N° 183

December 2015

Messages through the Instrument Julia







Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary, and during the meditation on its mysteries, while these are prayed for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the Priests and for the whole world, behold the beginning of the Visitation: Julia: If it is you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! … (Our Lady remains silent for a short while then She says while blessing) … Our Lady: In the Blossomed Lily on the Cross … I glorify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit … (Our Lady lifts up the Crucifix that the Stubborn One wears and blesses again) … in the sign of my Love addressed to the Father, addressed to the Son and addressed to the Holy Spirit! God filled Me to the brim and covered Me with Holy Spirit! God … with His infinite Love … made Me the Mother of that Lily … that blossomed and blossoms on the Wood of the Cross in opening His Arms wide and loving with the Father's Love and with the Holy Spirit's Love, … with Me giving birth to the Cross and to the Crucified One: the Son of God who’s Alive and Real among you and in each one of you … along your roads … everywhere you go! But in silence He addresses each one of you in breaking and giving Himself …  without making noise … with a slow step … and waiting to hear: "Here I am … I'm your servant … and after I've finished working I always remain a Useless Servant!" … And my Son Jesus silently replies: "Son, Brother and Friend … from the Father's Bosom work again in the Vineyard that was given to you!” … You form part of it … it’s yours … you were chosen! John, the Living Cup-God and also John, the Living Cup-God … (She points at Don Vincenzo) … gave you the Vineyard where nothing is lacking … just like the Garden which lacks nothing! Why do you worry? Why do you despair? Why do you weep? I’m a Mother too … just like each one of you is! What should I have done at my tender age when God told Me: "I’ll give you a Son …  but that Son won't be yours … you'll have to give Him away … you’ll see Him being not accepted and you too won’t be accepted!"? Me a Young Girl ……! At my age one grew up learning to do everything: making bread … cooking … doing house chores! We were children … we played … and with a few girl- friends we spoke about who could be the Mother of God’s Son! Even though I knew from my Mother's Womb … I kept what I was told in my Heart! And so I say to each one of you … Family of God … even though they all laugh at you .......! They laughed at Me … they laughed at the Father … they laughed at Jesus …  they laughed at all the Useless Servants, at the Useless Servants that weren’t sold or bought, at the “Useless Servants” … Useless Servants:! You mustn't be afraid if they laugh! God dwells among you … He dwells in the whole of humanity … He created the Vineyard and the Garden! Pray for the Vinedressers that weren't able to safeguard the Vineyard! But be vigilant now that it’s in your hands! Be vigilant … now that you dwell in the Vineyard! Be vigilant … now that you dwell in the Garden, in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Households! Let the Households be your hearts! That’s the way you must keep them: just like you keep your hearts united to the Father! And when you look at the Father … make His Pains yours … children! And be vigilant in the Times that’ll descend once more! … Divine Stubborn One? Julia: Here I am … Mother … my throat is a bit sore … I feel somewhat like vomiting! Mammy … place your hand! Our Lady:  Do you have a temperature? Julia: I didn’t measure it … and even if there is one ... I place it in your Heart … just like my sore throat and that vomiting feeling …….! But let’s not speak about me … Mammy … while the rosary was being said it came on one side … on my right side … you saw it, didn’t you? I sent the Missile away … like this with a glance … it approached Me a good four times … but with a glance I told it to be off! Our Lady: What more did you do? Julia: l made it turn to ashes … and then I blew it away so it wouldn’t be found on cars! Some little bit remained! Let you blow it! Should I not have done it? I couldn't let it pass and go further! It wanted to go past and I told it to go back! Our Lady:  Look again! Julia: I know … there are others … and they are going hither and thither! But that one that came wasn't here to destroy … but it was here to go at some future date! … let's wait again! Our Lady: You know everything! Julia: Yes … Mother … I know everything …  but I know that one shouldn’t say either "but", or suchlike……. but in the Family we do it a bit like that! That’s the way I can speak … that’s the way you chose me … and although I know … I knock & I knock……..! How many times I came knocking at your Heart for you to talk to Jesus and calm the waters …  as people say! Therefore I too pause to tell you: “Let's wait again!” Our Lady:  Let's wait again! Look again my soul .......! Julia: Here I am! What is it? … A bell jar that enters the earth and goes around … but the glass doesn’t break! Mother …..! Our Lady:  Take a good look! Julia: It's not glass … it’s blades that are so thin and so “glittering” .....! What are they doing? Where are they putting them … where … Mother? Did they already place that one that makes the white powder come out? But there’s a fire nearby! … Where is it? Our Lady:  Don't say it!  