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SEPTEMBER 13th, 2020


Moses leads the Rosary Prayer and, while it’s being prayed, here’s the   VisitationJULIA: If it’s You, Glorify the Father! If it’s You, Glorify the Father! If it’s You, Glorify the Father! OUR LADY:  The Here I am I give to each one of you… through the Cross of My Son Jesus … (Our Lady Blesses… and with the Here I am … I Glorify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: the Living Love among you, Children of My Heart! Here I am again in giving each one of you My Son Jesus ... Complete Love: the Cross ... to Embrace and Give everyone God’s Burning ... the Victory of the Cross Alive and Real in your midst, Children of My Heart! It is Ithe Mother of Jesus ... the Mother of each one of you, My Children! Comeunite yourselves to My Heart on this Day … come … let us pray … let us pray for Peace, Children! Moment after moment My Son’s Breath Descends on you and on the whole of Humanity ... to make you Grow ... to make you Walk on the Narrow Lane of His Love, of His Cross, of His Truth! I Invite you again to remain United with PrayerToday I Invite you very strongly ... to pray with the heart ... don’t be distracted by the things of the world, by the noises ... but be vigilantGod comes to Speak… and I come to bring you the Bread … to give you Love … to give you God’s All! But I Invite you again to pray … for all the Priests … for the Man who wears the White Clothes! But let's not be late … let's go up to the Vineyard, the Ark and the Oars … let's not leave either the Huts or the BoatsLive the Love that God gives you moment by momentDon’t waste even a crumb of Bread that God Breaks, Children of My Heart! Let's Pray again… Let's Fight the Enemy and the False Prophetsin this Time they are Free! But be vigilant … use the Right Hand that God gives you moment by moment! ... (Our Lady Raises the Right Hand and Blesses:… It’s the Father’s Right Hand: don’t forget, My Children! Live little by little the Time that God still leaves youGod does not abandon you ... but men doyou are in danger, Children! The Prayer, the Peace, the Love that God gives you ... share It with your brothers ... share It with your enemies ... but let the Burning of your hearts be oneLove Jesus … make Him known to everyone! Don’t stay in the Enemy’s DarknessBe vigilant … light up the Light that God leaves in your hearts … step by step Walk again in God’s Garden … where Love Burns … where Love is Complete and it’s BreadBe Vigilant in Kneading the Flour with Meusing God’s YeastLive again the Jesus-Moment Alive and Real among you! But let us pray again for Peace, Children ... there’s no Peace among men ... and men are preparing more War FiresI come to remind your hearts of what Jesus gives you in the Olives GardenGod gives you Quietness ... God gives you Love! And you: Family … don’t get lost, don’t seek what God does not ask of youGod asks only for Peace ... only to be Loved ... and be called: DadFamily of God … unite yourselves again to My Motherly Hands … the Maiden Mother … who asks each one of you for the Full Here I am ...  the Here I am of My Love ... so as to give It to the Father ... to reunite the Family that God has called ... God’s Complete Love! Console God’s Heart ... console the Heart of Jesus ... unite yourselves on this Day to the Feast of the Heart of the Cross that Lives among you ... Burns with LoveBe Vigilant again ... Exalt the Cross! And when you find yourselves in front of the Cross, Children ... free your heart ... give yourselves all to the Ardent Love of the Cross of My Son JesusHow many times does Jesus, during the Day ... ask each one of you: “I am alone ... come and keep Me company!” … Exalt the Cross … Love It … Bless It … and Praise ItThrough the Cross you have becomeSons … and through the Cross you are Free Sons and not slavesGive your brothers God's Burning ... give the Freedom ... that God has given to each one of you, calling youMy Family ... God’s Family … Living Family … Winning Family of the Complete Love of the Cross, of the CrucifixI’m a Mother, Mother of each one of you, Mother of the whole of