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APRIL 8th, 2021



Thérèse  leads the Prayer of the Rosary and, while it’s being prayed, here’s the VisitationJULIAIf it's You, Glorify the Father! If it’s You, Glorify the Father! If it’s You, Glorify the Father! JESUSI am the Son of God ... (Jesus Blesses) ... the Risen One ... Alive and Real among you ... in the Embrace of My Love, of My Joy ... to be lived with each of you, with the whole of Humanity ... Children, Family, Friends of My HeartBeing Alive among you ... I ask each of you again to come and keep  Me company again in the Garden of Olivesthere’s need to pray for deaf and blind Humanity … and so I ask you again to remain in the Garden with Me, Children! Let us pray for the world’s Great Ones ... for those who give themselves a hand so many times ... but in that hand there is no Peace, there’s no Love for God and for the Brethren ... it’s a hand of War ... it’s not a hand of Peace, Union and Brotherhood … and for this, let us pray! And let’s pray again for all the Priests, for the Bishops, for the PopeLet us pray fervently on this Thursday … that the Pope's hand may succeed in touching all the hands of the Priests ... of the Bishops ... of all those who work for the Love of Peace, for the Love of Brotherhood, for the Union of all Peoples! And so, praying from the Garden is an immense Joy for Me ... for each of you! To Remain always in the Garden of Olives to Rejoice and Pray ... and take the hand of each one of you, Children ... Family and all Humanity ... to be United to God’s Heart, to the Father’s Heart, to Mary’s Heart ... My Mother, Mother of each one of you, Mother of the whole of Humanity! This is why the Vigil isn’t over yet ... it’s necessary to pray … it’s  necessary to give to all the Children the Daily Bread, the Bread of My Love, the Bread of the Cross … and to give God’s Hand to the whole of Humanity! He asks you for it ... but Humanity is deaf and blindAt least let youChildren ... Family ... give your whole hand to the Father ... so that He can help you ... so that He can free you from the things of the world ... that you don’t needHave Faith in His LoveHave Faith in His CharityHave Faith in God… who is Father … Children, Brothers and Friends of My Heart! Come again … let's go up the Vineyard … let's stay in the Ark, in the Oars, in the Boats! And don’t scatter the Huts in this Time, My Children: be more and more constant ... seek what is missing ... and unite to the Huts that God has given youStay Steadfast in God’s Faith ... don’t despise It ... love It and welcome It! God is the Father of all ... and God Knows His Children one by one and Calls them one by one: it’s  up to you to answerThe Call in your hearts… is comingOpen to Him… when He knocks … Children, Brothers and Friends of My Heart! Let us pray againother Scourges will descend … always by the hand of man … not by God’s hand! God Loves you ... and has prepared the Garden for youclean it ... remove the things that aren’t of the Father ... and live in the Love and Joy of this Garden that God has Given to each of you! My Children, Live always in constant Prayer … live the Gospel in Full … and Break the Bread … what God gives you moment by moment… don’t let anyone be short of It, My Children! …(Jesus and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love) Julia: Here I am, Jesus! ... (Jesus and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love) ... Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusDaughterJulia:  Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Do you still carry the WeightJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: My Daughter, there are so many Priests to SaveJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusBut tell Me, Creature of My Heart ... what did you do on this DayJulia: Jesus, I did the Father's Things ... they aren’t finished yet ... but now I'm going to finish them! Jesus: Daughter, where do you get all this StrengthJuliaFrom Your Cross, Jesus! Resting on the Bed of the Cross… you give me all the Strength! Just a little bit ... I complained, Jesus ... forgive meJesusI know the Weight and the PainsMy SoulJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am in Rejoicing with You… to give Love to the Children, to the Brethren, to the enemies! Here I am, Jesus! Here I am again for Eternity… in praying for everyone… and in giving You the Joy of being close to You, of consoling You! Here I am, Jesus JesusDaughterJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDo you want to look… also on this DayJuliaHere I am, Jesus ...I'm ready to watchJesusDon’t cry out and don’t cryLookI bring the Scrolls into your heart’s Empty-SpaceJuliaHere I am, Jesus! Here I am! Jesus…! Jesus, tell me if I can do anything