Julia: It didn’t explode yet … Mammy … the white smoke and the powder hasn’t come out yet! Nearby I see the Cross and Jesus who pours Blood on the Cross … and then I see you and the Father on the other side! What can I do? Mother … will you let me go to extinguish that weapon? Our Lady:  But you are already extinguishing them!  Julia: But I can extinguish that one as well! I know that humanity doesn’t wait for Jesus who is being born … it waits only for the world’s things! I went to extinguish this one too! Our Lady:  You are surrounded! Julia: I know … Mother … I'm trying to make the children understand about remaining a Single Family by loving one another with Jesus's Love, with the Father's Love and with your Love! You conquered … and we too can conquer if we remain constant in loving ourselves …  in faith … without having any doubts about your Living and Real Presence among us … in this Place where the Green Tree is …  where "God's All" is! Mammy … let me go on my own! Our Lady:  It’s heavy! Finish what you are doing … and afterwards we’ll go with the arrayed-Hosts of the Little Children! Julia: Here I am Mother! Mother … Mammy of my heart … Mammy of the heart of the whole of humanity … I offer you all those that entrust themselves to my prayers! I offer you everything that you always gave me! I entrust your children to you … the Family that you gave me! I entrust to you the “nothingness” of each one of us … my day’s “nothingness”: Here I am always! And I place whoever can't enter because he’s prevented and I place him in your Heart, in the Father's Heart and in the Son’s Heart! I place all the Gems in your Heart … the Priests and Lilies and the Man that wears the White Habit! Mother …  you who are the Mother of Sorrows, of Love and of the Cross …  teach each one of us not to get discouraged … to take up the Cross just like you took it up: the Maiden of Maidens … because each one of us is a Maiden! Each one of us was given-birth-to by your Heart and by the Father's Heart! And as a Young Girl … just like you are … just like you were called … we too were called as children and we remain children in being God’s sons! The God- Child is among us! It's Time to fight … it's Time to look at and tell our son … our brother … our enemy: “Jesus … has thrown open the Door since always and He never closed it! Jesus always gave forgiveness and He never took it away! Jesus loved and He loves his sons with the same measure since forever … from when God Exists!” …  Mother … your Here I am is the Full Here I am that gave each one of us Eternal Life … and only God can remove it … but it doesn’t close and doesn’t open! … It’s open since forever with the Living Childbirth of the Cross! And in this Childbirth we were called: Sons … Heirs … and the New Church … to remain in the Vineyard, in the Garden, in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Households! Give us your Love … give us your Lips to be able to speak with your Words … Mother of all the Mothers! Our Lady:  You have my Lips … give them to all the sons! You have my Word … give it to everybody!  Julia: Here I am …  Mother! Our Lady:  Here I am with the Two Banquets! Here I am with all the arrayed-Hosts! Here I am with all the Brides! Here I am with all the Useless Servants! Here I am with all your Loved Ones! Here I am with the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic … in bringing you the only Truth of the Cross ... (Our Lady blesses) ... and the only Truth of the Bread … asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts … my children! Julia: Mammy … one more thing: knock at the Father's Heart and tell Him not to hide! Our Lady: Can you not do it? Julia: He tours around … yes He certainly does a little bit … He stops for a while!  Our Lady:  Here I am … my soul! …. PEACE TO YOUR HEART JOHN-JESUS-GOD! … … (Don Vincenzo “signs” Our Lady’s hands with the sign of the Cross) … Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Other flowers that blossom before the foot of the Cross!  Don Vincenzo: Here I am!  Our Lady: Here I am! The Stubborn One told Me about not hiding yourself as God … because when she asks you this … you go touring … she told me!  Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: How are you? Therefore will we make other flowers blossom … many flowers at the foot of the Cross? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! And how are you … all well-or-sick? Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Shall we make many flowers blossom at the foot of the Cross? Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! The Garden is Big already … if we make other flowers blossom … it'll become even Bigger! … Hic! I too have the hiccups … a few Brides have come in to celebrate the Useless Servant Lucy … and I offer my congratulations to all of you <= whoever is named Lucy> that are here … and I had to drink some wine while eating … and I got the hiccups … hic … just like you got them! … (it’s addressed to Teresa who has the hiccups) … With the hiccups one works away … hic! Do you not have them? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! What did you meet on the road today ... in your strolls? Daddy-God …  what did you see outside? Don Vincenzo: I met others that thought of everything except God! I met …  Our Lady: You  met those who runs hither and thither on the Broad Road in preparing the Sale and Purchase of Baby Jesus: “Eh, we are preparing all this for Baby Jesus! … They gave us this job to do!” … To sell Him and buy Him … and let Him be born nay .....! Don Vincenzo: I found it difficult to “digest” all this! Our Lady: Of course … you must "digest" the things of the world … and you find it a bit difficult to digest  them … because  you must “digest” them with the Nails! Don Vincenzo: Yes! Our Lady: And you know it … eeeh!  Don Vincenzo: I know … and God must be put in First Place! Our Lady: Living Cup-God … you created the First Place since always  … because you are the First Fruit for the whole of humanity …  but the whole of humanity doesn’t seek God’s First Fruit … but it seeks the world's one …  appearances! Teach your children … just like the “little darts” that the Stubborn One gives … to look at the First Fruit that’s Alive and Real! Teach each one of them Respect for the First Fruit! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Teach your children to call you: “Daddy”! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am … Daddy! As a Mother I must tell you again that there'll be much pain … a lot of weeping … many noises of war! The Stubborn One stopped a Missile: it wanted to descend on a Church … not this one … a little further on … and she told the Father: “Let’s stop it … let me stop it!” But there are many that are setting out! With your faith … with your being little and poor …  with your being united … with your being in peace … you can help the Instrument to stop them! She’s on her own! Every so often she brings some of you along …  a few Handmaids … but she sees that they are weak … and she takes the whole burden on herself! It’s Time to help her … it’s Time to be fully God’s Family! What you see on the box … (= on TV) …  it’s only fooling you because … there’s really so much more, such a great deal more that you don't see! But remain in the Vineyard … remain in the Ark … remain in the Oars … remain in the Households and you won't lack anything! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: You are there already …. You made it! It’s they who must answer their Here I am! You made the Ark and everything else since always! Tell Me what more did you see … what disturbed your heart?  Don Vincenzo: My heart was disturbed firstly on hearing that there could be an atomic bomb … Our Lady: … not just one! Don Vincenzo: … from some countries! Our Lady: I don’t know the countries …  I can tell you that it’s much nearer … but I don’t know the country! Don Vincenzo: It’s difficult “to digest” this! Our Lady: It takes a little while longer! The Instrument too is “digesting” it a little at a time on going outside to stop and catch hold of the Brides that give her their hand! What more did you see?  Don Vincenzo: I saw again that humanity doesn’t seek God … and it thinks only of these festive days of the holiday! Our Lady: You’ve seen nothing yet! At this Time they are preparing much more! But Jesus is born again … if you let Him be born! He’s aborted … and when Jesus is aborted … He’s thrown away … but He lets his Love descend from the Cross … and not from a “Main Door of wood that’s opened”! Don Vincenzo: What Pain! Our Lady: You Father … how much pain you carry on your back!  Don Vincenzo: And the Stubborn One too undaunted, continues to embrace them! Our Lady: It’s the Here I am that she gave you … and it's lasting! You taught her this … and she gives it to the sons as their Inheritance! Accept this Inheritance at this Time …  my children! Be vigilant: the Poison grows …  Don Vincenzo: … it poisons! Our Lady: … and  it poisons!   You have the Right Hand … (She raises Her Right Hand in the Trinitarian Sign) …  and you have the Right Hand of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit …. my Heart’s One! I promised that my Immaculate Heart will triumph! You’ll be the first to see it and then the whole of humanity! They’ll all see the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart! Don't gaze at the Sun …  don't gaze at the Wind … don't gaze at the Rain … don't gaze at the Sea! Stop looking at it … but don't gaze at it as Sun, Wind, Rain or Sea … fight it! … (She raises Her Right Hand in the Trinitarian Sign) … Thιrιse of the Child Jesus … what did you see? Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Go on!   Teresa: I saw that the Poison grows … that it blinds the Family … and it’s trying to set one against the other! Our Lady: That’s what the Poison wants to do: ruin families and ruin the young!  Be vigilant Handmaids … & Manservant! Be vigilant Priests! Be vigilant Sisters! The Poison wants to destroy the Family … and it wants to destroy the young people! … And it wants to destroy the Handmaids! … Go ahead! Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am … the Full Here I am! Teresa: And that's why each one of us must be even more vigilant at this moment … because us Handmaids were really given a greater job … and we are really those to be hit in these days and in this period!  Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: I think that each one of us in her heart realizes how she’s not vigilant towards other Handmaids and towards the rest of the Family! Our Lady: Of course … it wants to destroy you! What do you want to do: destroy yourselves or destroy the Poison? The Handmaids: Destroy the Poison! Our Lady: And what must you do? Handmaids: Raise the Right Hand! Our Lady: Well done! Go on! Teresa: And all of us … the Handmaids, Sisters & Priests … we must take strength from the Cross …  strength from the pain that the Father shows us! On taking His pains and respecting them … in respecting the Father's Times … not just the Father's Spiritual Times … but also the normal times of the Father's day … very often we don’t realize that the Father is Alive and Real and hence He's a man among us … and has the needs that each one of us as a man has! Our Lady: Here I am! Do you want to say something … do you want to talk? And you raised your finger … you did it this way … and now speak and without tears … because I already must gather so many and don’t make Me gather yours as well! There’s a Handmaid that wants to speak! Speak! Marina: Forgive me because of the pain that I'm giving you!  Our Lady: You must decide what you want to do! When you've decided … the Father will listen to you! And you mustn't be afraid … you must only decide …  you must take … a small step … to decide what you want to do and tell the Father! Marina: Here I am! Don Vincenzo: Mother … everything depends on you! Our Lady: No …  everything depends on you! Yes … you've placed everything in my Hands and in my Heart … but you are the Judge of everything that you made … and you made everything with Love, you made everything with Charity, you made everything with Forgiveness, and you made Forgiveness since always … and that always lasts forever … and there’s nothing to renew … but we must only love and remain in your Love …  the Eternal Bread since always! What do you want to say? Raphael: In your Times … Our Lady: … My Times are today’s Times!  Raphael: When Jesus was born everybody was waiting for Him … who waits for Him now? Our Lady: Nobody!  Raphael: Nobody at all? ... What’s mostly there … the Poison? Our Lady: The Poison is completely Poison! Raphael: Which Poison is biggest? Our Lady: Not recognizing God! I know what you are thinking: “…Those in the past waiting because Jesus still had to be born and those that still wait ….?” …  If the Jesus that everybody saw wasn’t believed in … what are they still waiting for? Jesus is Alive … He’s Real … He’s among you … He speaks …  He asks the sons to break the Bread ... but He’s not listened to! He who waits for Jesus does it as work: he sells and buys! … Jesus is Alive! They sell and they buy … but Jesus is Alive … He’s Real …  just like the Father is Alive and Real in “digesting” a humanity that’s foolish, deaf and blind! Why are your eyes glistening? Raphael: .... It can be dismantled ....! Our Lady: And He’s coming to dismantle! There’s so much dismantling being done … and other ones will come and you'll see them and you’ll hear them! Speak!  Raphael: You are the Last Grace!  Our Lady: But you are the most beautiful Graces that the Father gave me: the Family! I'm the Last Grace …  but you all are the most beautiful Graces! Raphael: Here we are! Our Lady: You all are the most beautiful Graces that the Father gave Me … but be vigilant: the enemy is searching for you! But do you want to give birth to Jesus again? Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Love one another … and be at peace with one another … be charitable to each another … so just like when they came knocking at the Door of the Father's Heart and at the door where I, Jesus and Joseph lived! They hid him away … but Joseph is among you … just like all the Useless Servants are, those who weren’t sold or bought! Your eyes are still left full of tears …  they are “glistening”!  