N° 175

April 2015

Messages through the Instrument Julia


 Second Sunday of the month:


Moses leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on its mysteries, and while these are offered up for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation begins: Julia:  If it's you, glorify the Father! If it's you, glorify the Father! If it's you, glorify the Father!(*)  Our Lady: Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be world without end, Amen! ... (Our Lady remains silent for a short while and then blesses with the Sign of the Cross and says:) ... May the Face of the Cross illuminate the hearts of each one of you and of the whole of humanity, my children! And may the Face of the Cross be your Face now and for Eternity … just like the Father is: a Face for Eternity, gazing at and taking care of his children! But be vigilant: a Step has opened … the Instrument had closed them all … but one opened! Now she lets what the Father had written all along pass by … she won't knock … she won't ask … she'll do what the Father has written from time immemorial … not for punishment … but to obey God and not men! Just like I do: the Mother of Love and the Mother of Sorrows … I obey the Father fully! God sent her … … and just as God was put in the Last Place … … just as my Son was put in the Last Place … … just like my Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart was put in the Last Place …… … the Instrument's heart too was put outside … and therefore now what the Father wrote all along will be accomplished! Be vigilant, children, you were given the Narrow Road … but you didn't see it and you don't see it …… … you listen and you don't see! And I, the Mother of the Living God … the Mother of the Crucified One, ask you to convert your hearts in the Sign of the Tremendous Cross ...(Our Lady blesses) ... in the sign of the Only God Alive and Real among you …. there are no others: He's the God of the Cross … He's the God of the Nails! Don't seek God where there's noise … don't seek God where there are False Prophets … but be vigilant! A Tree was planted and that Tree is the Cross … and it was planted in this Place where the Sun will open, where my Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart will triumph … Children, Brothers and Friends of the Heart of the Only Cross! …Divine Stubborn One!  Julia: Here I am … Mother … Here I am again for Eternity and only for the Father's business! I don't fail to keep my Promise … and from now on I'll do only what I saw in the First Visitation and nothing else … I'll do the work in silence! Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am...My Soul … all this was already written from time immemorial … and John had already told you, and now the moment has come! Julia: Here I am! Our Lady: take a Look............! Julia: Here I am ... but I'll keep everything in the "Empty-Space"! (*) Here I am! (*) Here I am! (*) Here I am! (*) Here I am! (*) Here I am! (*) Our Lady: Look AGAIN............! Julia: Here I am! (*) Here I am! (*) Here I am! (*) Here I am! (*) Here I am! (*) Here I am! (*) Here I am! (*) Here I am ... Mother, in working just like I was asked … and just like I was asked, I place everything that I was given all along in the Father's Heart … the Family that I was given by the Father and by John! I place in the Father's Heart the whispers that I was able to catch! I place in the Father's Heart those that are entrusted to my prayers! I place my enemies in the Father's Heart! I place all the Gems in the Father's Heart: the Priests and Lilies … and I hand over everything that I was given again … and even my day's "nothingness" … Mother! Our Lady: Here I am to gather it! But look again and place it in the "Empty-Space"! Julia: Here I am...Mother...Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am Alive and Real among you with all the arrayed-Hosts, with all your Loved Ones, with all the Brides, with all the Useless Servants, with the Father's Living Banquets! Here I am with the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic in bringing the Only Truth of the Cross … (Our Lady blesses) … and the Only Truth of the Bread … asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts … my children! Julia: Here I am ... Mother ... in doing  the Father's work in the Vineyard, in the Ark and with the Oars … and carrying humanity, just like the Father gave it to me all along! Here I am in walking on the Narrow Road … in sowing the thorns … and remaining Little, Poor  and in the Last Place … there where Jesus is … there where the Father's Heart is … there where your Heart is … Mother of Love and Mother of Sorrows! Our Lady: Here I am ...Little Stubborn One of the Heart of the Cross! Julia: Here I am...Mother...Here I am! Our Lady: peace to your heart, John-Jesus God! Don Vincenzo: Shalom, Mammy! Our Lady: Shalom! Don Vincenzo: Peace to you! Our Lady: Other flowers that blossom at the foot of the Cross! ... How are you? Don Vincenzo: Well because you are here…… … but a bit sad on account of what happens! Our Lady: Then imagine my Son's Heart and my Heart! ... And how are you … all well or sick? Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Speak … my Sorrowful Heart listens to you! … Yes, a Step has opened! … Now the Instrument has said that she'll do what's written in the Book! … She never leaves her work! Don Vincenzo: It's too important........! Our Lady: You still haven't understood anything … it's not too important … it's the only road that you have and there are no others … you have God Alive and Real … and the Father is Merciful … but a Judge! Now the Stubborn One will no longer have the possibility of asking for the Final Question … and she said that she'll do only what's written in the Book … and she'll let what's written there go by! ... Speak! Don Vincenzo: Mammy … the Stubborn One has already suffered so much.......! Our Lady: The Stubborn One with her: “Here I am” doesn't suffer … but she suffers when she feels that the children don't listen … just like I suffered, just like Jesus suffered on seeing the sons that walked behind Jesus … but they betrayed Him, step after step!...“Whoever loves me let him take up his Cross … let him take it up … and follow me in the climb! The one who doesn't love me remains on the Broad Road pretending to love me!” Jesus knows everybody one by one and the Instrument was given the "Father's All" from time immemorial, namely the knowledge of everything … but she's under obedience not to point the finger … but to "cry out"! She could say: "You are betraying me at this moment … you are blaspheming me at this moment … you are laughing at me at this moment … you are doing evil at this moment!” She could tell everything: every mistake, every sin, every lie … but she's under obedience and she remains under the Father's obedience! … Speak! By a Little Crumb a Step got opened … namely Steps that were closed and would never again be opened! … The Smallest Crumb has value! After having built the Rock and the Castle on the Rock the Step got opened…… … and they'll open again … and the Instrument won't be able to do anything any longer … just the: “Our Father - Hail Mary; Our Father - Hail Mary!” And she asks you for this and I ask you to do it! I seem to you like a hard Mother, a bad Mother…… … but I'm the Mother of Love, the Mother of Sorrows and I come to gather all the children in order to bring them onto the Narrow Road without leaving them on the Broad Road! And the Instrument will now work in silence without telling you where she is … but she asks you to pray … children! Speak for a while! Don Vincenzo: This invitation to pray is what's most necessary! Our Lady: The Times are complete … you have a Vineyard … you have the Ark … you have the Oars, but you don't want to see or hear! The Instrument speaks … I speak … Jesus speaks … the Father speaks … Karol speaks … but nobody wants to listen, nobody wants to do the Father's things, but the world's things! … Speak again......! Don Vincenzo: What about this Step that opened…? Our Lady: It won't be shut anymore! It's not a Punishment … it was you that let it open, it wasn't the Instrument … she had closed them all … do you remember? Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: As a Mother I open my Heart to you and everything that there was to give you, we gave you! Now remain vigilant: the Poison is outside and the False Prophets come forward! The Instrument is at the Father's right hand! She'll descend … but when she descends you'll never know who she is … and even in little things she's never listened to……! Be vigilant because you haven't yet understood God's Greatness among you! It's not like other places … here there is God … there's His Dwelling … there is the Green Tree planted for you! You are the Vinedressers, you are the New Church … but you still don't want to see or hear … children! Do you want to speak, Therese of the Child Jesus? Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Speak! Teresa: Recently John's words came to mind which he wrote for me when I was small … he gave me a present of your picture on the day of my first communion … with the dedication: "Gaze at Her … it's She that leads you to Jesus!" … This is what we must do! This is what I've tried to do!  Our Lady: “Gaze at Her!”: like John told you … that way you'll find Jesus!" … Did you find Him? Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: And when you found Him, what did Jesus tell you? … Say it! Teresa: I would like the others too to feel what I feel! Our Lady: Even the Instrument said so: “I would like the others to see with my eyes! Can I take out my eyes and give them for everybody to see?” This is what she asked me in her First Visitations: “Mammy, can I take out my eyes and give them to whoever doesn't see … so that they'll all see and pass them to one another for a little while?”