Humanity ... and I ask on this Day, as a Mother ... of each of you: place on your hearts the Living Bread of God ... make It Grow ... and when It has Grown ... carry It in your hands ... Love It ... and say to the Father: “Father, you’ve given me the Bread ... you’ve given me Life ... and this Burning that’s within me ... give It to whoever doesn’t have Bread ... to whoever doesn’t have a roof ... to whoever is left aloneLet me win like You have Won on the Cross ... by giving Yourself as Living Bread ... as Gushing Water ... Eternal Food for each one of us and for the whole of Humanity!” … Children, God Calls you one by one to Walk the Narrow Roadthe Road of Lovethe Road of PeaceLet us pray again … for all the War Fires that men are preparingBe PeacefulGod has placed Peace in your handsdon’t lose It, Children of My Heart! As a Mother again ... I tell each of you ... to pray for the world’s Great Ones! But I hand into your hands … the Crown of Thorns of My Son JesusLive God’s Time … don’t get lost, Children of My Heart! … (Our Lady and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love) … Julia: Here I am, Mommy ... they still haven't understood ... forgive them!  (Our Lady and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Here I am, Mammy! Here I am! Forgive us… we don't know how to do anything … we don't know how to understand that You speak with the Father's Words! Here we are, Mommy! Here we are!  (Our Lady and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Here I am! Here I am, Mommy! Here I am!  (Our Lady and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Here I am! Here I am, Mother! Here I am! Our Lady: DIVINE STUBBORN ONEJulia: Here I am, Mommy! Our Lady: What did you do on this DayDaughterJulia: Mommy, I did the Father's Things ... I haven't finished the Work yet ... there's still a little bit more ... I'll go and finish it later! Our Lady: Here I am, DaughterDAUGHTERStubborn One of the Heart of the CrossJulia: Here I am, Mom! Our Lady: Today … do you want to look on this DayJulia: Here I am, Mammy ... as always ... I'm ready! Our Lady: Are you sure you want to lookJulia: Here I am, Mommy! Here I am! Our Lady: LookMy Daughter … look at what they are doingJulia: Here I am, Mother! Here I am! Mum…! Mommy…! Mommy…! Our Lady: Don't say anythingDaughter … add everything into the Scrolls’ Empty-SpaceJulia: Here I am, Mom ... but everything that Jesus showed me ... is still pendingWhere is itDo I have to hold onto itOur Lady: Don’t be afraid ... when it’s the Hour ... you will write itMy Daughter!   Julia: Here I am, Mother! Here I am! Our Lady: If you’re not able to ... stop lookingJulia: Here I am, Mom! Our Lady: With the Father’s Grace ... everything will stop in the Empty-Space of the ScrollsJulia: Here I am, Mommy! Mom, we have to pray… and pray fervently … for everything I seeWe must cling very tightly to the Cross… and never leave ItOur Lady: PrayMy Soul ... stay a Rock ... and don’t fear anything or anyoneJulia: Here I am, Mammy! Here I am! The Scrolls are in place! Here I am, Mom! Here I am! Mommy, even on this Day… I give you my Day’s nothingness … and everything you gave me up to this moment! I place in Your Heart, Mother ... the whole Family and their hearts and their whispers: what I collected ... I hand it to you! Mommy, I place in Your Heart ... all those who entrust themselves to my prayers ... and those who cannot do it! I put in Your Motherly Heart, everything you know… what you come to say … and I put in Your Heart, all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies and the Man who wears the White Suit! Mom, on this Day of the Cross’s Burning ... on this Day of Your Pierced Heart ...  