Raphael: If you want to … make the Handmaids stronger! Our Lady: I … just like the Father … I can't impose! They are free … they were called Sisters, they were called Handmaids and they’ve signed and they were aware of it …  and it wasn’t imposed on them! But when they don’t feel it … they can also say: “I no longer want to follow you … Father … I want to take the Broad Road!” The Father will say: “Go”!  Raphael: Nothing can stop you! Our Lady: I can't impose on anybody … that's what you aren’t able to reason out here … (She points at the heart) … you reason things out here! … (She indicates the mind) … God reasons them here! … (She points at the heart) … They have a big task! They were asked this … they signed and nothing was imposed on them! Isn't that so? Handmaids: Here I am!  Don Vincenzo: Nothing was imposed on them … but it needs faith and strength! We can't compete with you at all, with your Love … and even one drop of your Love is an immense grace! Our Lady: Daddy … ask your children to be strong and constant in following your footprints! You are the Help! You are the Strength! You are the Whole-Lot … even though you gave Me the task of the Last Grace … and I gave it to all the sons! “Let you digest” humanity once more … Daddy-God … “digest” humanity also today … just like you can do and just like you always did! Do you see how alive the pains are? Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Sacrifice yourselves too … just like the Instrument sacrifices herself! Cause my Son Jesus to be born! And we’ll be with you moment by moment … children! I leave you the Wood of the Cross and I leave you the Father's pains! If when you feel them … don’t blaspheme and don’t throw them away, but carry them! And let you Handmaids … search in your hearts and remember what you answered … but God doesn’t bind you with an iron chain! Handmaids: Here I am!  Our Lady: Say goodbye with the Green Tree … I’ll take leave of you with the Magnificat! … (Don Vincenzo blesses) Don Vincenzo: May the Father's goodness, the Son's mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love …  descend abundantly upon you all, on your families, on your relatives, on your friends, on your enemies, on you all of the Family! … (now everyone recites the hymn of the Magnificat with Our Lady who recites it with Her Arms open at the verse: “…. Like you’d promised to our fathers ….” Our Lady joins Her thumb with the index finger in Her left hand and in Her Right Hand that’s open She bends Her little finger.) …  Our Lady: My soul magnifies the Lord! My soul magnifies the Lord in his Love … and in his Infinite Mercy … (Our Lady lifts up the Crucifix with which Don Vincenzo gave the blessing and She blesses and then She replaces it while kissing it at many parts) … God leaves you his Peace, his Love, his Forgiveness … from His being born … from Eternity … and from Eternity carry it everywhere you go … because God Exists since always in the Cross and in making you become a Cross … my children! Julia: Mother … at this time cover the Family with your Mantle! I even took off yours and I covered humanity with it! I also took the Father's one and Jesus's one … and I only held onto my dress! With the Mantles I covered humanity to some extent hither and thither … let you spread out yours! Help us to fight the Poison ....! I don't have other Mantles and I can't take off the dress! Our Lady:  I’m letting Pio’s Mantle descend and also Dominic’s, Karol’s and the Mantle of the Two Johns and I’ll place them on your back in order to cover your children and the whole of humanity again … and you’ll feel the Weight! … (Julia bends suddenly because of the Weight) … Julia: Here I am … Mother …  Here I am … now I can cover them even more … and it’s the most beautiful Birth of your Son Jesus … that’s covering all the sons, the whole Family and humanity … Mother! Our Lady:  Give what I’ve given to your children and to humanity! Julia: Here I am … silently … Here I am! I love you, Daddy!  I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! THE FATHER: I too love you … and I wait for your Love!  Everybody:  I LOVE YOU, DADDY!  The Father:  Here I am … children of my Heart! … (The Father imposes his hands together with those of Don Vincenzo over those present) … I let the Burning Bush of Pentecost descend on you again … the Pocket-Money of Divine Mercy … accept it with Love, break it up and give it to your enemies … my children!  Julia: Daddy … you must decide not to play hide and seek: for a while you conceal yourself … for a while you unveil yourself! I know that you are the God-Child! Be the God-Child always! The Father: Because I am! Julia: Here I am! But how heavy it is and how sweet it is “to digest” the sons! Seeing that everybody is at the Banquet … and those that didn't want to give their hand have given it and now they are celebrating … may we greet them? Here we are! … (Everybody greets their Loved Ones) … Celebrate … and in celebrating lets get ready to go out with the arrayed-Hosts! Let’s go out with the Little Children … (she sends a kiss) … Here we are! …. Sew more dresses …  Mother … Little Flowers! … Here I am!