…The innocence of a child: to take out her eyes & give them order to let everybody see! … She gave them to them … and they didn't see! She spoke … and they didn't hear! And just like John spoke … just like the Living Cup speaks…… … and they answer with a "Here I am" that's neither tepid or warm … but freezing cold! And when they go outside they forget everything!....Pray: “Our Father - Hail Mary” …  while remaining in the Vineyard, in the Ark and in the Oars! Should you not say something … have you nothing to say, Living Cup-God? Don Vincenzo: We should plunge into your Heart … Mother and into the Father's! Our Lady: Mankind doesn't see It and doesn't hear It and they put It in the Last Place where there's no Place … but God doesn't abandon humanity! Now He'll no longer allow the Stubborn One to answer the Final Question and she has asked the Father to do everything that was given to her from time immemorial…! She'll do all her works in silence … just like she did them all along … just like she gave John the Secret Messages! When she'll be given a Big Message she'll write it down and it shall be sealed … just like those given to John were sealed … and John has given them to the other John! All the arrayed-Hosts are at work, they've gone to work and do the Vineyard's work, the Ark's work and the Oars' work  and the Garden's work! Let you also do it! … Should you not tell me something? Raphael: Should we work more? Our Lady: The Instrument won't abandon anybody … but she'll no longer be able to do the Final Question! She'll be able to answer … but she'll no longer be able to ask-to-do that Final One! She'll wait, just like the Father waits………! He's not a Bad Father … He's a Father that corrects his sons … just like when they came knocking at my door asking me: “Put in a good word with your Son … since you are his Mother!”...And I answered: “I'm a Creature, just like you are … go to Him … and speak … open your hearts! Jesus will cancel your sins … but walk on the Narrow Lane and don't tell lies!”...I speak to you and I speak to the whole of humanity: don't think that God doesn't see you and doesn't hear you! God sees and hears everything! … He's a Father and He waits! But the Stubborn One had reached the Final Question … she was a short step away just like this! … (She indicates a small space between her thumb and index finger)…The Instrument had closed all the Steps…… … she was able to touch the Father's Heart! Now the Step has opened … and very many of them can open and she'll have to work … but in silence … and you don't know where she is and you don't know with whom you speak when you see the Instrument! The Scrolls were opening … but now they'll remain until the Sun's Last Day … children! But pray, let you pray: "Our Father - Hail Mary" … (And everybody prays with the Heavenly Mother:) … "Our Father - Hail Mary; Our Father - Hail Mary; Our Father - Hail Mary; Our Father - Hail Mary; Our Father - Hail Mary!" … And therefore in your work … in loving one another … in your being God's Family … <He called you so … Jesus called you like that> … children, don't lose your Sonship … don't lose being God's Family! The coming Times will confuse you more and more! God gave you the Vineyard, the Ark and the Oars and the Household: don't lose them! Remain steadfast! You can fight … [She raises her right hand in the Trinitarian sign] … but when you fight remain Little, Poor and in the Last Place! Do you want to say something else? After that I'll take leave of you and ...bring home the Narrow Road … the Pain of an Immaculate and Sorrowful Mother … "Making a Sign" everywhere you go! The Day isn't sad, it's Signed with the Cross and with the Blood of Jesus: it's Victorious, children! Do you want to say something else … do you want to speak? Don Vincenzo: Has the matter of the Step changed everything and therefore even the matter of the Final Question? Our Lady: But the Stubborn One won't abandon anybody and she'll carry the whole of humanity just like she promised the Father all along! And when a son falls she'll lift him up, and she'll put him on her back! She won't abandon any of the sons … but you must watch out when you speak because you won't know who's there instead of her! She'll go to work and you won't know it! She'll go to drink the Cups and you won't know it! And you'll never know who's there instead of her! You'll see her body … but you won't know who's there!…… … She has chosen this! Don Vincenzo: Eeeh! Jesus! Our Lady: No…I'm the Heavenly Mother! Jesus will come on Thursday … if you want Him! Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: If you listen to him! … This is what you haven't understood: with whom you are speaking! … Are you displeased if I joke?  