Mother, we Consecrate ourselves … we Give ourselves all to YouYou called usFamily … you called usSons … we still haven't understoodWe want to burn with LoveWe want to live Crucified … because only with the Cross is there Eternal Life… only through the Cross do we meet God’s Complete Love! And on this Day, Mommy ... I want to Console Your Heart ... I want to Console Jesus’s Heart, God’s Heart ... saying to You: Mom, Here we are in burning only for Jesus ... in being a Spring of Love with Jesus! Here I am, a Cross in the Cross of Your Son, Mother! Forgive us ... if we still don't understandForgive us ... if the Children still can’t see ... the Nails of Love that surrounds usMommy, the Nails through my hands and my feet pass moment by moment… let Them pass more… let Them pass moreOur Lady: My DaughterJulia: Here I am, Mother! Here I am! Our Lady:  Here I am, Daughter! Here I am at the Wedding Banquet! Here I am in the Father's Garden! Here I am with all the Arrayed-Hosts! Here I am with each one of you ... in Walking in the Narrow Lane! Here I am   with the Two Johns ... Karol, Pio and Dominic ... to bring the One Truth of the Cross ... (Our Lady Blesses... the One Truth of the Bread … Inviting you once again to hold It Up and live It in the Fullness of your hearts, My Children! Let the Cross’s Burning be your Bread ... Eternal Life, Children! … (Our Lady gives a kiss to the Children and Blesses:… Peace to each one of youEveryone: Here I am! Our Lady: Peace to your hearts, My Children! Everyone: Here I am! Our Lady: Peace in the Fullness of Jesus’s CrossPeace in saying to each one of youI Love you, Children! Everyone: Here I am! Our Lady: And that Love fills God’s Basket … in Calling you one by one … in sayingBlessed, Children … in the Name of the LordPeace to your heart, Thérèse of the Child Jesus! Peace to your Carrying the Cross with Jesus ... in the Path of the Narrow LaneTeresa: Here I am, Mommy! Our Lady: How are you, what do you have to tell Me? Here is Jesus’s WaterTeresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here’s the Water of Living Love ... God’s Burning! Here I am! Teresa: Here I am!  (Our Lady gives a kiss to the Children… Our LadyWhat must you tell Me, My Daughter? What's in your heart? Teresa: Here I am, Mommy! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: Here we are…! Our Lady: Yet another Second SundayTeresa: Here I am! Our Lady: God’s Hour ... the Hour of LoveTeresaHere we are, MammyOur Lady: Here I am! TeresaAnd You who are the Last Grace ….! Our Lady: Here I am! TeresaYou are the Living and Eternal Tabernacle …! Our Lady: Here I am! TeresaYou are the Expression of God's LoveOur Lady: Here I am! TeresaYou have given each one of us the Cross and the Son … Teach us to follow Your RoadOur Lady: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Have you nothing else? Teresa: Here I am, Mommy! Our Lady: Here I am! Speak! Teresa: Here I am, Mom! Mommy? Our Lady: Here I am, DaughterTeresa: Here I am! In these Days we’ll have the Exaltation of the Cross and Our Lady of Sorrows … which are two Feasts dear to the Two JohnsOur Lady: Here I am! Let you make Them dear too ... in the Fullness of the Burning of each one of you ... don’t leave the Cross alone ... don’t throw It away ... don’t abandon It! The Living Mystery of the Cross is for each one of youLittle Jesuses ... Little Saviors ... in loving and carrying the Cross ... in giving It to everyone ... in living the Complete Mystery that God gives to each of you ... to live this DayGod who gives His Children His Love’s Burning ... in Speaking and saying to each of youI am the Mother of Jesus ... I am the Maiden ... and I Speak to each one of you! And what do I give you ... as a GiftThe CrossAnd what do I tell each of youLove without Measure ... as Jesus Loves! Speak, Instrument! Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, Mammy! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: Mommy? Our Lady: Here I am! TeresaGod's Times… have Come DownOur Lady: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: You are ready… do not be lateChildrenTeresaHere we are, Mother… always give us the Constancy and Strength … guide usOur Lady: Here I am! Step by step ... you are in My Hand, in the Father’s Handdon’t be afraid ... don’t stopTeresa: Here we are, Mom! Mommy? Our Lady: Here I am! Speak… don’t be afraid, My DaughterTeresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! TeresaCarrying the Cross of Your Son Jesus… is the Greatest Grace for each of usOur Lady: Here I am! I Gave Birth to ItTeresa: Here we are, Mammy! Our