Year end Vigil



Julia: The rosary was said already … You'll have to give Jesus … and then let's wait for what He wants to do this evening! Prepare yourselves! You shouldn't see it as being different from other Thursdays: I'm under obedience! Everybody: Here I am! … (Raphael gives Jesus the beaker with the Wine. Jesus stands up before the Living Cup and says:) … Jesus: This is the Blood that You shed through Me … Father … in cancelling every stain and making all the Sons New … and I did it because You said so! And having washed them with the Blood … with the Blood that You gave Me … Humanity became: God's Daughter …. just like You created it … just like You are bringing it along step by step! And although it spits in Your face … even though it denies You … even though it puts You in the last place … even though it sells and buys You … You are always steadfast and You give every son the only Pocket-Money that's the same for everybody! This is the Blood that You gave me! … (Jesus lifts up the wine, drinks it and then gives it to the Living Cup to drink) … This is the Blood that the Father gave Me! … This is my Blood and Yours! … (Raphael gives Jesus a piece of Bread … Jesus breaks it in half and gives the Living Cup the other half! Then Jesus, before eating it, lifts up the Bread and says:) … This is My Flesh and Yours … what's Yours is Mine! And this is Me! You sent Me among the peoples … and You planted the Tree … and I remained green! … (Julia kneels at the Living Cup's feet saying:) … Julia: Father … before we give ourselves … I place in Your Heart everything that You always gave Me! I place in Your Heart all the Priest Sons and the Man that wears the White Habit! I place the Family that's here before You in Your Heart! I place all those that are entrusted to my prayers in Your Heart! I place my day's nothingness in Your Heart! I place in Your Heart every whisper and every heartbeat that came to my heart today! I place in Your Heart everything that You've heard … the speeches of the Man that wears the White Habit … the speeches of all the Priests, of all the Lilies and Gems! I know that You'll receive all this with Your Infinite Love! And I give You my nothingness again and allow me to remain at Your Right Hand and also go to work You know where … Good Father! Now we can give ourselves! I give Myself and You give Yourself … and as the Instrument I remain Crucified out of Love and to do Your business … Father! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! … (Jesus invites those present to approach to receive the Blood and the Flesh. Don Vincenzo says: This is my Blood! Joseph says: This is my Flesh! And everybody responds: Amen! Jesus remains seated in recollection and self-offering!) … Jesus: It's Me … (He blesses) … don't be afraid … I'm Jesus who through the Father we've given ourselves … (He blesses) … with the Cross and with the Whole Bread that's Broken … with the arrayed-Host of the Little Children … with the arrayed-Host of the Brides … with the arrayed-Host of Your Loved Ones in coming to remain with You … in speaking and taking the 'Daily Food'-God! Today the world celebrates by forgetting even God and putting Him behind it … along with the world of the past year! Children, Brothers and Friends of my Heart … remember not to throw away the Cross … not to remove the Tree where each one of you is made in its Image and Likeness and remember not to remove the Narrow Road that's Ancient and Alive just like God is Alive! Remain on My Footprints … don't change them! And be vigilant: the Enemy … the Poison … the False Prophets are outside the gate! But pray … pray for the Blood-stained Walls … pray for all the Priest Sons … pray for the Man that wears the White Habit and pray while waiting for the Father's Hour! Now we'll take the God-Food and we'll speak again … (He blesses) … in the Father's Love and Mercy! … (Jesus kisses the palm of the Living Cup's hand and says:) … My Father… let Your name be glorified because You glorified Me… and I glorify You! You gave Me the Word of  Eternal Life and I give it to You… just like I give You Your Family and the Whole of Humanity… [He blesses]… with the Cross and with the Bread! Now you have God available… we'll come again to speak later on !