Everybody: No! Our Lady: When we go out with all the Little Children … in the beginning we get into a line to play and then to work with all the Brides, with all the Useless Servants! A Mother plays with her children … but she plays on the Narrow Road not on that Broad One! What's still there … After that I must take my leave of you and let you go & bring home what I've given you! Don Vincenzo: How many graces we've received today! And if we were more humble we'd have received more, even more! Our Lady: The Father breaks the Bread moment by moment … He doesn't stop breaking the Bread … and I'm the Last Grace! Don Vincenzo: Mother, throughout the day, you are near us! Our Lady: I'll be with you always......! Don Vincenzo: Even when we don't recognize you? Our Lady: God never abandoned anybody … and if He were to abandon, everything would collapse … and nothing would be left … neither the Garden or the Sea … nothing! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Now you'll say goodbye to your children with the Green Tree … I'll take leave of you with the Magnificat!...(Don Vincenzo blesses)...Don Vincenzo: May the Father's Goodness, the Son's Mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love, descend abundantly on you all, on your hearts, on your families, on your relatives, on your friends, on your enemies, on all those that are united to this holy prayer all over the world and on the whole of humanity! And may Almighty God bless you: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody Amen! (*) Our Lady: The Magnificat!…(everybody recites the Magnificat with the Heavenly Mother)...Julia: My Soul magnifies the Lord … Mother! The Promise that I made to the Father remains Complete! Everything that you've given me remains Complete … in the "Empty-Space"! And Here I am again for Eternity! Give your sons your embrace … give your children your warmth! Our Lady: Carry them on your back always! Julia: Here I am...Mother! Our Lady: Here I am...daughter … My Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart's Kiss of Mary and the Crucified One! Julia: I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! The Father: I too love you … and I wait for your love! Everybody: I love you, Daddy! The Father: Here I am in loving you! Here I am in remaining the One and Triune God in your midst … children! Remember that you were given-birth-to by my Heart … and Bought with the Price of Blood by my Son, who opened His arms on the Wood of the Cross for each one of you and for the whole of humanity … my children! Julia: Daddy … I go to do what was written from time immemorial!  The Father: Here I am... My Soul! Julia: Since our Loved Ones are all united … & while you celebrate ... can we greet them? (Everybody greets their Loved Ones) Here we are … Loved Ones! Here we are … Useless Servants! Here we are, arrayed-Hosts of the Little Children! Here we are … everybody! And Here I am, Mother, Daddy, Useless Servants … Here we are … [Julia smacks a few kisses] … let's do what we should do!



last THURSDAY of the Month

30 APRIL 2015



Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on its mysteries, and while these are offered up for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the Priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation begins:  Julia: If it's you, glorify the Father! If it's you, glorify the Father! If it's you, glorify the Father! … [Jesus remains silent for a long while, then He blesses] …  Jesus: In the Living Bread ... in the Whole Bread I glorify the Father Most High, now and for eternity! And in the Full Light of the Cross ... [Jesus blesses] ... I open, I give, I break my Heart for each one of you and for the whole of humanity ... [Jesus blesses] ... with the Tremendous Sign of my Cross ... from Me the Crucified One … from the Son Given by a Little Creature: Mary! ... The Only Tabernacle ... the Only Living and Real Church in your midst & Bestowed into your hands ... Given and Sealed in your hearts ... Children, Brothers and Friends ... the Vineyard's Friends ... the Ark's Friends ... Friends of the Oars ... Friends of the Households! And Here we are united to each one of you! Here we are the Family in God's Family! Here we are made in God's image and likeness! Here we are in the Father's "Twinning"! How many Twins ... God gave birth to and still gives birth to … and nothing or nobody can cancel what the Father did since time immemorial: namely the Living Childbirth of His Love ... His Complete love for each one of his sons! But don't forget He's a Judge ... [Jesus blesses] ... and He judges with the Cross! Don't throw it away and don't throw yourselves away ... Sons, Brothers, and Friends of my Heart! ............... ... Divine Stubborn One..........................! Julia: Why do you position yourself with joined