Lady: Here I am! TeresaAnd by Giving Birth to It ... you gave God’s Love to each one of usOur Lady: Here I am! TeresaExcept that sometimes … we don't see ItMan puts the ego in front ... he puts in front everything that doesn’t belong to GodOur Lady: Here I am! TeresaAnd it blurs ... it clouds the heartWhen instead we learn to act as Children ... who don’t know Evil ... and only know how to recognize Love ...Our Lady: Of the Mother ... that Spreads Her Arms in the Sign of the Cross ... and so the Children are safe! Don’t delay in Embracing the Mother’s Arms ... the Sign of the Cross of My Son Jesus ... Embracing each one of you one by one: that you make the Cross! But be vigilant, Children: The False Prophets and the Poison have Free Time!  Don't give them spaceUnite yourselves to Jesus ... and Fight the Poison! ... (Our Lady Raises her Right Hand and Blesses:... Live as Children of God ... Live this Time that God is giving to each one of you! You are the New Church … with My Immaculate Heart that TriumphsDon't separate … but let us pray again! Insistently ... My Heart asks each of you ... to pray for Peace ... to pray for the Poison that men have brought to each one of youUnited ... we’ll win the Battle! We must pray ... removing all things that don’t belong to the Father ... so you’ll be Lighted Lamps ... without the shadow of the world’s glitter, Children! What more should you tell Me? The Nails are United ... and the Strength is Greatdon't stopTeresa: Here I am, Mom! Our Lady: Do what God tells you, My DaughterLive the Love … that God has Lit Up moment by momentTeresa: Here I am, Mommy! Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am, DaughterI Bless your engagementTeresa: Here I am! Our Lady: I Bless the bridegroom ... I Bless the bridegroom ... in the Cross’s BurningTeresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Be Fruitful ... Grow in God’s Love ... and don’t be afraid of menChildrenTeresa: Here we are, Mother! Our Lady: Now speak! Teresa: Here I am! Mommy? Our Lady: Here I am! TeresaTeach us to Love… teach us to Pray… teach us to be Little MarysOur Lady: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Speak again! Teresa: Here I am, Mammy! Ye come and visit us… you are Alive and Real among usOur Lady: Here I am! The Instrument is Working ... and I Speak through his heart that he left among you: it is John’s Heart ... because the Father has hers ... she gave it to him! Here I am! TeresaAnd we must never forget that the Instrument places herself at Heaven’s disposal! She is first and foremost God’s Instrument ... and does only the Father's Things ... and we cannot decide what she must or must not do ... when every word that comes out of her mouth ... is God’s WordOur Lady: Here I am! Teresa: And most of the time we don't understand it… we don't realize that what she does and says… is only because she wants each one of us to be SavedOur Lady: Here I am! TeresaWhy, because she Loves her Jesus so much … that she wants to show Him to us with her eyesOur Lady: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: She wants to give her eyes to everyone ... to give Jesus, Jesus’s Love ... and the Task that God gave her ... is to speak with His Word moment by moment! And so, just as Jesus is not understood … ...! It’s His First Message: remember that everyone! And thus God is not Loved ... God is not listened to ... if you don’t listen to the Instrument’s Voice ... which is God’s Voice, Children! Learn to understand that God Speaks … and He is Alive and Real among you: He has given you an Instrument … Sent by HimWatch and Fight the False ProphetsWatch and Fight the PoisonGod Gives Himself to you in Complete Fullness ... He does not Give Himself with a Small Measure ... God Gives Himself with the Overflowing Chalice for each one of you, for your Salvation, Children of My Heart! I Invite you again to pray for all the Priests, for the Pope, for all the BishopsPray ... so that the Walls of Rome ... see Humanity seeking GodDo all this:     pray for men to reach God’s Hands! Just like I give Them to you … the Father waits for you … to be United on the Bed of the Cross… in God’s Garden, Children of My Heart! I am the Mother and I ask the Sons for … PeaceYou’ve been Called … to give Peace to everyoneLove one another in God’s MeasureLove yourselves with LoveGod has Won ... and He waits for each one of youdo the same! What else do you want to tell Me, Thérèse of the Child Jesus - My Daughter? Speak! Teresa: Here I am, Mommy! