The  Mystery  passes through 

today's John,

the Stubborn One of the Cross,

the Living Cup.


The central Theme of the Messages is


 and with the FINAL PLAN being: Shalom Shalom Shalom

having started

from the Oak of Sofferetti in S. Demetrio Corona (CS) Italy,    

to the Room in Timparelle 2, in the area of Corigliano Calabro (CS) Italy



Julia Arancino, Little Julia of the Cross, born on September 29 in 1957, started receiving the Messages ... at the Oak of Sofferetti in S. Demetrio (CS),  on August 5 1985, the day of the First Public Visitation ... and also at home in Timparelle 2, belonging to Thurio in the area of Corigliano Calabro (CS) ... where in her attic Jesus wanted a ROOM, which was inaugurated on October 11 1998. 





Today's Little John, a Voice the cries from the wilderness

born at Lauria (PZ) Italy on 05/01/1935.

From 1985 onwards he was concerned & interested in the phenomenon of Apparitions beginning with those taking place at Oliveto Citra.

Having been mysteriously directed by Blessed Lentini towards Sofferetti's big Oak he came and met Julia and became her Spiritual Director from 1987 onwards.

Since that time and until his return to the Heavenly Father's Home on 02/01/2001 he shared the Messages, Sufferings and Persecutions with the Instrument.





The Living Cup

born at Montesilvano (PE) Italy on 12/08/1949.

Having been mysteriously directed by the Heavenly Father towards the Room of Jesus he came and met Julia on Thursday 05/02/2004 and became her Spiritual Director.

Then on 01/12/2005 he moved to the Room of Jesus and made it his permanent residence.

Since that time and right till the present day he is sharing the Messages, Sufferings and Persecutions with the Instrument ... in his continuing with the Second and Final Part of the Furrow, which by the Heavenly Father's Will Don Mario had initiated, and which will finish & result in the fulfillment of the Triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart and with the Fatima Sun which will open in his hands. 


The Prayer Meetings take place:

every Thursday at 20.00


every Second Sunday of the month from 15.00


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