else! JesusSacrifice yourself… as you do moment by momentMy CreatureJulia: Jesus….! Jesus: Here I am! What you are seeingDaughter … they did it on Easter Sunday itselfJuliaForgive me if my eyes get wet, Jesus ... forgive me! Jesus…! Jesus: Whereas, what you are seeing now ... they did on FridayJuliaMy Lord and My God… have Mercy… stretch out Your Hand… stretch out Your Hand… come quickly and let everyone see You, Jesus! But Here I am doing Your Will… doing Your Things, Jesus… and praying for everyone! Jesus: My Daughter, with the Thorns you have done what you see ... with the Nails in your hands you have done this ... and with the Open Side you have done this ... because it is  My Side, they are My Nails, they are My ThornsJuliaHere I am, Jesus… a miserable sinner… at the Foot of the Cross! Jesus: It is  you who has done all this through your Love, Daughter … through your Giving yourselfJuliaHere I am! Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusThe Scrolls are in their place, Daughter! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! And I have empty hands ... with the Day’s nothingness ... and I place in Your Heart ... all that you have given me up to this moment, Jesus! I place in your Heart, Jesus… the Family, their hearts and their whispers… collected! I place in Your Heart, Jesus ... all those who entrust themselves to my prayers ... and those who cannot do it! Jesus, I place in Your Heart ... all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies and the Man who wears the White Robe! And come quickly and let everyone see you, Jesus! JesusHere I amDaughterHere I am at the Wedding BanquetHere I am in the Father's GardenHere I am with all the HostsHere I am with all the Useless ServantsHere I am with the Two Johns ... Karol, Pio and Dominic... in bringing the One Truth of the Cross ...     (Jesus Blesses... the One Truth of the Bread ... Inviting you once again to hold Them Up and Live Them in the Fullness of your hearts! My ChildrenLoved by My Heart, Blessed by My Heart ... Live the Joy that God gives you moment by moment, My Children! Peace to your hearts! … (Jesus Blesses… Everyone: Here I am! JesusPeace to each of you, ChildrenEveryone: Here I am! JesusPeace in the Infinite of the Embrace of the CrossPeaceCreatures Marked by My Loveby My Easter, by My LightPeace to Your Heart, Thérèse  of the Child JesusTERESA: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Here’s the Gushing Water of My LoveTeresa: Here I am! Jesus: DrinkTeresaHere I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Rejoice in the Truth ... Rejoice in the Love that I Give to each one of you and to the whole of Humanity and to the ChurchHow are youTeresaHere I am, Jesus! JesusWhat have you done and where have you beenTeresaHere I am, Jesus… the Father’s Things where Mary and the Instrument brought meJesus: Here I am ... and tell Me! Teresa: Jesus? Jesus: Here I am! TeresaHere we are on another ThursdayHere we are to keep you company in the Garden ... which isn’t  only once a year ... but it’s  moment by momentJesusIn the Garden we remain to prayTeresa: Here we are, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaA Living and Real Garden of Love… where, moment by moment, You Sacrifice and Break Yourself for each one of usJesus: Here I am! And what's still there… what more do you have to tell Me? TeresaHere I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaHere we are in remaining all spiritually united ... in remaining Firm in PrayerJesus: Here I am! TeresaEach of us must strengthen our own PrayerJesusMy Joy was Great… in seeing you United on Friday, Saturday, Sunday … always remain United in constant Prayer… in God’s Full Lightalways do itBe Vigilantthe Enemy and the False Prophets are always readyFight them ... (Jesus Raises His Right Hand and Blesses… with the Cross of My Love, of My Resurrection for each one of you! And I have Sacrificed Myself for all the Children … all of them… without rejecting one … because I have Come for the sicknot for the healthy! Thus, let you too pray for the sick and heal them in the Name of the Cross… with constant PrayerTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here we are, Jesus ...Here we are in being constant in Prayer… which is what we can do to strengthen the Faith… so as not to fallOnly by praying ... can we get everything we needJesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here we are, Jesus! And by praying… we taste all Your Love and we can give It to othersIf we don’t feed on the Word and Prayer ... we cannot Walk ... we can’t do the Father's DayJesusIf you don't pray… you are blind(Hiccups: noPrayer Gives you Light and My Truth and My Love! TeresaHere we are, Jesus! Jesus: It’s  the Father's Love that calls you to do the Day … and the Day is made up of Bread and LoveTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! DO WE GIVE OURSELVESTeresaHere I am! Jesus: I Give Myself and You Give YourselfTeresa: Here I am! ...