… [He sends a kiss and it's reciprocated. The New Wine is drunk and then Jesus returns]… Julia: If it's You glorify the  Father! If it's You glorify the Father! If it's You glorify the Father! Jesus: It's me … your Jesus … (He blesses) … and I glorify the Father Most High … now and for eternity … Children, Brothers and Friends of my Heart! I've stopped to look at my Garden… and while looking I see and feel pain as well! My Vineyard … My Family… eat the Bread… drink… but raise your gaze and hear the noise … and clean and drive the noise away with your Right Hand! Be vigilant in being Living Sons of the Cross! Pray: at this moment Innocent Blood is descending from the Walls! I've given you the New Wine… I've given you my Body and my Blood … you are eating the Father… but at this hour unite your hearts… unite them really strongly by forming the Cradle where to bring the Sons of Perdition … and praying just like you prayed at the beginning … just like the Father has decided: the Our Father-Hail Mary! … A Banquet and Another Banquet where the Father gives the Hand and the Task to each Son… to each Bride that enters!… And the Year of Mankind's Ruination enters! And you who are the Family must fight and clean by raising the Right Hand! The wars that were hidden will stand up and be counted! Pray… My children! Stubborn One… Divine Stubborn One? Julia: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus: Where did you go… My Soul? Julia: Where You sent me to work! Jesus: Take a look! Julia: Jesus … what is it? Jesus: Take a Look ......! Julia: Who prepared it? Jesus… how did they create that monster? It seems like a plate and cup upside down… but it's not a plate and a cup! And how did they make it fly without being seen and that it makes the Smoke of Death fall on Humanity? Jesus… what's inside it again?… Little Children!… And what will happen to them? Can I not do anything to stop what I see: this big plate and this big cup and bring the Little Children home? Jesus … You celebrate at the Banquet… You are joyful in receiving the Brides … but I see the Father, I see You, I see the Heavenly Mother, Mother Mary … and all the Useless Servants! John, Karol, Pio, Dominic have stopped … they are motionless praying … they've stopped in not receiving the Brides, but it's not that they got tired … they've stopped! Jesus … what are they doing? Jesus: Don't be afraid … My Soul … look at what they are doing! Julia: And can I not go to help them? Jesus: What do you want to do first? Julia: A little of each thing that I see! What about John, Karol, Pio and Dominic? Jesus: They work just like you work! Julia: And today can we not let them rest for a while… and afterwards… a good deal later… will we all go out? Jesus: See… My Soul… we'll go out! Now they must stop what those who are dirtying the Vineyard have started! Julia: Who entered the Vineyard? Jesus… Can I get Your Fire of Love? … Jesus: You already have it! Take some more of yours! … (the Stubborn One opens her arms and raises them with her hands pointed) … Julia: Can I go to remove he who entered the Vineyard? Jesus: Here I am! Julia: Who is it that wasn't vigilant? Jesus, You've given us a Vineyard, an Ark, the Oars and the Households … can I raise and lower the Right Hand? Jesus: Here I am! … (Julia raises and lowers her Right Hand) … Julia: Where are You going now … Jesus? Jesus: I'm going to get a White Sheet! Julia: And what must You do … Jesus … what must You do with the White Sheet? Jesus: Look ....! Julia: Here I am! … (the Stubborn One raises her hands and points them) … Jesus, don't let it come down … don't let the White Sheet descend … because it's no longer White ... ah ... ah ... Jesus, the merciful again … give it to me… I'll drink it! Give me this gift … don't left that Sheet descend … be merciful as always! Forgive the sons … forgive them … forgive the Vinedressers that didn't listen to You! Give me the Sheet … Jesus! Forgive the noise too… [Fireworks can be heard] … forgive Humanity! Will You give me the Sheet as a Gift… Jesus? Jesus: Right now I'll hold onto it! ... Later on! Julia: I know that when You promise something You keep it … hold it … and will You give it to me later? Jesus: Here I am … My Soul! Raise up a single cry: Our Father-Hail Mary! … (Those present all join in with the prayer of Jesus repeating it several times and then Jesus raises His Right Hand in the Trinitarian sign) … Julia: Jesus … what more can I do? Jesus: Sacrifice yourself like you can do … My Soul! Julia: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Go forward in the work that you must do! Julia: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus: Peace to Your heart John, Jesus-God! … (Don Vincenzo signs Jesus's hands with the Sign of the Cross) … Don Vincenzo: Peace! Jesus: Other flowers that blossom at the foot of the Cross! How are you? Don Vincenzo: What's the matter … Jesus? … (fireworks can be heard) … Jesus: It's the world's noise! But how are you? Don Vincenzo: So so! Jesus: Does the world's noise not cause you pain and what they are dirtying … Daddy? And how are you … are you all well-or-sick? … (Jesus sends a kiss to those present and it's reciprocated) … Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am