand in the Trinitarian Sign …  then He joins the thumb with the index finger of both hands!) We gave ourselves! The Easter is complete … and it's risen … the Father is alive …  and gives Himself! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Shall we partake in His love? Don Vincenzo: Here I am … how beautiful to partake of the Father! Jesus: Here I am! And the Instrument takes part in the Tunnel and in grabbing the hand of the sons … of the Brides … and extinguishing the war-fires! …Let's take part at the Banquet of Love … at God who gives Himself! …Here I am! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Here I am! … What’s up … are you all well-or-sick? Everybody: Here I am! (as usual Raphael, Catherine and Mary Rosaria get ready to distribute the dishes of food that are at the Banquet, meanwhile Joseph prepares a plate for Cosmos.) Jesus: Here I am! …Living Cup, have you nothing to tell Me? Don Vincenzo: Yes … so many things! Being here with you is the greatest … hearing that you break the Bread into pieces for us day after day … hour by hour … minute by minute..... second by second..... word after word! Jesus: Here I am! Don Vincenzo: Hearing that they spit in your face … it’s the height of betrayals and offences......! Jesus: Yes … from her mother's womb they spat at Mary and they still continue doing it! But the Instrument says: “they are sons … let's wait again!” …And I wait again just like the Instrument waits and does the Father's Will in receiving the spits like I receive them …likewise the Father …and likewise My Mother …and all the Useless Servants too… but I've placed the Instrument under obedience not to point the finger at hearts......! Go! Why are you sad, Assistant Parish Priest? Will nobody speak to me this evening! …Will you speak, Living Cup? Don Vincenzo: To speak with you …to listen to you is the most beautiful thing that can be! When one enters your Heart and when we dive in … everything becomes brighter …it becomes one whole gift of Love because you do this: you give yourself …you break yourself up … and it doesn’t matter to you if they spit at you or stab you! … They did it from your Mother's womb! Jesus: If I hadn’t loved you I’d have stopped at the first spit and at the first stab but what I did is out of Love … and if I love you it’s because I love you! Don Vincenzo: The heavenly Daddy prepares the whole day for us His sons … Jesus: Yes! Don Vincenzo: … And you come really to plunge into this unending Love in order to teach us to love too!  Jesus: We are all united in the Garden where the Two Banquets are: the Brides’ one … and the Banquet of the Useless Servants (He points at the table with the food-dishes) prepared by the Father! …Hey, do you want this? Don Vincenzo: Are you eating it? Jesus: Me, yes … it’s ready already! Don Vincenzo: Therefore where you go … I’ll go! Jesus: I’m going to eat the sandwich … it's nice and chunky … just like the Cross is nice and chunky and also the nails! Don Vincenzo: Jesus … what a grace it is to be Sons in the Son …what a grace to open one's Arms as an Instrument of Love to save everybody … because with every drop of Blood you save …and that's why you are called the Redeemer … and that's why you are called the Savior! How beautiful to look at the Crucified One and at the Crucified Ones! Jesus: Because it's you! Don Vincenzo: When we look at the Crucified One there’s everything there … and when we also speak about the Crucified Ones there’s everything right there as well! Jesus: Because you are God's Sons made in His Image and Likeness: He’s the Crucified One … and you are the Crucified Ones! Don Vincenzo: To love … to love in the Cross … knowing that if that Cross is embraced …it makes us love even more! Jesus: That's why you must embrace yourselves and remain united! Jesus: Let you come with the “nothingness”! Catherine and Mary Rossaria: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Here I am! Raphael: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am… now remember… Eh! Raphael: A scanty plate … you want a sparse one prepared! Jesus: Yes! Don Vincenzo: Not to talk then about our Good Daddy, about our Creator, we’ll never finish talking about it! Jesus: No … I’ll guarantee you! Don Vincenzo: Jesus … what a grace to feel in our heart all the Love that God emits …and to place it right here within us to the point that His Love doesn’t go in any further …because the Father's Love is so great and our heart is so small that we should be ashamed of ourselves! Jesus: Yes!  Don Vincenzo: Whereas we continue spending our days according to the world’s logic! We haven’t learned yet to put you in first place! We haven’t yet understood that it's you who are our Treasure … our Pearl … 'our All'! Jesus: I’m the Food for each one of you! … I'm the Blood Shed for everyone of you! … I'm your Son … I'm your Brother … I'm your Friend! And the Father has chosen this place where to plant the Tree … that Green One … that never dries up… and to give each one of you the Vineyard, the Ark and the Oars… and to work … by loving one another! Now do you want to speak? Teresa: Jesus … let’s speak about what it means to be a Family: it means to be united … Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: … To love one another … Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: …To give the other person not just material things … but each one of us must give the other person his or her gift … what he or she has … Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Without expecting any thanks … something in return … Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: … And not to be jealous of the other person … Jesus: Here I am! Teresa:   …And not be watching if a brother is nearer to some other brother, because in a Family they don’t make distinctions … just like you didn’t make distinctions!   