hands ... Jesus? Here I am at your call! A Stubborn one ... like you called me! Jesus: I position myself with joined hands to bow before God's Instrument! Julia: Jesus ... the gates are thrown open! Here I am ... but don't be with your hands joined! Here I am ... doing the Father's business ... but here I am for what you desire to do ... Jesus! Jesus: Take a look ... but keep what you see in that "empty-space" for a while ... my soul! Julia: Here I am ... Jesus ... Here I am! Jesus…! Jesus: Sacrifice yourself always like you can do! Julia: Here I am ... Jesus! Jesus: Sacrifice yourself in doing the Father's things! Julia: Here I am ... Jesus ... Here I am . ... Here I am . ... Here I am ... Here I am ... Here I am, Jesus ... it's all in the "empty-space" where the scrolls are! Jesus ... in working with the Father's things ... I offer you the children's hearts again ... console them with your love! I place in your heart everything that you gave me all along! I place my enemies! I place the whole of humanity! I place all the children that are confided to my prayers! I place all the gems: the priests and lilies! I place my day's "nothingness" again! Jesus ... listen to the whispers of your children! Listen to the cry of the "empty-space"! And here I am again for eternity ... Jesus! Jesus: I've also looked at your tears! Julia: Here I am ...if they are any use, use them ... Jesus! Jesus: You see ... my soul ... what my Mother did...... ... and you see what Mary Magdalene did with her tears ... and what you do with your tears.......! Julia: You are the Eternal Goodness ...just like the Father is! Jesus ... listen to the whisper of the "empty-space" know what was written all along! Jesus: Here I am ... united to each one of you with the Two Banquets ... with all the arrayed-Hosts ... with all the Useless Servants ... with all your Loved Ones ... with all the Brides ... with the Two Johns ... Karol, Pio and Dominic, in bringing the Only Truth of the Cross … (Jesus blesses) ... and the Only Truth of the Bread ... asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts ... my children! I am …(He blesses) … the Jesus of the Cross and of the Crucified ... don't seek other gods! We are alive and real among you with the Tremendous Sign of the Cross! ... (He blesses) ... be vigilant ... outside there's the Poison and the false prophets are there! Raise your right hand ... keep it raised and fight ... (He blesses) ... my children! My soul ... the Instrument that plays the music of the Living and Whole Bread! Julia: Here I am! Jesus: Don't stop! Julia: Here I am again for eternity ... Jesus ... Here I am! Jesus: peace to your heart ... John, Jesus-God! Don Vincenzo: Shalom! Jesus: Shalom! Other flowers that blossom at the foot of the Cross! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: How are you? Don Vincenzo: Well! Jesus: And how are you ... well or sick? ... (Jesus sends a kiss) … Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! How are you then? Don Vincenzo: Well! Jesus: You aren't well or sick ... are you not on a war footing? Don Vincenzo: To fight against the enemy: the ego! We've so many enemies ... but we also have you, the conqueror of every death! Jesus: I'm always there ... but you also know the Times! And when the Times will come ... Were you not told to raise your right hand and fight? Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Where is your 'Here I am' that's inflamed with Mary's love? ... Do I have to wring the 'Here I am' from you? Are we not Sons all along ... are we not Brothers all along ... are we not Friends all along ...and are you not able to answer me a heart-felt Here I am? Everybody: Here I am!  Jesus: Here I am! But tell me something ... after that we'll give ourselves! Don Vincenzo: Yes ... everything starts from the Cross and the more we embrace this Cross ... the more it becomes light and small, whereas if we don't embrace it, it gets heavy! Jesus: The Cross is carried just like you are ... just like he is ... just like you and you are ... just like you all are! The Father ... knowing everything ... doesn't give his children bad fruit, He doesn't give evil ... but He gives what's good and I said: "You carry yourself like you are ... each one carries himself like he is: a Cross!" But you say: "It's an evil!" ... The Father doesn't send evil ... the Poison brings evil ... and so do men! ... But you are a Cross, and everything comes from the Cross ... everything comes from the Father who is alive and real among you ... just like I am ...and all the arrayed-Hosts ... & all the Useless Servants ... & all the Brides ... & all your Loved Ones who gave their hand and are at the Banquet before you ........... ... … and you are at this Banquet! Don Vincenzo: What a spectacle to taste the Father! Jesus: God gives Himself ... God is Love ... God is the whole Bread ... but a spectacle He has never made and He'll never make them! He's God! … (Jesus makes the sign of the Cross on Himself) … did you see what I've done? It's God! …  (Jesus makes the sign of the Cross again) … With the straight line that's the Cross and the Cross doesn't make any spectacle ... but it's Truth, it's Fullness, it's Light, it's Love! ... What have you to say about this? Don Vincenzo: That in every moment of the day we  precisely meet this Cross which is Love ... and in each moment we  are called to correspond to this love! Jesus:  The Cross isn't met ... the Cross is God's image ... and you all are! It's not something new! ... But for whoever doesn't accept it, for whoever throws it away ... the Instrument, who is a Little Ant, goes to collect it! ... But the Cross ... you are made just like God is and He's not met, He IS ... you are the Cross! Don Vincenzo: We are the Cross! Jesus: What more do you want to say ... after that we'll give ourselves! ...Why do you look at me like that? Don Vincenzo: Because to look at you is a Grace! For thirty years you are coming among us! Jesus: No, you are wrong ... from time immemorial! Don Vincenzo: And you never get tired! Jesus: Are you tired? Don Vincenzo: No! Jesus: Eh! Are you all tired? Everybody: No! Jesus: What'll we do … shall we give ourselves? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: I give myself and you give yourself and the Instrument ... in doing the Father's things .. remains crucified out of love for all the priest sons and for the man that wears the white habit! Don Vincenzo: Here I am … let's give ourselves! Jesus: And therefore we'll give ourselves! Here I am! … (Raphael gives Jesus the beaker with the wine ... Jesus lifts it up ... He drinks it ... and then Don Vincenzo drinks) … This is my Blood! This is my Blood! Don Vincenzo: Amen! … (Raphael gives Jesus a piece of Bread ... Jesus breaks it in half and gives the other half to Don Vincenzo. Then Jesus, before eating it, raises the Bread while blessing and saying:) … Jesus: Amen! This is my Flesh! This is my Flesh! Don Vincenzo: Amen! Jesus: This is the Flesh that the Father gave me to come among you ... to come to shed my Blood ...and eat of the "New" with each one of you! ... Do you want it to divide? Some: No! Jesus: Do you want God to remain Whole and Entire? Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! … Now we can give ourselves! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: I give myself and you give yourself and the Instrument continues doing the Father's business! ... Let's give ourselves! … (Jesus asks those present to draw near to receive the Blood and the Flesh. Don Vincenzo says: This is my Blood! Joseph says: This is my Flesh! And everybody answers: Amen! Jesus remains seated in recollection and self-offering and "points" His hands for a long while!) … We've given ourselves! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: The Easter is complete and it's risen ... in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!  Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: The Banquet is alive! The Father gives Himself again! Don Vincenzo: How tasty it is ... how good the Heavenly Daddy is! Jesus: Shall we take part at the Banquet? Don Vincenzo: What a Grace … Here I am! Jesus: Mary is the Last Grace! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Here I am! How tasty the Father is......! But how are you ... well are sick? Everybody: Here I am! … (Jesus sends a kiss) … Jesus: Here I am! …  (As usual Raphael, Catherine and Mary Rosaria hurry to distribute the food dishes which are at the Banquet, while Joseph prepares  a plateful for Cosmos) … Are we staying silent? Meditating on the Father's Love ... tasting God in Him giving birth to a Twin! I'd stay silent the whole time ... speak for a while! Don Vincenzo: Yes ... Jesus, you break yourself as Bread ... you give yourself as Blood! Jesus: Here I am! … do you want some? Don Vincenzo: Yes … let's go halves! Jesus: No … that one's mine ... yours is there! They are all among you ... all the arrayed-Hosts are ready! Did you hear the Instrument speaking at the beginning? ... (During the catechesis at the start) she's not afraid of mankind ... she fears the Father ... she does the Father business, and you mustn't be afraid of men ... and you mustn't hide behind a matchstick ... but throw open your heart! ... Let ye come with your "nothingness" … Here I am! Catherine and Mary Rosaria: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Raphael: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! … Do you want to speak? Don Vincenzo: Yes ... I always want to testify to the Father's Mercy ... I always want to give Him Glory! ... To love is to love oneself ... and the more we love ourselves the more the love grows! Jesus: Humanity loves the things of the world ... humanity