(Thérèse  hands the Wine and a Piece of Bread to Jesus.... JesusAnd the Instrument remains Crucified again ... out of Love and for all the Offenses they have done in these Days ... all the Offenses that Humanity has offered to Mary’s HeartAnd she remains Crucified again for all the Priests, for all the Bishops and the Pope! Here I am! TeresaHere I am! ... (Jesus Raises the Bread:) … JesusHere’s My Love for each one of you and for the whole of Humanity! ...(Jesus Breaks the Bread into 3 Little Pieces:) … Here’s the Father! Here’s the SonHere’s the Holy Spirit Love Mary! ... (Jesus Raises the Wine:… Here’s My Heart’s Burning for the whole of Humanity and for each one of you, My Children! ... (Jesus Bathes a Little Piece of Bread in the Wine and gives It to Thérèse :… Here I am FleshTeresa: Here I am! ... (Jesus Bathes a Little Piece of Bread in the Wine and gives It to Paschal:... Jesus: Here I am FleshPaschalHere I am! ...(Jesus Bathes a Little Piece of Bread in the Wine, Raises It and lets It drip in the Wine and then Eats It:… Jesus: Here I am Flesh out of Love, My Children! ...(Jesus Raises the Wine and then gives It to Thérèse :… Here’s My Blood! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! ... (Jesus gives the Wine to Paschal: Here’s My BloodPaschal: Here I am! ... (Jesus Raises the Wine and Drinks:...    JesusHere I am Blood out of Love! Here I am, LET'S GIVE OURSELVESTeresa: Here I am! JesusBut I stay again to pray in the Garden of Olives ... and the Prayer is according to the Father’s Will for this Poison which descends more and more ... and the Intention is of God ... and I remain to pray! TeresaHere I am! JesusHere I am! ... (Those present approach Thérèse  and Paschal to receive the Bread and Wine .) ... Here I am! Easter is Alive, it’s  Full and it’s  Risen … In the Name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit Love MaryAnd this Easter is God's Easter for Humanity ... Friendship with all men ... and Living with all the Children, without rejecting any ... but Living in the Harmony of the Cross ... with that Cross that Soared ...  of that Cross that Tasted the Blood of Victory ... the Blood of My Love ... to call you all: Children ... and to Give you into Mary’s Heart, into Mary’s Hands ... to that Maiden where God stopped, saying: “You shall have a Son ... and that Son will be the Son of God ... it’s  the Light that will Light Up in the whole of Humanity!” … But men did not see It and didn’t welcome ItTo those  who welcomed it ... God gave the Love and Grace to Walk and bring the Word ... to Break the Bread ... and to Give Life to those who had lost ItLive this Joy … Live this LoveGod’s Easter among you, My Children! But pray, pray, pray … and unite the Walls that are falling, Children! Drink againTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Drink againPaschal: Here I am! JesusHere I am! I Drink again out of Love … for each one of you, for the Family and for the whole of Humanity!  Here I am! What is it, Thérèse  of the Child Jesus? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am!   Teresa: Jesus? Jesus: Here I am! TeresaHere we are for Giving Yourself once again ... for Giving Yourself for each one of us and for the whole of Humanity ... without rejecting anyoneHere we are for Giving Yourself moment by momentJesus: Here I am, Children! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! And by Giving Your Body and Your Blood… You Give Everything… You Give the Mystery of the Son of God… You give Eternal LifeJesus: Here I am! TeresaYou Give Mercy… You Give Mary… as a Living TabernacleJesus: Here I am! TeresaAnd it's all United in the Mystery of the Cross… in the Mystery of Your Death on the CrossJesus: It’s  the Mystery of the Father ... when He Called Her to become a Mother! Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am… and when our eyes see what the Father has done through Mary… everything will be clearJesusThe Triumph of Her Heart will take place! It will start from this Place… but the whole of Humanity will seeAnd when it sees ... there won’t be many of you ... but God will give the Light to the Children who won’t be there ... and they’ll come too! Here I am! Teresa: Here we are, Jesus! Jesus: Speak again! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! When one walks with You ... when you discover that you’ve God as your Daddy ... your whole Life changesJesus: Here I am! TeresaEverything takes on a different flavor ... a Taste of Eternal LifeJesusA Taste of Peace and Love and… of God 's TruthTeresa: Here we are, Jesus! JesusAnd the Children are transformed by the Crossthe Only Living and True Spring … God’s Image and LikenessTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I amMy Children ... Here I amMy Family ... Here I amFriends of My Heart ... Walk again in the Truth ... Walk again in the Light ... and fear nothing and no one ... God is on your side and nothing and no one can harm youWhen you are more and more Pierced ... be more and more Joyful ... because Love is Strong ... God is with youI Love youEveryone: We too! JesusAnd I Bless you ... with the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit Love Mary! The Two Johns are coming! LITTLE JOHNWITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! … (John Blesses… Little John:   Peace to each one of youEveryone: Here I am! Little JohnAnd Glory to God in the Highest HeavenLive this Light that has Lit Up through the Cross and the Crucified ... this Risen Jesus ... Alive and Real in your midst ... in taking the Fruit of the Cross and Giving It to everyone ... His Body ... His Blood ... that Food that Gives Itself for all the Sons, for the whole of Humanity ... to make you Grow ... to make you Rejoice ... to make you sayGlory to God in the Highest Heaven ... and Peace to us ... because God has Looked at us ... He has Sent us His Son ... He has Freed us ... we are Free Children ... we mustn’t fall into the Enemy’s Falsehood ... we must be Free in Loving ourselves ... Free in Loving ... Free in giving the Joy of the Risen Christ to the whole of Humanity, to the Family, to those you meet on the roadsPeace to Your Heart, Thérèse  of the Child JesusTeresa: Here I am, John! Little John: Here I am! How are you ... where have you been? Teresa: Here I am, John! Little John: Here I am! Teresa: I'm fine! Little John: Speak! Teresa: Here I am, John! Welcome among usLittle John: Here I am! Teresa: We’ve lived EasterLittle John: I was there too! Teresa: Here we are, John ... without you and the other John ... it wouldn’t have been a Full EasterAs Living and Real Priesthoods… you participate fully in Jesus’s EasterLittle John: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, John! Little John: And what more do you want to tell Me? I tell you only one thinghave Faith in Jesus ...and fear nothing or no oneTeresa: Here I am! Little John: Now you can talk! Teresa: Here I am, John! Little John: Here I am! TeresaAnd with the Full Joy of Easter… let's go forward on the Road of the Cross… let's go forward with Jesus… let's go forward in being Joyful… of being Full of the Father's WordLittle John: Here I am! TeresaOf living with all our weaknesses, with all our mistakes… but of living in God’s fullnessLittle John: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, John! Little John: And have you nothing more to tell Me? Speak! Teresa: But, although we are in the Fullness… but if we don't feed our Soul moment by moment… we risk…Little JohnThe Soul must be fed with BreadTeresa: Here I am, John! We risk extinguishing the Light! And therefore, we must always be ferventLittle John: Like lanterns: don't leave them without oil! Teresa: Here I am, John! We must never lower our guard... always be Vigilant in waiting ardently for the Bridegroom ... who already Dwells in our hearts ... but who can call us from one moment to the nextLittle John: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, John! Little John: Be Vigilant! Just as the Instrument tells you: “Remember the oil in the lantern!” ... she says to each of you: “Remember not to let it run out and always keep it full!” … In reminding you of that, remember yours as well! Teresa: Here I am, John! Little John: Here I am! I Love youEveryone: We too! Little JohnAnd I say to each one of youlift yourselves with the heart ... lift yourselves with the body ... God doesn’t let you lack anythingLight Up the faces with your smiles ... Light Up the faces with the Love of the Risen Jesus ... and don’t be sad ... but JoyfulGod is with you ... He Dwells with you ... don’t fear menI Bless you ... with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit Love Mary! John is coming! THE LIVING CHALICEWITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! ...