Jesus: Yes … when you are near another brother you are near the Father ........… and near everybody!  Teresa: When we are really a Family we are near everybody … Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: … When something is done in the Family we shouldn’t feel … like we do in the world …obliged to do something! Jesus: Of course not! Teresa: This means not being a Family! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: In a Family one can raise their voice … there can be a little squabble … but then it’s the heart that wins out…  Jesus: And that remains in love! Teresa: And when the heart remains in love… it remains clean … it remains joyful .......and when it's like this it remains with a serving spirit … and it must be that way among us all! Jesus: Yes … remain the Family that the Father has chosen! Teresa: We mustn’t be ashamed of telling our problems … and difficulties before everybody! …  Evidently in our families we’ve got used to hiding things … I mean generally speaking … but this Family must be different! Jesus: Yes …The Family of the New Church …where everything is shared between everybody … in doing one single thing! Teresa: When someone doesn’t have something or he or she does something for someone… that other person shouldn’t say: “thank you” because that destroys the Family! … Jesus: What does the Stubborn One always tell you? “Have you finished with these: 'Thanks' … 'Don't mention it' … 'excuse me'?” …  and that way learn to be a Family in fearing the Father and not men …to be united in the Father's Love … and not be looking out for these: 'Thanks', 'Don't mention it' … because that way you are distant … on the contrary say: “this is for you!” … “Here I am!” … not: Thank you! That’s nicer isn’t that so … Assistant Parish Priest … to receive the gift and then say: “Here I am!” and not “Thank you”? Raphael: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! … Outside in the world people say “Thank youDon't mention it” … otherwise they’d say that you are bad-mannered … but they haven’t yet understood that God waits only for your hearts and not for your “ThanksI beg you” … or am I wrong? Don Vincenzo: Jesus, you are never wrong! Jesus: Are you sure? Am I Jesus … or am I not? And the Stubborn One too sees … looks … caresses … loves … and puts you in the Father's Heart … but she can't do anything else until the Sun opens up! …  It's said moment by moment when the moment is and you were given many secrets! John wanted to give them but … let’s repeat it again … the Instrument stopped him … otherwise you would all have collapsed … and then he told the Instrument: “Jesus could give these children only to you …because nobody else in the world would have accepted them!” …  And after these words … what more must John say? Was there anything else to add? I don’t think so! Don Vincenzo: No! Jesus: Then do you have anything else to say? I’ll have to go to get the Brides that came out from the Tunnel … so I’ll send you John … I don’t know what he'll tell you … after that I’ll come again … wait for me …, and don't go away! Here I am, I’ll go and John will come! Little John: … With the Cross and with the Bread…! (John blesses with the Sign of the Cross) Don Vincenzo: Here I am, John! Little John: How are you? Don Vincenzo: Welcome! Little John: Other flowers that blossom at the foot of the Cross! (John smacks a few kisses) And how are you, are you all well-or sick? Everybody: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! Now I’ll take the coffee…, after that I’ll greet you…...... (John smacks a few kisses) if I can pinch whoever steals my coffee…......... Don Vincenzo: Do you recognize it? Little John: What are you saying? Don Vincenzo: Do you recognize the coffee? Little John: The Stubborn One’s coffee, yes I recognize it …! Does it taste good? Let's see…! Yes, it tastes good, it’s the one of the Stubborn One and whoever wants it let him go and get it…! Hey, Nick?  Nicholas: Here I am! Little John: How are we going? Here I am meaning yes or Here I am meaning no?  Nicholas:  Here I am meaning yes! Little John: Marie? Marie: Here I am ... like Nicholas! Little John: Then my Household is my Household! Therese? Teresa: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! What were you up to? (John is addressing Mary Ellen) Did you eat the cheese? You know what they are doing…...........! It's not that they don’t come to speak to you but they are preparing the other feast and they are also doing some cleaning, but they are near their daddy and they are near their mother and they'll speak later…! A kiss… and a kiss for all of you! A really strong kiss for daddy and a really strong kiss for whoever is waiting to respond … Have you understood me? Mary Ellen: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! Are you all well or sick? Everybody: Here I am! Don Vincenzo: Every second with you is an indescribable grace........ we must first look at ourselves, and open our heart to the Father, open our heart to Love, and without these two fast-tracks we won’t go far, because our ego is sly, ... the Poison is cunning and they turn positive situations into negative ones! Little John: But do you fear men or do you fear the Father? (*) Here I am! Are you not saying anything else? Don Vincenzo: Our day should be a song of love, we should live it really as sons and when someone is a son of God, he’s a Father’s son and the Father is happy! Whereas many times, we forget to be sons and we spend our hours without understanding them and without appreciating them ...... those hours which are the Father's gift, those hours which are special because they are prepared by the Father really for us! That's why we should be prudent and wise, because we should be humble & united, otherwise ... when we get nervous ... when we become sad, when we become proud…, everything collapses! …...................... How beautiful! Little John: What is it that's beautiful? Don Vincenzo: To discover that each day, every hour, every minute is the Father's, it’s the Father's gift, it’s the Father's blessing!  Little John: It’s a Breath of the Father! Don Vincenzo: Yes, it’s a Breath of the Father, because we are all a Breath… a series of Breaths: the Father does this for us…, so that later on when it fails ... it's because the Father has taken the Breath back! John… Little John: Here I am! Don Vincenzo: I had a good daddy… Little John: You didn’t have one, you have him! Don Vincenzo: Honest and hard-working… Little John: If you say that you had him … Don Vincenzo: It seems like he’s no longer there…, whereas he’s alive! Little John: He’s among you at the Banquet! You know the work that he does …… and in private he’ll tell you many many things later on … Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! Then, tell me something else, since the Stubborn One finds herself in the Tunnel and she can’t come to comfort you, ... in a little while the Stubborn One will tell you when the other feast takes place, so that you’ll get ready as always and open your hearts......! And in opening your hearts you’ll hear more new things, but you mustn't be scandalized and you mustn't tell the Father what He must do and what He mustn’t do…! He has written it down from time immemorial and if He didn’t say it beforehand it’s because He didn’t want to lose the Vineyard and the Vinedressers, ... but He has lost the Vinedressers and He has given the Vineyard to other Vinedressers, but to each one of you He gave the Instrument and she has gathered the Vinedressers and laid them on her back without changing anything .......... but the Father is bringing you the whole entire Bread and it’s this that you must allow to enter your hearts, just like I enter there when I find the door open! But when I find it closed I stop and I wait! And the Instrument also does this: she stops and waits for the sons that’ll give their hand! Hence, be ready, be prepared for the Times that'll come and pray for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! I repeat it to you always and so does the Instrument, moment by moment! Have you nothing to say? There are so many other things to say! Raphael: John… Little John: Here I am! Raphael: Is it difficult to follow God? Little John: It’s enough to love ........and it's not difficult! Raphael:  Many times, John, we gets convinced of the goodness of the people that we have before us but we are often disappointed ... and they often seek many explanations, which are unfortunately asked ... more with their mind than with their heart! Little John: And that's where the mistake is! You must go and dig deeply in your heart ........ all the answers are right there, because the Father is there, Jesus is there and Mary the Last Grace, is there! Raphael:  You often think that it’s enough to say the truth in order to receive the truth, because when someone says the truth, he speaks with his heart, indeed always if he tells the truth..... and you expect that having the very same truth before you …that it’s difficult to be betrayed ........! Little John: Jesus came with the Father's Truth, but He wasn't listened to, He was betrayed ......... why are you amazed? History repeats itself…! You often ask the Stubborn One: "How many sons …?" What answer does she give you? "Wait…!" The Vineyard, the Ark and the Oars are all yours and so is the Garden, but God doesn’t force the sons, God waits .........and so does the Instrument ....... and I also wait......! Raphael:  Does whoever recognizes his mistakes always be forgiven? Little John: God is Love, He never punished any of his sons but it's the sons that punish the Father: "Now I'll show you…" Behold, this means punishing God! But tell me something, how can you punish God, will you explain it to me? Can God be punished? Everybody: No! Raphael: John, why does everything that happens to us get blamed on God? Little John: And you say it because you program things instead of God, when God has already programmed your day and the Father doesn’t send the bad things but men do! They’ve dirtied the Garden and the arrayed-Hosts are cleaning it ... the arrayed-Hosts of the Little Children, Mary’s arrayed-Hosts, ... the arrayed-Hosts of the Living Cup ... of the Stubborn One ... of all the Useless Servants and of the Brides: Here I am! Raphael:   John, when I'm not in agreement with my wife, with my  children, I look them in the eye and I discuss it, I even get angry …, then they too get angry … Little John: You mustn't get angry, when you discuss things, you must debate with love, but without shouting! Raphael:  No…, I use only the whip… Little John: No…, Jesus used that and Padre Pio used his hands and feet…, let's say feet…! The Stubborn One still uses only a few shouts … but when you discuss at the Banquet - because in every house there's a little Church - and when you are at the Banquet you are at the Father's Banquet ...  