loves Miracles! … When I said: "don't listen to them ... don't go there ... I'm not there where they tell you: ... there are Miracles ... you get healed!" The Miracles happen in silence! The Miracles is the Whole Bread but Broken ... what John said ...and what you said! Don Vincenzo: You break Yourself! Jesus: We've just done it and we are doing it all the time, moment by moment with the Brides, with the arrayed-Hosts, with your Loved Ones, with the Banquet that's here before you ...! Are you waiting for which one I'll choose? Raphael: Here I am! Jesus: Bring the tray near me's this one ... which one do you want? Don Vincenzo: The one that you take! Jesus: The one that I take! ... Have you nothing else to say? Speak for a while! Don Vincenzo: We must always put God in first place ... only like this shall we enter the narrow lane ... God is God and He must always be put in first place ...and then we too will start to live our days with this objective and with these sentiments ... God in first place always and no matter how ... without ever getting tired ... rather becoming brighter always! How lovely! Jesus: When there are earthquakes and fires of war etc. etc. everybody gets angry with God ... but it's mankind! …Humanity is deaf and it's blind! Since the Instrument has done her work that she had to do and many Brides have arrived ... I'll go to receive them and I'll let John come ...therefore, I'll leave you to John! Little John: with the Cross and with the Bread! … (John blesses) … Hey, John! Don Vincenzo: Hello! Little John: Are we well? Don Vincenzo: Welcome! Little John: And also to you! And how are you all ...well or sick? Everybody: Here I am! … (John sends a kiss and it's reciprocated) … Little John: Eh … my coffee has arrived ... let's see what it's like! Do you want to taste it first? ... How is it? ... What's it like? ... Does it taste good? Don Vincenzo: Excellent! Little John: Then, if it's excellent ... let whoever wants it come & take it! Yes ... it belongs to the Instrument! How are things, Nick? Nicholas: Here I am! Little John: How are we! Nicholas: Here I am! Little John: Eh! And how about you, Marie? Marie: Here I am! Don Vincenzo: Did so many arrive … did many, did many Brides? Little John: Yes … many, so very many! Don Vincenzo: And did they all give their hand? Little John: And if they hadn't given their hand ... they wouldn't enter! They gave their hand and entered! …What shall I eat? An egg, a rasher and cheese like the last time! ... I'll eat for a while and who will speak? I have to tell my children, not to get lost! I must tell my children that you have the Last Grace! I have to tell my children, not to joke with God! I must tell my children to be vigilant! I must tell my children to be ready and prepared! I must tell my children everything that I told you all along ... but you didn't listen! I have to say to my children: why did you not recognize me? And yet I ate with you ...I wept with you ... I laughed with you ... I suffered with each one of you ... but you didn't recognize me! When the Instrument said: "he's talking ... listen to him ... don't be chatting ... don't interrupt him!" The Instrument also lifted you up: in silence how many healings there were … but they were all in silence ...just like they still happen! ... I don't want to be bought or sold in the slightest! ...... ... The Poison doesn't need money! The Poison goes only to destroy ......! Men go to raise themselves and take power ......! But the greatest power is to remain little, poor and in the last place in order to be able to fight! Don Vincenzo: This is the real power! Little John: And yes … this is the real power! Don Vincenzo: Our power! Little John: Our power! ... What must I still tell you that I haven't told you?Raphael: There's a question that they asked you years ago which you couldn't answer ... ... but at this time you'd be able! Little John: They asked me questions but, ...before I let myself be questioned ... I had already explained it! After I finished explaining it ... they came to me to ask the question again! Raphael: Is it the one that you couldn't answer? Little John: I answered them all ...but they didn't understand! I even told them who I was ... but they didn't understand this either! I tried to say it while the Father was using the Instrument: "Behold ... the Instrument is speaking ... and I'm speaking too!" Do you remember ... Marie ... where I said it? Marie: In Dominic Lentini' Little House! Little John: I answered all the questions! ... Yes, I wanted to speak ... but the Instrument did well ... she looked me in the eyes and I stopped!! ... But I spoke! ... There is still jealousy ... the whole Bread still isn't there ... it's still not understood .........! ... Children ... let's not make mistakes! You are invited ... let's be a single family with all our Loved Ones! And the Instrument is doing everything possible to grab hold of everybody's hand!  