meaning yes or Here I am meaning no? Everybody: Here I am meaning yes! Jesus: The Father is beautiful! … (He indicates the Banquet) … Daddy … what do You want to say? … It's time to speak! Don Vincenzo: Jesus … You are the Way … the Truth … the Life! The choice is ours: the Narrow Road on the Broad Road… The Road of Real Love or the Road of False Love! Jesus? Jesus: Eh! Don Vincenzo: How beautiful it is to love! Jesus: I love you! The Green Tree always produces Love ... boundless and immeasurable! How many little children would've had a roof and how many little children would've had a piece of bread with all this: boom boom bang bang! Don Vincenzo: This is what the world does: it makes noise! You on the contrary are delicate … You are humble! Jesus: It's not just the world! It's also those who say that they represent Me … because they build these noises! And how they sell and buy Me … they sell and buy these noises!… Now I leave you! John will come to speak! Little John: with the Cross with the Bread! … (He blesses) … It's me … John the Bold One! Do you know him? Don Vincenzo: Yes, I do! Little John: And how are You? Don Vincenzo: Well! Little John: And how are you … are you all well-or-sick? … (John sends a kiss to those present and it's reciprocated) … Everybody: Here I am! Little John: Eh … where's my coffee? Here I am! Since we share everything … another drop … what's it like? Don Vincenzo: Excellent! Little John: Is it excellent? Now let's see! It's excellent! Whoever wants it ………! No … nothing once again … I'll just drink it! It tastes good! Yes ... did somebody steal it from me? Teresa: I did … and then I drank it! Little John: You did ... and you drank it ... facing John! ... John, we must close the Furrow … but the Stubborn One asks to make it longer: she must bring the sons home! What must I tell you? See… children… I'm glad you've remained … I'm glad that you came to help with cleaning … whereas hither and thither they leave dirt & filth, they leave Mary's Heart pierced and that of all the Useless Servants, of all your Loved Ones that see! Pio, Dominic and Karol … were sent to work … to wash the Innocent Blood shed on this day! You are here to help Us! John … now we are hand-in-hand right till the end: when the Sun's other Half will open! You mustn't all be sad… you must help Us to fight … work … and go forward! How are you … Handmaids? The Handmaids: Here I am! Little John: Your Loved Ones have gone to work and they kiss you all and greet you! I tell you to pray for all the Priests … for the Man that wears the White Habit … for those who'll go working for a loaf of bread! But God's Times aren't your times! We'll say goodbye to you later! Say something… say it! Teresa: We must never forget… when we are at the Banquet also in our homes ... that God is the Banquet … and therefore we must always maintain a certain respect … even though we chat and even if ….....! Little John: Whoever's in a hurry … whoever takes a piece and goes away…! And when you are at the Banquet you must remember that God is there who eats with us! It remains only for me to tell you to remain united … to love one another … and remain on the Road marked out by the Thorns that Mary sows … my children! The Living Cup-God will bless you … and I leave you my heart thrown wide open … but dripping Blood! Let you bless with the Green Tree … I leave you my heart wide open! Don Vincenzo: May the Father's Goodness, the Son's Mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love … descend abundantly upon you all … on your family-members … on your relatives … on your friends … on your enemies … upon the whole of Humanity! And may Almighty God bless you … the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody: Amen! Little John: Amen! Julia: John … I didn't finish yet and there's all the remainder to be done! Here I am again for eternity! We'll meet anyway! I'll come to the Banquet in a while! … I love You, Daddy! I love You, Daddy! I love You, Daddy! I love You, Daddy! I love You, Daddy! I love You, Daddy! The Father: I too love you and I wait for your love! Everybody: I love You, Daddy! The Father: Here I am … children of my Heart! … (The Father imposes His Hands over those present together with those of the Living Cup) … I let the Burning Bush of Pentecost descend on you again, the Pocket-Money of Divine Mercy … accept it with Love, break it up and give it to your enemies … my children! Julia: Since they are all working … let's greet our Loved Ones from a distance! … (Everyone present greets and sends kisses to their Loved Ones) … Take also the Brides who've just arrived… and afterwards I'll give them the Job that they must receive … there's a lot of work to do!