you mustn’t shout and you mustn’t be angry, but you must speak with the Father's voice, with the voice of Love and be at Peace so that what needs saying is understood and everything becomes Quiet and everything becomes Love and everything becomes God’s Word and Bread! You are in the world, but you don’t belong to the world! You can't talk with a son who still hasn’t met God …! There and then you get lost .... and you can't impose God on them: ... God leaves the sons free! God doesn’t impose anything, He asks to be loved, He gave all His Love ........ and He waits! The buts, ifs and howevers don't form part of God's Family and you can't speak outside this Family! You mustn't be sad and you must place in the Father's Heart the son that stabbed you, the son that spat at you, the son that threw you out when you spoke of the Bread! "No, I don’t want the Bread that you break …!" And place him in the Father's Heart, but you mustn’t force him …! Is that okay? What would you say? Do you not want to say anything else? Only Here I am? Teresa: How beautiful it is to talk freely in the Truth, without being afraid of men but fearing God alone: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! And this is what talking freely is …being the Father's Family, the New Church, the Garden! You must be like that, all united, all one single voice made in God’s Image and Likeness! Be vigilant, the Enemy and the Poison and the False Prophets are outside, you have your right hand and the Handmaids can raise it and they can lower it, but you mustn't be afraid of men, but you must fear the Father, don't forget it! Is there something else? No! Therefore I ask you again not to be afraid of men, but to fear God and remain united in these Times! I’ll go to accept the Brides and Jesus will come to greet you! (John smacks a kiss and Jesus returns blessing with the Sign of the Cross)(*) Don Vincenzo: Jesus! Jesus: ...With the Cross, with the Bread: Here I am! What more are you telling me, Living Cup God…? Yes, John went to accept the Brides ... I accepted them earlier, I put the White Garment and the Wedding Ring on them and also the Brides...... your daddy too....... all the Useless Servants that entered …! Don Vincenzo: Kisses for daddy!  Jesus: Now you can give it to him, when you greet him and he sends them to you moment by moment and later on he’ll also speak to you privately …! And therefore … I must go now … Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: I leave you my Heart wide open… (Jesus smacks a few kisses) and let you say goodbye with the Green Tree! (*) (Don Vincenzo now seals and blesses) Don Vincenzo: May the Father's Goodness, the Son's Mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love, descend abundantly upon you all, on your hearts, on your families, on your relatives, on your friends, on your enemies, on all those that are united to this holy prayer in every part of the world and on the whole of humanity! And may Almighty God bless you, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody:   Amen! Jesus: Amen! (*) Julia: John…, Yes, I'm still in the Tunnel, what are you doing? Are you preparing for the feast? John, there's still work to do in the Tunnel, let me finish catching hold of everybody…, don't worry! Yes, I know …, there are fires, there are missiles, there are volcanoes …, but don't worry… they are all in a row and since they are all in line I can extinguish them and I can carry the children…! Let you prepare…..! If you want to prepare the Cups, then I’ll drink them when I return …! Earlier I drank the ones that I found, now they are there again…, leave them there without preparing them: Here I am, we'll see each another later! (Julia smacks a kiss) (*) I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy!  I love you, Daddy! (*) The Father:  I too love you, and I wait for your love: Everybody:  I LOVE YOU, DADDY! The Father: Here I am, little children of my Heart! (The Father imposes his hands together with those of Don Vincenzo over those present)I let the Burning Bush of Pentecost descend on you again, the Pocket-money of Divine Mercy, accept it with Love, break it up and give it to your enemies, my children! Julia: Daddy, the Poison is there outside and the False Prophets who advance are there: can I not take some more pocket-money, break it up and give it away, and since there are still days left, can we not wait for them? Daddy…, I know that there's the Final Question, but if we give them another bit of time ..... since you are a Good Father ........ will we wait for them? With what I saw at the beginning while remaining under obedience ... give me a whole Bread so that I’ll break it and give it to the sons that are outside! The Father: Here I am, take it! Julia: Here I am, Daddy! Here I am in doing your Will! The Father: How much this ‘Here I am’ costs you, my soul! Julia: Here I am again for eternity, Good Father! Since the Banquets are full with the Brides who’ve just arrived, let’s greet them… (everybody greets their Loved Ones) Here we are, we must work, prepare the arrayed-Hosts .......and as soon as I finish I’ll come and I’ll bring all the sons because there's so much work to do! Here we are, Brides who’ve just arrived, let’s work in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! (Julia smacks five kisses) (*)



Little John: A voice from the wilderness

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