But let's not make the mistake of telling lies ... let's not make the mistake of hiding behind a wall! For God there are no places where you can hide and that God doesn't see! We are this family ... the Father gave it into my hands and I left it in the Instrument's hands ... but not leaving her alone and saying: "a tall priest will come and from faraway!" The Furrow will be closed! There will be earthquakes ... there will be fires of war ... and the arrayed-Hosts are already fighting in order to clean, in order to halt ... but be vigilant: the Poison is outside and the false prophets come forward! Watch over the little children! Watch over little children! Be vigilant over little children ... my children ......... ... and love one another! How many Times I scolded you ... you even hated me for a while ... you went away for a while ... but then you heard in your heart ... that the reprimand was in order to place you on the right line! The coming Times ... children ... don't have any road! ... You are the only road made in God's image and likeness! And Mary is the Only Grace! Don't scatter …  my children! John - Living Cup - the Father called us ... we must finish the Furrow! And the Furrow's Only Seed is to love one another, just like the Father loves ... from time immemorial! ... And now I leave you my heart thrown open and I ask you again to be little, poor and in the last place! I go to receive the Brides and allow Jesus to come: wait for Him! I'll say goodbye to you with the Cross ... (John sends a kiss and blesses) …with a kiss and with my heart thrown open! … (Jesus returns blessing and then smacking some kisses) … Jesus: with the Cross and with the Bread! It is I ... it's Jesus! I've come again after receiving the Brides ... after seeing their joy and their love that burns ardently after they gave their hand ... after they met the Girls and put on the white dress and the wedding ring ... and after seeing God's Face! ... They are at the Oven after eating ... and now they follow Mary's arrayed-Hosts to work ... to clean the Garden that's dirtied by the Poison that goes on and by the false prophets! Children ... make that Step which opened close again by remaining united! Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! My Here I am is the Here I am of the Cross: that Cross which the Father gave birth to … that Mary gave birth to ... and Given to the whole of humanity! Pray again  for all the priest sons, for the man that wears the white habit! New church ... let you remain in the Vineyard, in the Ark and in the Oars ... as little, poor and in the last place … my children! Say goodbye with the Green Tree ... I open my Heart wide to you more and more! … (Jesus says goodbye smacking some kisses while Don Vincenzo blesses) … Don Vincenzo May the Father's Goodness, the Son's Mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love, descend abundantly on you all, upon your hearts, on your minds, on your souls! And may Almighty God bless you: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody: Amen! Jesus: Amen! Julia: John … they don't let me tell the work I'm doing ... one part is right that way ... but what the Father decides is always right ... but the children don't know ... & I don't know how to make them understand ... I don't know how to say to each one of them to detach themselves from the things of the world and to remain little and poor ... but little and poor in the sense of not binding themselves to that little that one has, not even to a crumb ... , but to bind themselves to the Whole Bread and to the Broken Bread that God gives us, moment after moment! John ... you know what my great desire is ... but a Promise is a Promise! I'm in the Furrow too! ... John ... hold me always by the hand like you've always done! ... We'll see each another later! … (Julia smacks a kiss) … I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! THE FATHER: I too love you ... and I wait for your love! Everybody I LOVE YOU … DADDY!  The Father: Here I am … Little children of my Heart … (The Father imposes his hands over those present together with those of Don Vincenzo) … I let the burning Bush of Pentecost descend on you again, the Pocket Money of Divine Mercy, accept it with Love, break it up and give it to your enemies ... my children!  Julia: Daddy … Daddy … Daddy … Here I am in doing your Will! Here I am in doing the work that you decided from time immemorial! And Here we are united with our Loved Ones, with the Brides, with the arrayed-Hosts at the Wedding Banquet! Daddy ... stay ... stay, Daddy! … Here I am! Now we can greet! … (everybody greets their Loved Ones) …Here we are! And 'Here we are' to all of you who are in the Father's Complete Joy! … (Julia smacks a kiss) … We'll see each other later!