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: Mommy? Our Lady: Here I am! TeresaWhen we understand that we are God’s Children … that we are Your Children… everything changes… and we have a New Life… we are reborn just as God created usOur LadyHere I am! TeresaWhen one knows the True Love of the Nails of the Cross… one savors the Whole Truth… one savors Eternity! Here I am! Our LadyTo Give Eternal Life … God Gave the Nails! Speak again! Teresa: Here we are, Mommy! And when you have this awareness ... when, with the eyes of the heart, of Faith ... we reach this level ... we can only have the Fear of the Father and nothing elseOur Lady: Here I am, DaughterTeresa: Here I am, Mommy! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: This DayGod gave it to each of you! And on this Daythe Father still gives the Instrument the Nails ... to make you Love ... to give each of you the Whisper of the Cross ... the QuietDaughterhelp JesusJulia: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: Did you ask for the NailsJulia: Here I am, Mom!  (The Instrument intones a Praise in the Language of Love and then she translates:… Nails, Sweet Nails, Nails of My Love, Nails of My Beloved… stay… keep me company… Love until your heart burns… Love until you give yourselves! Beloved Nails, Nails of My Jesus… live with Me… and never leave Me! … (Language of Love… Stay AliveStay Alive! Nails of Jesus, Jesus’s Nails ... Give everyone the Strength to Walk ... give everyone the Wisdom ... give everyone the Breath ... to Conquer the Evil that surrounds usStay Alive in my hands and feetCrown of Thorns … wrap my headOur Lady: DaughterJulia: Here I am, Mom! Here I am! Our Lady: Are you Joyful? Julia: Here I am, Mom! Our Lady: Live the Moment of the Nails ... and knock on the Father's Heart ... still asking for Peace, My Children! ... (Our Lady Imposes Her Hands over those present… May My Heart’s Burning … through the Nails of My Son Jesus … descend on each one of you … may God’s Hand stretch out to reach your hearts! Everywhere you go… bring the Cross’s Burning … the Burning of Love of the Nails! When you enter your homes … Bless and Praise the Cross … caressing the Nails that Caress each one of you … to keep you Alive and Steadfast in Love! My Children, may God’s Mercy ... descend again and accompany you ... United to My Motherly Heart ... to God’s Heart ... to the Heart of Jesus’s Living NailsMay Almighty God Bless you ... Father, Son and Holy Spirit ... Love that Burns for each one of you ... in giving you the Fresh Breeze of Peace! … (Our Lady gives a kiss to the Children) … Give Birth to the Nails of the Cross yourselves … and Bow before the Crucifix, My Children! Julia: Mammy, are you leaving? Where are you going? You are so Beautiful! How Beautiful Your Dress is ... spread over each of us! We Love you! The Arrayed-Hosts did not come out today either ... but we can Say Goodbye to them ... and we Say Goodbye to your Heart ... which is Alive among us, Mommy! Here we are, Loved Ones! Here we are, Mom! Here we are!  (Language of Love Here we are! Here we are! … (Our Lady intones a Praise and those present join in:) … Our LadyAve, Ave, Ave Maria! … Ave, Ave, Ave Maria… Ave, Ave, Ave Maria… Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! Mommy, the bells? Should the bells ring? Here I am! Ring the bells! Ave Maria! Ring the bells! Ave Maria! Mother, how is it that Your Dress has become so Big ... as to cover everyone? How Beautiful this Gift isHow Beautiful it is to see Your Dress ... resting on each one of usyou are covering us ... you are covering us from danger! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! What should I do ... what should I do? Ave Maria? Ave Maria? Ave Maria! See you during the Prayer! Ave Maria!