(The Living Chalice Blesses… Peace to your heartsEveryone: Here I am! The Living ChaliceThe Risen One is Alive and Real ... He is among you Now and for Eternity ... Now and in your Day’s Walking ... in Working in the Vineyard ... and in RejoicingGlory to the Father… Glory to the Son… Glory to the Holy Spirit Love Mary! That Peace that God allowed to come down on Friday ... to arrive on Sunday ... on the Sunday of the Resurrection ... and Friday is the Heart of the Resurrection ... the Heart that God Opened Wide and Gave everyone Eternal Life, Joy ... but men sleep ... men don’t want to wake up from sleep! Let you Pray ... let you Be Vigilant ... let you Open your eyes ... let you Open Them Wide to keep Humanity awakeGod Leaned on 7 Children… plus the Family at a distanceRejoice with Mary’s Pains … which aren’t only 7… but 7 is the numberKeep watch again ... and look at that Doorit’s God ... the Door Wide Open for each of you and for the whole of HumanityAnd for all the Priests and for the Pope, for the Bishops… it’s  Wide Open: they are still hardGodwith His Mercy ... Calls themLet’s wait! But don’t you get distracted … pray … be Vigilant … and Live this Easter… Live It Fully, Children! How are you, Thérèse  of the Child JesusTeresa: Here I am, John ... Here I am! The Living Chalice: Here I am! Teresa: Good! The Living Chalice: Be In Love with Jesus and Immerse yourselves, Dive ... into Jesus’s HeartHe is Jesusdon’t forget thatLive this Easter moment by moment ... to remind yourselves to Dive into Jesus’s Heart ... and Live, Taste ... that Great Love that He Tasted ... in Embracing us all! What do you have to tell Me? You speak now! TeresaHere I am, John! Make us always stay SteadfastThe Living Chalice: Here I am! Teresa: Guide us step by step to always be firm in PrayerThe Living ChaliceThat’s what the Instrument always knocks on your hearts for … and I too knockYou just have to listen when the Father knocks on your hearts… and answer… and open them wideTeresaHere we are, John ... Here we areThe Living Chalice: Here I am! Teresa: And so, as you have always told us too… and you have told the whole family… one can pray in Silence, in ConcealmentThe Living ChaliceWhen you’ve the time available… and for God it’s always there … do the Rosary and the other PrayersTeresa: Here we are, JohnThe Living Chalice: Here I am! I Invite you to be Constant … I Invite you to pray for all the Priests, for the Bishops and for the PopeAt this Moment of this Easter … be Strong, Children: men are preparing more Scourges! Let you be Strong ... Constant in PrayerGod has called you ... God uses youlet yourselves be used ... and answer: “Here I am!” ... when He calls you ... and answer: “Here I am!” … when you hear the Word of God Alive among you! My Children, the Enemy is outside ... and the False Prophets too: you must fight them with the Right Hand of the Gospel that God has Given you ... (The Living Chalice Raises the Right Hand and Blesses... and always keep God’s Gospel Wide Open on your faces ... Joyful in that Word, in that Love, in that God who only makes you Burn with LoveAnd so, you too must beBroken Bread ... Open Gospel ... in Loving ... in Forgiving ... in Giving everyone the Joy of JesusI Love youI Love youEveryone: We too! The Living ChaliceI Love youI don’t ask you Jesus’s question ... but I look at your heartsTeresaHere we areThe Living ChaliceHere I amChildren ... Here I amFamily ... Here I amwhole Humanity! And I Bless you ... with the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit Love Mary! Here I am, Daughter! How are you? Paschal: Very well! The Living ChaliceHappy Birthday, My Son! ... (for his Birthday tomorrow… Paschal: Here I am! The Living ChaliceLive the Burning of Jesus in your heart! Paschal: Here I am! The Living ChaliceAnd always be ready in Loving It and Giving It! My Son, Work! Paschal: Here I am! The Living ChaliceMy Hand is always United to yours! Walk! Paschal: Here I am! The Living ChaliceHere I am! Goodbye! … I Love youEveryone: We  too!  (The Living Chalice Imposes His Hands over the Children:… The Living ChaliceAnd I let the Living Easter of the Risen One descend upon youEveryone: Amen! The Living ChaliceI let Mary’s Mantle descend upon youEveryone: Amen! The Living ChaliceAnd May the Father’s Wide-Open Heart ... Console each one of you, the whole of Humanity and the FamilyEveryone: Amen! The Living ChaliceGrow, My Children… in this Burning of God … who is Father, Son, Holy Spirit Love MaryEveryone: Amen! The Living ChaliceI Love youEveryone: We too! The Living ChaliceAnd I won’t leave youTHE TWO JOHNSAs Living and Eternal Priesthoods … we remain in your Love… in your Faith in believing in the Risen Christ, Children! Julia: Where are you going? Why are you dressed in greenWith Mary? Go to Console the Creatures and then go to Save! What Thing? The ScourgeThe Two JohnsRaise your hands, Daughter ... and stop what’s coming downJulia: Here I am! Here I am, John! ...(The Instrument Raises Her Hands. Language of Love John? John? The Two JohnsHere We areDaughter ... Here We areJuliaGive me the Constancy and Strength againThe Two JohnsGet It from the NailsJulia: Here I am! The Arrayed-Hosts are inside ... and let’s Greet our Loved Ones! Here we are, Loved Ones! Here I am, John ... see you again during the Prayer! I’ll finish the Job and I’ll come to help you! Here I am!  (Language of Love... Here I am! Here I am!